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Sai Baba Of India - Darshan update-
Brindavan Ashram. Bangalore

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Today morning Swami came at 8.15 a.m. after half hours divine darshan Swami was given Aarthi after that Swami retired back to His residence at appx.8.50 a.m. In the evening Bhagawan came at appx 3.45 p.m. the darshan hall was packed with devotees since today Begum Praveen Sultana a famous singer of India came to get blessings from Swami and also presented a treat of Hindustani music programme in the presence of Lord Shri Sathya Sai Baba . She is one of the most important and influential female khayal vocalists of the modern era of Indian classical music. Begum Praveen Sultana sings the most popular classical vocal form in North Indian Music namely 'khayal'. A word of Persian origin, Khayal literally means "imagination," and demands improvisational flexibility from the singer as well as careful attention to nuances of intonation, phrasing and rhythm. The subjects of khayal texts range from praise of kings or seasons, the pranks of Lord Krishna to divine love and the sorrow of separation. The texts contain rhyme, alliteration, and play on words. However, the primary focus in a khayal performance is less on the textual or lyrical content of a song than on abstract musical values.

Swami enjoyed the program & looked radiant plus in a very cheerful mood, Swami blessed the singer and also created a ring for a boy participating in the evening programme.

Buddha poornima Programme arrangements are going on now! The Brindavan mandir officials have started decorating step by step for the upcoming Buddha poornima, the actual celebrations may starts on 13th morning and perhaps end by  the14th evening.

Below are the excerpts of Begum Parveen Sultana [Ustad Dilshad Khan] after their concert on the Sai Baba 80th Birthday evening


"With Swami…We Are in Heaven" – Begum Parveen Sultana
When we spoke to Begum Parveen Sultana and Ustad Dilshad Khan after their concert on the 80th Birthday evening, recalling their first performance in front of Swami, Parveenji said,
"Believe it or not, for two minutes we could not sing with the emotion choked in my voice. Bhagavan was sitting before us, I can't believe it - we had heard about Him and that day… was it true that we were going to sing for Him? I was pinching myself… where was I, was I really sitting in front of Him? It was an unbelievable experience. And from that day onwards we became His devotees….
Whenever we come here and sing before Swami, I have very good experiences. Whenever I am with Swami and suppose somebody is playing or singing, Swami just looks at me or I just look at Swami and we just communicate like that - how the concert is going on, how nice it is, how divine it is - it is like a mental conversation, like father and daughter. There are so many things you learn.

Baba has taught us many things and whenever I sing, you know, Baba is sitting there. I feel some more life to our music, some sort of energy and vibration and I feel so much at peace and I become a different person. I go to a different world with Swami's appreciation and Swami's power. He charges me with energy. It is so divine that I don't care for the world. I look at Swami and Swami looks at me and it is something like a booster rocket - that kind of energy I get. Whenever I come here and sing, the satisfaction that I get, I don't get anywhere else because this is divine satisfaction. We are all professional musicians; we work hard and earn money. We sing for the gallery, we sing for the masses, we sing for class - but here we sing specially for God; we imbibe the divine atmosphere. We feel as if we are singing in a Durbar, Swarg, and Heaven. God is sitting before us."….


up close and personal with Sai Baba

7th May 2006 Sunday

In the morning we had sevadal bhajans. Swami asked for Aarthi after getting up. After that the Akhanda bhajan continued.

In the evening, Swami came out at 4:00pm and the bhajans concluded with Aarthi at 5:00pm. Swami called us inside for a Trayee session. By 5:05 we were all seated and Swami came and sat on the sofa. The students in the front had the great good fortune of doing paadaseva. Swami called research scholar Balasubramanyam to the front and asked him to speak. Even though he was taken by surprise and was speaking for the first time in Swami’s presence, he did a wonderful job. As he was speaking, Swami called brother Sudhindran to the front and asked him as to when he was leaving for home….2 more days? Swami told him,“ See even though you are here, your mind is there! That is why I called you.“

Swami then said, “Meenakshi’s husband…“ Dr. Sundareshan knelt up. Swami called him to the front and asked him if he was ready to speak. He joyfully agreed as he had been waiting for this opportunity for 28 long years. He narrated an experience wherein Swami had saved him from an accident and given him a new lease of life. Swami asked him to speak about his research experience also. When he concluded, Swami clapped and said,“ Good boy.“ Swami then asked Dr.B.Sivakumar as to which subject he had done his PhD in.
BSK-“Chemistry Swami“

S- He has stayed with me for 15 years. He needed 9 operations for his leg. I had told him not to go on a motorbike. Yet he went out with another boy who works in the hospital. What’s his name…?

BSK- Seshu Prasad Swami.

S- He was driving and you were sitting behind. Vo boy theek hai! (all laugh) Going to Kothacheruvu….(gestures “to eat…what else!“)

BSK- Swami the doctor says that I must have one more operation to remove a nail.

S- Tell him, “I am not cucumber.“(all laugh) No need of any more operation.

Swami then turned and looking at Ravikumar sir asked,“What is your subject?“

TRK- Chemistry Swami.

S- He is a small boy…the smallest boy in our University. He was even smaller when he came to me. (showing the height) …about this high…After his mother passed away he said, “Sai is my mother.“ I love him from his small age itself. I had taken him then to Bombay for drama Adi Sankara. He was the first disciple. When he had come to me, he was wearing knickers….not even pant!(all laugh)

I asked him what he wanted and he said ,“Swami some height“(all laugh) At that time I was going to Bombay. I said that I would get medicine. I blessed him and after that he has grown. His father had 25 operations! All the doctors who examined him said that he had cancer. He will die. All the doctors who said that are all gone now! (all laugh)… but his father is alive and healthy even now. Once his sister sent a telegram saying, ‘Father not well. Come immediately.’ When this boy went home, all doors and windows were open. The doctors had told that his father had very little time. When he went in he saw his sister crying. His sister too was a doctor and the doctor had told her that father had very little time. The father had been covered in a sheet. But Ravi asked, “Why are you crying?“ He opened the sheet and his father was smiling at him and there was vibhuti around the bed. In fact he wanted to go to the office the next day itself! He had been given few days but now it’s not days, weeks or months. It is more than 30 years. I gave him a job in Puttaparthi and he keeps typing in Sanatana Sarathi office. Ravi’s 3 sisters all are working for Swami. He did his MSc in Anantapur…not Anantapur campus.(all laugh)….Krishnadevaraya University. He got a good name there (turns to him and asks) Do you have any friends in Anantapur now…girlfriends?(laughter).

TRK- No Swami.

S- His father told him to get married but he said,“ No! My life is only for Swami….All his sisters also told “No. Let him serve Swami“.Do you want to get married now?“ (all laugh)

TRK- No Swami.

S- See he has kept up his Pratijna (vow) Once he did not write well in the exam. He told me that he will get 25 marks only. I told him not to worry. 25 became 52! Even he underwent many troubles. He was working in the lab and then….what acid?

TRK- Sulphuric acid Swami…

S- Yes, that fell in his eyes. As it was coming down his clothes were getting burnt. There was no water in the tap to wash. He came to me and said,“ How can I serve you when I cannot even see you?“ I gave him 3 vibhuti packets and told him not to worry. After 3 days, when the boys brought flask with coffee, he tells

,“ You are wearing grey track pant.“ In mandir I told him be careful second time. He became nervous. Then….what was it this time?

TRK- Chromic acid Swami.

S- Ah…that fell in his eyes. I had warned him about the second time….But paapam. I gave vibhuti and his eyes became fine. Before that he had some eye problem…..what was it?

TRK- Swami power….

S- Ah yes. But after all this, even that was gone.

Swami then asked Shastri sir, “What about your PhD?“

He said, “Swami whenever you say, I’ll do.“

Swami told him to go ahead with his PhD. Our institute is growing and lots of people from all over the world are coming. 4000 Chinese are coming shortly for the celebration. In Kodai also, the hall was full of foreigners…youth.

Hmm…it’s time for your dinner.

Swami accepted Aarthi and gave vibhuti prasadam packets to Sudhindran. As he reached the door at the far end of the central hall, Swami noticed Raghuram who has been in hospital for the past 6 months, paralysed. He said,“ careless.“ He blessed him by placing His hand on his head and stroked his legs. He then gave Vibhuti prasadam and a mango to him.

9th May 2006, Tuesday

The Sai Ramesh hall is already seeing a number of devotees from the Far East. Swami came out for darshan at 7:50am. The bhajans and darshan lasted till 8:30am.

In the evening, Swami came out at 3:50pm and after listening to 2 bhajans, He indicated to Begum Parveena Sultana to sing a few songs. She requested for the boy playing the harmonium to come over to the ladies side to play for the song. The tablist was reluctant to oblige her. Swami very sweetly indicated to him as if to say,“ Please go over to that side“(!) provoking instant laughter among all. She sang a song after which Swami asked her to sing familiar Meera bhajans. She was caught unawares and she did not have the lyrics of the songs. A student of the music group kept providing her with the lyrics for each song she sang.

(An interesting point to be noted is that a couple of days back, Swami had asked the harmonium player whether he was willing to give the song scripts to the ladies as they were asking for it. When he said that he would not, Swami said that there was nothing wrong in giving the scripts. Swami then pointed to another boy and said; “He will give…won’t you?“ The boy nodded indicating that he would. Then Swami made fun of him and said,“ Yes, yes, you will…of course. You can give… but not directly…through an elder…“

We noticed to our amusement and awe that it was this very boy who was today carrying the lyrics to the Begum!!!!)

After she enthralled everyone with her songs, Swami received Aarthi and returned to Trayee at 4:45pm and called an Italian group for an interview.

There was no Trayee session today.




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