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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bhagawan was at Sai Kulwant hall for more than six hours on this final day of the Ramayana Saptaha festival at Prasanthi Nilayam. He arrived in the Hall a few minutes after the Vedic chanting commenced at 9 am, when the priests seated onstage commenced the preparatory pujas for the Coronation ceremony for Sri Rama. Swami indicated that the procession of Sri Rama should take place only after Rahukalam, that is, after 10.30 am.




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The priests completed the rituals onstage while Bhagawan sat there. Swami also went for a round of the front part of the Hall in His chair. The palanquin with the idols of Sri Rama and Mother Sita came up from the main gate of the Sai Kulwant Hall, reaching the stage in 15 minutes after taking a round of the gents' side of the hall.   top

 The final Coronation ceremony was then concluded by 11.10 am. Bhagawan blessed two of the priests with chains - these were the ones who were doing the daily worship for all seven days.





After the puja came to an end, Bhagawan asked for the Bhajans to begin, and the prasadam of sweet rice, tamarind rice and rava laddoo was distributed to all the devotees in pressed leaf plates while the Bhajans went on. Bhagawan watched till the devotees were all served, then accepted Arati at 11.30 am and returned to His residence.

The evening Vedam chanting began by 4.10 pm, and Bhagawan arrived in the Hall shortly thereafter. When Swami came onstage, the musical programme for the evening got underway after the priests did their daily puja. Sri Venkataraghavan and party presented devotional vocals for an hour while the Sri Rama idol was rocked in a jhoola onstage. At 5.45, Swami asked one of the students to sing, and he sang a song on the Sun God, "Karya Karana Swaroopane". songs by students continued for half an hour, then Swami asked them to sing Bhajans. While the Bhajans went on for half an hour, prasadam was distributed to all.

The time was now 6.45, and Swami asked for His mic to be brought. He began by praising the organisers of the function and commended all the speakers. He then led the entire congregation in singing some Rama Bhajans for fifteen minutes, following which He spoke for 45 minutes more, narrating incidents from the Ramayana. After His Discourse, Swami accepted Arati and returned to His residence at 8 pm.
Click here to Read more detailed account account from 28th June  -    Also read: Divine Discourse from the final day of
the Ramayana Saptaha festival at Prasanthi Nilayam:


Friday, June 27,2008: This Friday's concluding Laksharchana was with the chanting of Sri Lalitha Sahasranama. All the devotees chanted "Aum Sri Matre Namah" as the Sahasranama went on from 7.30 to 8.25 am. The scholar who chanted the Sahasranama spoke a few words extolling the compassion of the mother, then concluded the morning session for the Bhajans to begin as usual at 9 o'clock in the Bhajan Hall.

The afternoon session began with Bhagawan arriving in His chair at 3.45 pm. Moving to the interview room after a few minutes onstage, He emerged at 4.15 and moving to the verandah, distributed special clothes for the priests to wear for tomorrow's function. Then He came onstage and sat for a while with the Vedam chanting going on. Swami called up two American brothers from among the students to chant Vedam onstage, then an Iranian boy from the Primary School. The programme of speeches commenced at five o'clock. The Yuddha Kandam was narrated with aplomb in Telugu by Sahasravadhani Garikipati Narasimha Rao garu till six o'clock, and with that the programme of speeches concluded. Bhajans were sung by the students as prasadam was distributed, till Swami accepted Arati at 6.15 and returned to His residence.   
Thursday, June 26,2008: Om Sairam dear Sai Family
The Ramayana Sapthaha Yagnam is in full swing. Being the fifth day, and after the news spread to neighbouring towns, there are quite a lot of people for the Yagnam. There is a big group from Hyderabad as well.
This afternoon, Swami came quite early, at 4:15 pm. The hall was almost full by then.. Beautiful Lord, preferred to be wheeled into the hall, after coming into the middle, He took a right turn skipping the gents side.

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After darshan rounds, Swami took a round within the verandah, speaking to the elderly people and again came on the stage.. The Veda chanting went on for 30 minutes as Swami watched all of us from the dias, called up some students and made some queries and blessed them with Pada Namaskar. It was close to 6 by the time the actual programme started..
This afternoon, as part of the Ramayana satsang, it was the episode of Hanuman, the chapter known as SUNDARA KANDA. Hanuman is now
very famous in the west, thanks to Mr.Obama for carrying the little statue of Hanuman with him..
The speaker who was blessed to speak in His immediate presence was Sri Rao, from a place called Guntur, (for your records, Prof.Anil Kumar also hails from this place) in the state of Andhra Pradesh.. a learnt speaker and surprisingly has given 2000 talks on Ramayana and one would imagine how capable and able he could be. After taking permission and blessings from Swami, the speaker who had a sweet voice, spoke on the SUNDARA KANDA, in pure telugu. Out of Seven Kandas (sections, parts), this KANDA one wouldn't find the Hero of the Epic (Lord Rama). The story runs with just Sita and ardent devotee Hanuman. The Hero is in the Heart of Hanuman and is not seen out side. The speaker said, out of Seven Kandas of Ramayan, Sage Valmiki, the writer, called this particular part as SUNDARA (BEAUTIFUL) KANDA and it was bit of a risk. If a mother with 7 children says, my fifth child is beautiful, it does mean the remaining 6 are not beautiful. The speaker said, there are lot of reasons and supporting incidents for this Kanda to be called Sundara.

The first and foremost is the devotion of Hanuman. If one loses someone, we sent some one who has seen the person, to trace him/her out. But in this case Hanuman had never seen Sita nor Hanuman was related to Lord Rama and yet Rama had immense faith and confidence in Hanuman, which itself, according to Valmiki is Beautiful. When discussions were going on as who will go and how one would go to Lanka, the kingdom of King Ravana, all the vanaras (monkeys) showed their strengths and courage. Hanuman out played every one and it was decided it will be Hanuman who will occupy the driver's seat. Sri Rao, put the whole story in a very simple and bit humorous way. He said, usually when we go for a heavy and challenging task, we always pray to the person (GOD or GURU) whom we know, but it seems Hanuman took the clever way. Sri Rao, said, one should pray to our enemies first , who would be probable candidates for obstructing our tasks and to start with Hanuman first prayed to Sun God. If one looks at Sun for a second without batting eyelids, it seems he considers it as a defeat and now Hanuman will be flying so high that He would be close to Sun and this would make Sun GOD bit uncomfortable... more over, during his child hood , when Hanuman knew he could fly, he tried to swallow Sun, and to pacify Sun, Hanuman prayed to him saying He is going on a very important task, some thing to do with Lord Rama, who belongs to Sun Dynasty and in a way your relative. The next person whom Hanuman prayed was VAYU, wind who happens to be Hanuman's father..

Photos:  Ramayana Pravachana
June 22, 2008

Hanuman also prayed to Indra and Brahma and took their blessings. All the Vanaras were so co-operative and prayed for Hanuman. Praying to the Sea, Vanaras said, if Hanuman, on his way to Lanka, gets tired, pls let him rest on the little mountain in the middle of the sea. Lord Rama gave a ring to Hanuman, for Sita to believe that it is Rama's messenger and not a demon. The speaker later spoke on how Hanuman gets into the palace of Ravana.. Hanuman first thinks to enter through the main gate, but decides against it, as the entrance from the main gate should be done during weddings, invitations and other auspicious occasions and now he is one a very different mission so decides to enter from the back door. The speaker said, Valmiki, while describing Lanka, always said, the walls of the palace is studded with precious gems, diamonds. Bricks and doors are made of pure gold and so on.. THe speaker said, when one describes the house in such a way, it means the people living inside are not good people. It was 10 past 7pm by then and Swami knew it was bit long session for devotees who were sitting since 2pm. He sent a word with other man and the speaker, obligingly cut short his story which was beautifully said and well scripted as well...

After the talk, Swami immediately asked for Arathi and quick prasadam were given and the SUNDARA day ended at 7:15 quite long but we had long darshan of our Lord as well, so no complaints.... thus ended another beautiful day and thought provoking and value added Ramayan Satsang.
eye witness account 26th June submitted by a member of SBOI-Group    

More update from: Thursday, June 26, 2008: The laksharchana by the devotees gathered in Sai Kulwant began at 7.30 am, with the chant of the Sri Sathya Sai Ashtothara Sahasranamavali. Bhagawan arrived at 8.40 am while the chanting was in progress and sat onstage for a while. He then moved to the Bhajan Hall and then to the interview room. The chanting concluded at 9.10 am and Bhagawan arrived in the Bhajan Hall for the Bhajans to start. He moved to the interview room for a few minutes, then returned to the Bhajan Hall, sat there for half an hour and accepted Arati at 10 am before returning to His residence.

June2008 - sai_baba_blessing_the flowers_for_puja

Swami returned in His chair to Sai Kulwant Hall at 4.10 pm and moved to the interview room. After a round of the Bhajan Hall and the verandah after a few minutes, He came onstage at 4.45 pm and sat there for 45 minutes while the Vedam went on, calling up a few students with letters and interacting with them. The speech for the day was on the Sundara Kandam by Dr. Mylavaram Srinivasa Rao garu in Telugu, and he held the audience spell-bound for 90 minutes. Swami accepted Arati immediately after the talk at seven o'clock while prasadam was distributed to all.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008: This morning's Laksharchana chanting was performed with the Sri Rama Sahasranama at 7.30 am. Bhagawan came in His chair in the evening at 3.45 and went into the interview room. After interacting with a few devotees, Swami came onstage at 4.45 to start the proceedings. Today's talk on the Kishkinda Kandam was in Telugu by Sri Venkata Subbarao garu. After the 45 minute talk, the Bhajans commenced at 5.40 pm. Prasadam was distributed while the students sang Hanuman bhajans. Bhagawan accepted Arati a few minutes before six o'clock and returned to His residence. Read more darshan news from Sai students -  25th June:   
Bird Jatayu's heroism and the way Rama conferred liberation Tuesday, June 24,2008: On this third day of the Ramayana Saptaham, the proceedings began in the morning with Vishu Sahasranama chanting by the entire congregation at 7.50 am, forming a laksharchana. Bhagawan arrived when the morning Bhajans commenced after the laksharchana. In the evening, Bhagawan once again sat for a few minutes onstage after His darshan round in the chair and returned to the stage from the interview room to start the proceedings at 5.15 pm. Today's speaker was Sri S. Ranganath garu from Bangalore, who spoke in English about the Aranya Kanda for 45 minutes, noting various points of interest in Valmiki's poetry. Bhajans commenced at 6 pm, and Bhagawan accepted Arati at 6.30 pm. - Prasanthi BulletinAlso read more Sai News from today (below) - eye witness account 24th June submitted by a member of SBOI-Group  "Om Sai Ram dear Sai Family, the third day marked the ARANYA KANDA episode. SWAMI blessed the vast gathering with His divine darshan at 4.30 pm. the blessed speaker for today was Mr. Ranga a learned scholar and a faculty of Sanskrit in NMKRV college for women in Bangalore, the same campus which was blessed by the Divine presence 17 years ago. After taking blessings from Swami to the delight of non telugu speakers he gave a talk in English. The topic for today covered the incidents that occurred during Lord Rama's stay in the forest with a mention of Surpanaka's incident, Sabari's hospitality, the golden deer episode, the kidnapping of Sita, Bird Jatayu's heroism and the way Rama conferred liberation and so on. The speaker was of the opinion that Aranyakanda is the nucleus of Ramayana, as the crux of the problem, (kidnapping of Sita) happened in this part of they say old habits don't die hard, Mr. Ranga being a Prof. in Sanskrit for many years, most of his talk was in Sanskrit (the language spoken by Gods) and excellent interpretations in English. even though 45 mins is just not enough Mr. Ranga did a great job and sure enough he got a word of appreciation and a pat on his shoulder, from Lord Sai Rama Himself." Eye witness account 24th June sent by group member Satish Naik to SBOI-Group

Photos: Ashtothram Chanting, Ramayana Pravachana
June 23-26, 2008

Monday, June 23, 2008: Today was the second day of the Ramayana Saptaham being held at Prasanthi Nilayam, and today's talk was on the Ayodhya Kandam. Bhagawan arrived for evening darshan at 4 pm, and after sitting onstage for a few minutes, moved to the interview room. He emerged after half an hour to move around the stage area and the verandah, going back onstage and starting the proceedings at 5 pm. After the stirring hour long Telugu speech by Mallapragada Srimannarayana Murthy garu, bhajans commenced at 6 pm. After half an hour of Rama bhajans, Bhagawan accepted Arati and returned to His residence. 

 Read more eye witness details of Ramayana Saptaham Yagnam sent by members of SBOI-Group: Om Sairam dear Sai Family,
the second day of Ramayana Saptaham Yagnam was another interesting one. Swami came at 4pm and blessed us with His divine darshan to the thousand seated in the hall.. After going into interview room for 30 minutes, Swami came on stage.. He called upon some students, spoke to them and accepted letters from them. Today, unlike yesterday, there was an introduction about the speaker of
this afternoon. Mr.Srimannarayana murthy from Guntur, a renowned scholar, great speaker and he had all the superlatives a person of his
caliber has under his belt..Taking blessings from Swami, He started his talk, the second khandam (chapter) and it was AYODHYA kandam.. Mr. Murthy said, Ayodhya means that which cannot be won and that is why you wont see any victory in this particular part of Ramayana. There is failure and just failure every where, starting from King Dasaratha who loses the game and eventually sends his beloved Son Rama to the forest. Many people say it was a plot planned by Kaikeyi, to give the kingdom to her son Bharath, which in reality is not true.. It was all God's plan and the design of the Rama Avatar which had to undergo that stage otherwise, we wouldn't have known Ravana, the holy sages wouldn't have performed all the Yagnas and Yagas in the forests, as the demons were at their best to disturb the sages.. Rama was not at all unhappy
Sai Baba Of India Group - Sai Baba News - SaiForum - Sai Baba Photos in your inboxy about the way he was being sent to the forest.. When the news came that Rama had to go, being a perfect son and an ideal son, he listened to his father without asking any question. Sita, who was just married then, asked Rama that she would follow him.. Rama, even though knew she has to be with Him, pretended to be reluctant... and Sita, the ideal wife she is, said, I wont follow you, but I will walk before you, cleaning the path, removing thorns and stones.. The speaker said, it is Sita who first reached Ravana, and Rama followed her, thus it was because of her that the world knew about Ravana.. Brother Lakshmana, who was very close to Rama, also followed Rama to the forest. King Dasaratha, after sending Rama to forest, started chanting Rama's name and breathed his last breath.. After the king left His body, the need for a new king arised. the next best choice was Bharath. Mother Kaikeyi told Bharath, you have got the chance of becoming the king of Ayodhya and your long desire for the hot seat has become reality.. This erred Bharatha and he very politely told his mother, Mother, you have given me birth but you didn't understand your son too well.. NOT even in my wildest dreams I thought of becoming king in the place of my brother Rama.. After persuasion from likes of sage Vashista and others, Bharatha became the king bit reluctantly.
The speaker was of the feeling that Ayodhya kanda was designed in such a way that Rama, protects all the noble souls doing penance in the forest and also to set an example of PITHRU VAKYA PARIPALANA.. (listening to parents)...
After 45 minutes, the speaker thanked Swami for the golden opportunity he bestowed on him and for the great fortune..Ater the talk, Swami asked for the bhajans to start and there was yet another round of Rama bhajans and Arathi was given around 6:25 thus ending the second day of Ramayana Saptaham Yagnam 28th June, will be the PATTABHISHEKAM, (coronation ceremony) of Lord Rama, holy water from all the holy rivers in the world is being brought and the abhishekam will be done with same water in the divine presence of our Sai Rama in the morning session which will mark the end of Ramayana Saptaham Yagnam....with humble pranams at the lotus feet of our beloved Lord.
Read more darshan news from 23rd June  top

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The seven-day Ramayana Saptaha Mahotsava got underway today. In the morning, the priests assembled for the occasion did Abhishekam to Lord Rama's idol at the altar readied on the Mandir Stage. The Bhajans did not start since the puja was scheduled. Bhagawan did not come for darshan, so the devotees in Sai Kulwant hall dispersed by 11.30 am.

In the evening, the Rama-Sita-Lakshmana idols were brought to Sai Kulwant Hall in procession with traditional paraphernalia from Bhagawan's residence just before 4.30 pm, and Swami followed soon after. At 4.45, Bhagawan was seated onstage and asked for the programme to commence. A learned scholar spoke in Telugu for 45 minutes, introducing the Ramayana Saptaham, stating that each day, one Kandam of the Ramayanam would be expounded by a scholar, till the last day, which would be dedicated to the Pattabhishekam or Coronation ceremony. The scholar then spoke about the first part of the Ramayanam, the Bala Kandam and the inner significance of many events narrated there. Bhajans commenced after the speech and prasadam was distributed while the students sang Rama Bhajans. Bhagawan accepted Arati at 6.10 pm before returning to His residence. Read more Sai News - eye witness account 22nd June sent to SBOI group

Photos:  Ramayana Pravachana
June 22, 2008

Saturday, June 21, 2008 Om sairam dear Sai family, the atmosphere is serene, the streets filling up, the Kulwanth hall in particular is to its maximum since last week. this morning after bhajans surprising every one Swami came for His street darshan. Every one
was running behind Swami's car. Swami went up to the petrol station and took a U turn back to ashram...among many boys who run behind His car, one boy from Nepal drew His attention. The boy who happens to be my darshan mate also, had applied for admission in music college but couldn't get admission for reasons best known to Swami. since then the boy is not leaving a single opportunity to
request Swami to give admission in His temple of music. this boy was running behind the car and Swami looking at this sweet boy signalled the boy to give the letter.

It was right in the middle of the road that Swami accepted this MOST URGENT letter and it is second time that He took the boy's letter in a similar fashion. Swami wanted to tell something but in the mean time the crowd went crazy and the car moved
on...the boy started running behind the car and this time swami showed the letter to this boy probably saying don't worry i will do the needful.  AFTER NOON DARSHAN: this afternoon there were 2 ambulances parked in front of Swami's physical abode...initially i thought is every thing ok at His Abode? Later after taking a keen look they turned out to be new ambulances kept for His blessings.... sure enough at around 4.45pm Swami blessed the ambulances and blessed all of us with the mobile chair darshan which are always blissful and matchless.... from tomorrow 22nd June to 28 June there will be week long programme on Ramayana and priests from Karnataka are already here in Parthi for the programme...the news is that there will be talks by learned scholars on the topic and let us all pray to Swami to give us the essence of the holy epic....more news tomorrow. With humble pranams at the lotus feet of our beloved Lord.. submitted by Satish Naik.. Member
SBOI-Group - Read more eye witness account 21st June sent to SBOI group


Friday, June15 - 17, 2008: The Union Home Minister was at Prasanthi Nilayam over the weekend. Bhagawan went all around the Sai Kulwant Hall accepting letters from many and speaking to some devotees yesterday in His chair after going into the interview room for a brief while at 4 pm. This morning He arrived as the Bhajans went on at 10.10 in His chair. During His darshan round, He Blessed the newly joined students of the I standard of the Primary School. He went into the Bhajan Hall and accepted Arati at 10.20 am, then entered His car. But after the car moved forward a few steps, He asked the car to reverse, alighted again near the interview room, and came onstage. There, He sat for five minutes, interacting briefly with one of the students and the Senior Hostel warden before again moving to the verandah. There, He called a couple for an interview, and after that returned to His residence at 11.10 am.


In the evening, Bhagawan had permitted the students to present a Bhangra dance programme, for which they were praying for the last two days. At 4 pm, when Swami came for darshan in His car, He moved out of Sai Kulwant Hall for a drive and returned at around 4.40 via the Western Gate of the Ashram. He moved to the Bhajan Hall in His chair and saw the students there in costumes and interacted with them for five minutes before asking them to move to the Hall and start their programme. When their 20 minute programme concluded at 5.15 pm, Swami stood up and walked down from the stage to take group photos with them. Bhajans began in the Bhajan Hall just after 5.30 and Bhagawan accepted Arati there after half an hour.
More darshan news from 15th sent by a devotee: On the
15th evening Swami came at around 4:10 p.m. As Swami reached the dasavatara gate, devotees on the gents side missed a heart beat , when He suddenly signaled the driver to turn right. Swami left the ashram from dasavatara gate towards airport road, many assumed that Swami would take the same route back i.e. while driving back to Prasanthi Nilayam. The roads were packed with devotees waiting to get an eye contact thru the car windows or perhaps a smile or blessings of Swami with His hand raised (Abhya Hasta mudra). The school children were also waiting and on the  opposite side of the road Swami's elephant Sathya Geeta too came near the gate to greet her Lord. Many devotees tried following Swamiís car, but all returned shortly losing sight of His car. Swami after teasing us returned from His short jaunt after around half an hour.  Once again He entered Sai Kulwant hall thru His residence gate.  After His second arrival the students begin the preparations for a Bhangra and Gidha dance and song program. Students organized a very invigorating bhangra performance in the divine presence. Kulwant hall was filled with loud applause and even the lord was enjoying as we saw him spreading his usual catching smile in our hearts. After the play swami came down form the veranda for a short interaction amidst the students and also had a photo session with them. In the meantime swami signaled for bhajans to began and the evening bhajans continued till 6:10 after that He took arati and left for his abode .Bhangra Dance - Read more darshan news from 15th June: "The greatest fruition of any talent is, it being offered to the Lord", said a wise man once. He must have been really wise because that is exactly what even our Swami says. When on one occasion in Trayee Brindavan a teacher said, "Talent is a gift of God", Swami corrected him telling, "No! Talent is God."...
A Dance Program by the students of the Sri Sathya Sai University, Prasanthi Nilayam
June 15, 2008


(16.6.08)morning Swami came when bhajans were going on at around 9:20 .Swami went straight to the interview room and after giving a couple of interviews, He returned and sat inside the bhajan hall at around 10:05 a.m., just after a bhajan He signaled for the Arati and returned to his abode. In the evening Swami arrived in His mobile throne at 4:45 , as we all know that chair darshan are very rare and undeniably an extra treat for all. After a long interview session , bhajans began at around 5:35 and continued till 6:10 when swami signaled for Aarti and returned to his abode .

Click to enlarge the invitation picture

(17.6.08) morning swami arrived majestically on his chair AGAIN at exactly 9:05 AM and gave blissful darshan to all devotees seated in the hall , He then went straight towards the store room with blue shutters on the left of VIP entrance to see some beautiful idols of various gods. The shutter was pulled down as soon as swami left for veranda and other devotees could not have glimpse of those idols . In the evening Swami came after 4 .00 p.m. and also evening darshan was a blissful 'chair darshan'. Swami gave an interview to about 12-13 devotees from Singapore after the interview Swami went inside the mandir. After the bhajans Swami accepted the evening Aarthi and drove back to His residence in His car.   top


Click to enlarge the invitation picture

 Bhajans were going today when swami entered Kulwant hall and went till about 9:35 before swami signaled for Aarti to commence in between middle of a bhajan and returned to his abode. An important event is going to commence on the 22nd -28th though this event has not yet been announced - Srimadh Ramayana Shudha pravachana Sapthaham, click on the picture thumbnail to see the invitation.


Friday, June 13, 2008: Today evening Swami went out for a drive near the Hanuman temple after His return Swami went directly to His abode Yajur mandir.  After some time Swami came out on His mobile throne and took a darshan round of Sai Kulwant hall. After the Bhajans Swami accepted the evening Arati at 6.15.  On His way back to the Yajur Mandir, Swami stopped near His residnece gate where His pet Elephant Sathya Geetha was eagerly waiting to greet Her Lord. Swami gave sathya Geetha few fruits etc, & spent nearly 10 minutes with her. At around 6.30 p.m. Swami returned to His residence.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008: After His return from Brindavan Swami has been blessing His devotees in Sai kulwant hall with beautiful daily darshan.  Today Swami came both in the morning and evening. After the  Bhajans Swami accepted the  evening Arati at 6.10 and returned to His residence.
Sai Baba Darshan News
Sai Baba Darshan News
Sai Baba Darshan News
Sai Baba Darshan News
Sai Baba Darshan News

Bhagawan Returns to Prasanthi Nilayam

Sai Baba Of India Group - Sai Baba News - SaiForum - Sai Baba Photos in your inboxSunday, June 08, 2008: Om Sai ram dearest Sai family, apparently past few days 'talks' among devotees of Swami leaving for Puttaparthi were correct!  After a wonderful summer session in Brindavan Swami returned back to His Puttaparthi Ashram. Swami left Brindavan at around 7. 30. a.m. and reached Puttaparthi at 11.30 a.m. to a wondrous & loving welcome by Puttaparthians. Also, On the way to Puttaparthi Swami made a stopover (10.a.m.) at Muddaenahalli and Bagepalli.. at Bhagawan's Schools Swami briefly watched a drama performance by the students. Bhagawan Returns to Prasanthi Nilayam: Today was another sweet "surprise" day for Puttaparthians. News came as early as 7.30 a.m to Puttaparthi that Swami had left whitefield ashram and is on His way to Puttaparthi. Puttaparthy gets a desserted look in Swami's absence but today everyone seemed busy, shining and smiling; the ladies were busy drawing beautiful rangolis and mango leaves toranams were tied on either side of the main road. Also many places  e.g on the main crossings Puttaparthians had adorned the asphalt with Rangoli & flowers. At around 11.15 a.m. Swami's car entered Puttaparthi. The sidewalks of all the roads leading to Prasanthi Nilayam were filled with devotees. Everyone desiring to catch a qucik glimpse of Swami thru His car window. Swami with all His affection for His devotees looked from His car window with the Love & smiles. At around 11.30 a.m. Swami's car enterd Prasanthi Nilayam thru Gopurum gate and went towards gents side. The vedam singning, Swagatam song and a welcome dance performance welcomed the Lord of the Universe inside the Sai Kulwant Hall.  At 11.35 a.m. Swami accepted the Aarthi and retired back to His abode Yajur Mandir. In the evening, Bhagawan arrived in the chair at 5.20 pm and made a full darshan round of Sai Kulwant Hall. As the Bhajans began at 5.30, Swami sat onstage for fifteen minutes before moving to the Bhajan Hall. He accepted Arati at 6.10 and returned to His residence.   top

Saturday, June 07, 2008:  Rumours in Puttaparthi and Whitefield are that there is a strong possibility that Bhagwan may return back to His Puttaparthi Ashram (Prasanthi Nilayam) tomorrow. Though it is kinda talked about subject here in Brindavan, still it is only a rumor, no official update yet.   Darshan Today: Today, Swami came out quite 'late' from His abode 'TRAYEE'. Bhagawan came at 11 a.m. and blessed all with His darshan from the podium. It was rather brief darshan, ten minutes after His arrival on the podium Swami signalled the students to auspicate His Aarthi. After accepting the Aarthi Swami went back to His abode. All were extra happy to receive His blessed darshan today since many were guessing that Swami would not come at all, but He did come, indeed. Also. this afternoon Swami drove out and visited SSS hospital.   top



Thursday, June 05, 2008: Today the morning bhajans started at 9.30 a.m. since many Sai devotees observe Thursday as a special day ('Sai Baba day' - Guruvar) therefore, the Ramesh Krishan hall was filled to capacity with devotees. At around ten minutes past ten the seva dal standing near the Swami's residence gate got more alert and looked towards TRAYEE with folded hands in an attentive manner.

That is usually a hint that Swami is on His way.  After few minutes Swami finally arrived on His mobile throne. Bhagawan sat on the podium for nearly 20 minutes listening to the ongoing bhajans.

At around 10.40 a.m. Swami signalled for the Aarthi and blessed the Prasadam to be distributed among the devotees. Truly, it is awe-inspiring to see our Lord Sai Krishna in Brindavan. Read more darshan updates and messages from devotees at SBOI-Group

Tuesday, June 03, 2008: Chief Minister of Karnataka, Sri B S Yediyurappa  came to seek Sri Sathya Sai Baba blessings today at His ashram at Whitefield, Bangalore (Brindavan).    top

Today evening I went for SAI darshan at Whitefield (Brindavan Ashram). Entered the hall at 3.00 p.m., almost half of the devotees had already entered the new shamiyana mandap and were seated in darshan rows. Swami arrived at 5.00 p.m. sharp 6 then the evening bhajans started. After around 30 minutes, at 5.30 pm Swami signaled to move his wheel chair down, thus enthusing the students and all devotees.

He took His darshan round in a winding manner amongst ladies and gents devotees. He signaled to move even where there was no pathway, thus creating new pathways between devotees and students. A bountiful and un-forgettable darshan to all devotees. He remained among the devotees moving in between the pathways till around 6:10 pm.

The new Chief Minister of Karnataka, Sri B S Yediyurappa too arrived around that time and Swami gave him darshan and talk and had a photo session with him.

After that Bhagawan  again moved towards the ladies side and blessed many devotees. As the Arati song started Students moved quickly and distributed prasad (Laddu). Todayís experience is unforgettable for me as well as for all the other devotees and students. sourced from
SBOI-Group   top

Sunday, June 01, 2008:  For the past few days Swami has been granting Darshan both in the morning and in the evening only from the stage area of Sai Ramesh Krishan Hall - Brindavan Ashram. Though, Last week Swami did come down among the devotees on His 'mobile throne'. But these days Swami is enjoying the Bhajans from the podium seated majestically on His throne and easily visible even to the last rows. On Sunday's the crowd of devotees is exceptionally high, since many Banglorians come for Swami's darshan on their off day from work. Many bus loads of devotees arrive here daily for a single darshan and then return back to their respective suburbs.  The traffic conditions are much better now i.e. after the construction of a new flyover. The huge assembly of traffic waiting for the railway cross-over are also thing of the past. But the pollution both dust and noise are still intolerable. In fact, Swami in His Latest Brindavan  discourse mentioned pollution "...Moreover, everything is full of pollution these days. The water we drink, the food we eat and the air we breathe are all polluted. In fact, all the five elements have become polluted. Manís very life depends upon these five elements. How can manís life remain unaffected when all the five elements are polluted? He appears to speak sweetly but his mind is full of bitterness. This is very bad..." - Sai Baba.  Selected from Latest divine Discourse in  Sai Ramesh Krishan Hall, Brindavan, Whitefield, Bangalore,  01 May 2008  Today morning Swami came at around 9.45 a.m. the bhajans had already started at 9.30 a.m. Swami took a round of the hall blessing everyone with His divine darshan.  Swami accepted the Aarathi at around 10.15 a.m. prasadam was distributed to all after the aarthi. top


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