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Guru Poornima Photos & darshan report


Guru Poornima - 10th & 11th July   [archive: Guru Poornima 2005]
we'll update this page regularly with Guru Poornima News & Photos
from Prasanthi Nilayam, Puttaparthi, as they become available


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Latest Photos & Sai news 12th July : Sai Baba Darshan news & Images from Cultural Program by Balvikas - Indonesia. "...Today morning Swami came out to bless us all for darshan at 8.20. a.m. ..." more

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11th July.  Today morning swami came out for darshans at 7.15 am. Kulwant hall was jam packed and devotees lined up even outside. Television sets were put at different locations inside the Kulwant hall. Swami took the full round and alighted from his car in the mandir portico. He walked behind the Ganesha statute and took full round of verandah talking to devotees sitting on the verandah. Then swami walked up to his chair and sat on it to the thundering applause of the devotees. All throughout vedam was being recited and went up to 7.45 am. Students soon started songs in telugu and Sanskrit. After this program. Swami got distributed tricycles to physically handicapped people from Anantapur. In all 50-60 less physically privileged people got the tricycles in the divine presence of Swami. Later Clothes were also distributed to them.

Bhajans started at 8.15 am. First, 5 to 6 bhajans were all on guru. Thereafter other normal bhajans started. During this period swami signalled the students to distribute prasad. One piece of sweet packed in small packet on which was written 'love all serve all' was distributed as prasad. Swami was offered aarti at 8.45 am. On his return swami talked to some of his relatives and went back to his abode at 8.55 am.

In the evening, Swami came for darshans at 2.30pm. He took the full round. After alighting from the car, Swami walked behind the Ganesha idol in the verandah. later, Swami sat on his throne in front of the Ganesha idol. Vedam was chanted up to 2.45 pm. Soon thereafter a musical programme started by the group named 'sai symphony orchestra'. It consists of devotees from 22 countries. This programme went on up to Then the whole group had photographs with Swami. After this swami walked inside the interview room. Swami came back from interview room at 4.15 pm. Swami talked to this group again and swami looked very happy and pleased with the group. Then swami went back to interview room. Bhajans started at 4.30 pm and went up to 5 pm. Bhagwaan was given aarti at 5 pm and thereafter he returned to his abode. Prasad was also distributed in the evening, there was no discourse by swami which left many devotees disappointed. The day ended with rain god showering blessing from above on the dry land of Puttparthi. - SBOI

Through unconfirmed sources it has been learnt that from 9th august to 21st august there will be RUDRA YAGANI(YAGNYA)IN PRASHANTHI NILAYAM. It is considered the most sacred Yagna and all the devotees who wish to be there may start to plan there pilgrimage accordingly. - SBOI

Guru Poornima Srisathyasai org official report

Indian tradition accords the highest place of reverence for the Guru or preceptor, sometimes even higher than God for it is the Guru who leads one to God. The very first Bhajan that Bhagawan taught after He declared His Avatarhood was “Manasa Bhajare Guru Charanam Dustara Bhavasagara Tharanam” (Meditate on the Feet of the Guru to cross the tumultuous ocean of worldly existence). For Sai devotees, this festival is of immense significance as Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is our Guru and God, the path and the goal of our life’s destiny. No wonder then that Guru Poornima is one of the most important festivals in the Prasanthi Nilayam calendar when devotees from all over the world come to offer their love, obeisance and gratitude to their Beloved Master.

The celebrations commenced on the evening of 10th July with a music programme by the Bailey sisters who rendered their compositions entitled “I Am Never Alone”, “Celebrate The Birth Of Sathya Sai”, “God Lives In India” expressing their love, devotion and gratitude to Bhagawan. The next day, on the morning of 11th, Bhagawan arrived in the beautifully decorated Sai Kulwant Hall at 7.15 am amidst Vedic chanting, Nadaswaram and Panchavadyam by the students of Swami’s College. A few minutes after Bhagawan was seated on the dais, the students sang Stotrams and songs in praise of Guru. At 8 am, Bhagawan blessed around 50 physically challenged people from the weaker sections of society hailing from various parts of Anantapur District with tricycles to enable them to lead a more independent life. The morning programme concluded with Bhajans.


The afternoon programme commenced at 2.30 pm. On the occasion of Guru Poornima, the Sai Symphony Orchestra consisting of 67 members from 22 countries performed in the Divine Presence. Beginning with the Bhajan “Murali Krishna Mukunda Krishna”, the Orchestra kept the audience enthralled with melodious pieces capturing myriad shades of emotions and by various well-known composers such as Handel, Rossini and Verdi spanning centuries of European history.

At the end of the programme, Bhagawan lovingly granted them photographs. He then descended from the dais and moved among them, speaking to them and blessing them with the joy of His proximity. The evening concluded with Bhajans and Arati.

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Prasanthi Bulletin Guru Poornima special

July 11, 2006

The entire Kulwant hall was bursting at its seams right from 5:30 am itself this Gurupoornima morning. Swami came out from the Yajur Mandiram at about 7:15 am. Heralding our dear Lord on this holy day were the Panchavadyam and Naadaswaram which were both playing rhythmically. Swami blessed the thousands of devotees who had gathered to have a glimpse of their beloved Master. He took a complete round granting Darshan to devotees assembled everywhere. He got down from the car near the interview room and came walking to the stage. Seeing Him walk towards them, the entire gathering broke out into spontaneous applause. The Veda chanting continued as Swami sat on the sofa and swayed to the chants.

After a short while Swami called and asked Sri Chakravarthi, the Secretary of the Central Trust about the morning programme. Then He told the students to begin the group songs and stotrams. The session began with "Anantha Samsara Samudra Taara" and also had two Telugu songs that had been composed by Swami Himself. There was applause after each song. After four songs, Swami asked as to whether the programme was over. Ashwath Narayan and Om Prasad went up to Him and told Him that there were two more songs. Swami consented for them to be sung too. After the songs, Swami had tricycles distributed for the physically challenged people from various places in Anantapur district. As their names were read out, they were wheeled in front of Swami before the tricycles were presented to them. Swami blessed each and every recipient with His Abhayahastha. He also asked for Vibhuti packets and clothes (cloth pieces and saris) to be brought from the interview room and had them distributed to the recipients.

By now, it was about 8:15 am - Swami told the students to start Bhajans. It was a nice feeling to have bhajans outside where everyone could see Him to their heart's content. The bhajans were charged and many pacy bhajans were sung. As the bhajans went on, Swami asked for prasadam to be distributed. Bhajans went on till 9:15 am. After bhajans, He received Aarthi and retired to Yajur Mandiram. It was announced that the afternoon programme would begin at 2:45 pm.

At exactly 2:35 pm Swami came out of Yajur Mandiram and went for a complete round of Darshan. He came out from the car and walked upto the sofa. The Sai Symphony orchestra, consisting of more than 65 artistes from 22 countries had their programme scheduled. Swami asked for the programme to begin immediately. The conductor sought Swami's blessings and the concert began in right earnest. There was a plethora of musical instruments - violins, violas, cellos, double basses, oboes, bassoons, clarinets, flutes, piccolos, trumpets, trombones, the French horn, the English horn, keyboard harps, timpani, cymbals and other percussion instruments. They played nine pieces and each of those conveyed a variety of emotions and feelings. These pieces were picked from famous composers like Weber, Lehar and Verdi and also some others like Elgar, Korsakov and Handel. The whole hall came alive as the rich notes resonated throughout. The fact that all the artistes had practised together for only 7 days made the entire performance absolutely remarkable. In fact the commentator (Mr. Paul Erhard) remarked, "I don't know that it happens anywhere else in the world... but there are many things that happen here that don't happen anywhere else in the world!"

At about 3:45pm, the programme concluded and Swami, when asked for group photos, said, "I am ready". Swami spent the next 15 minutes with the various artistes and blessed all of them profusely as He granted them group photos. It was more of a replication of the interview room rather than a group photo session. Each artiste spoke and interacted with Swami to his/her hearts content. Some of the artistes were coming to Swami for the first time and greeted Him, "Hi Swami!" They were all thrilled that Swami interacted with them. Swami then went into the interview room. After about 15 minutes or so, He came out again. He walked upto the lion on the stage and then sat on the portable chair. We all thought that Swami would sit out for some more time. But to our pleasant surprise, Swami went down amidst the artistes (who were still seated on their chairs.) When the Lord's grace rains, it pours! He moved among them for the next 15 minutes or so showering His love, care and personal attention on the members. He also materialised vibhuti for some of the ladies. After that He went into the interview room. Bhajans began at 4:30pm itself. At 5:00 pm Swami received Aarthi and retired to the Yajur Mandiram.

10th July Morning  - 2006.
 Today swami surprised everyone by coming early. Swami came for darshans at 7.20 am. Swami did not take full round and took turn towards portico soon after completing ladies side. Swami walked up to mandir portico after alighting from his car and took his throne. He sat there till 8 am to 8.45 am Swami was in interview room. Swami surprised everyone when he drove back to his residence at 8.45 am. Everyone thought swami had finished his morning darshans and many devotees left Kulwant hall. As swami says, love my uncertainty's today was one more divine uncertainty in the offing. Swami came back to Kulwant hall at 9.05 am, when the second bhajan was going on in the bhajan mandir. Swami was in the bhajan mandir till 9.30 am. Aarti was given to Bhagwaan at 9.30 am. while going back to his abode, swami talked to some of his relatives who were sitting outside the verandah.

In the evening swami came at 3.30 pm. Swami took full round in the evening. swami walked to portico of mandir and took his seat. From 3.45 pm to 4.20 pm students of Sathya Sai higher secondary school presented dance drama program "BHAVYANJALI"  before Swami. There were 5 telugu songs and one Hindi song.  After this programme some overseas ladies devotees walked upto swami and showed some book to Swami. Thereafter there group (OVERSEAS DEVOTEES from USA) which consisted of 6 ladies and 3 gents presented a spectacular musical programme. This musical programme started at 4.20 pm and continued till 5 pm.T here were total 6 number of songs which they presented. From 5.00 pm to 5.15 pm vedapath was recited by the students. (Rudram and mantra Pushpam). While the Veda path was going, Swami instructed the prasad to be distributed to students. Apples were distributed to students. Bhajans started at 5.15 pm. Swami was sitting all throughout outside and did not enter the bhajan mandir. Aarti was given to swami at 5.45 pm and thereafter swami retired for the day.

There is a huge rush of devotees in puttaparthi in view of guru poornima festival tomorrow. Seva dal is busy in making the decorations of Kulwant hall, Swami residence and other places. Prashanthi Nilayam is suddenly full of hustle and bustle after relatively quite time as far as rush of devotees is concerned. A week back there were hardly 7 to 8 rows in the Kulwant hall. Today the hall was full. No doubt, though swami is omnipresent but no devotee can remain away from Avatars physical form of swami for too long. - SBOI

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Also read:  SBOI group message from member Satish Naik - posted 10th July

Om Sri Sairam to noble hearted members of this Holy Group,
The past 10 days have been hectic for Swamy with many opening ceremonies, plays, dance and songs programmes.
Many people in Puttaparthi were surprised and probably bit unhappy when the Sai Geetha's premises which was filled with beautiful coconut trees and other huge trees were cut down paving the way for construction of an indoor stadium. Very few were aware of the fact that an indoor stadium will be built in that place. so the premises has been cleaned. But Swamy knows what to do and when to do... Now a new indoor stadium and a new house for Sai Geetha (adjacent to the planetarium) will be coming up very soon. Another interesting happening, Last Sunday Swamy blessed a Spanish boy with an interview... The boy was hanging around for quite a while now. Very devoted and soft spoken. According to his friend, Swamy had promised him about a year ago that He will give admission in Swamy's school. As promised, it seems Swamy told the boy in the interview room, "I will give you admission tomorrow or day after tomorrow" (and we all have LITTLE DOUBTS when Swamy says, "TOMORROW", as tomorrow in the Divine Dictionary means some years or may be next birth.) The boy being smart enough, said the same thing to Swamy and Swamy replied with a a BIG smile, Yes tomorrow... YOUR TOMORROW... As promised now the boy has joined in the music college.
The major happening this week was the programmes by the bal Vikas children of rural Maharashtra.... Swamy was very happy to see the kids perform so well..
Today after noon(10th July) was another beautiful day, where in all the devotees witnessed Swamy in a very Jolly mood, thanks to the beautiful programmes, which made Swamy immerse in them.
To start with was a dance programme by students of Sathya Sai Institute of Higher learning, Prasanthi Nilayam campus. Interestingly, the dance group had a Lithuanian (If I am correct) national boy whose family is living in Parthi for almost 2 years now. The boy was hand picked by Swamy and visibly shy natured boy was here to perform, dance, in front of the Lord of the Lords...
1000s of eyes were cantered on the boy so also was Swamy. The dance started with a telugu song and again one song from the latest telugu movie SRI RAMADASU... The boy danced with so ease and got applauds from all the people assembled there. It is a memorable day to the boy's father, who coincidently was the videograpier. As long as the boy was dancing Swamy was keenly watching his expressions and also his steps.
Iam sure Swamy would have been very happy to see His HAND PICKED seed emerging into a beautiful tree.
After the dance programme the students went towards the dias and Swamy shook His Head asking "What now?" The boys stood still.. and Swamy asked "Ayyipoinda" (is it over) when the students responded in positive He asked them to sit.
The next programme was an interesting and much awaited one... GOD LIVES IN INDIA fame Bailey sisters were waiting for Swamy's nod to sing in His immediate presence, which they were longing for..... for years...
Our compassionate Lord, asked the USA co-ordinator to let them perform.... After taking Swamy's blessings the sisters sang beautiful numbers from the GOD LIVES IN INDIA, album... All the songs were touchy especially the second number was so soothing that it made all of us cry...
With the sisters' permission I will repeat few lines of the song which I remember and were so natural to OUR time
I look at the children we have been given
and the world that they now have to live in
my lord now we have drugs and we have guns
sold to our daughters and our sons
and kids are killing just for fun
My Lord I fear our troubles have just begun
and my Lord we know this is true
There is only one thing to do
Help us to reach them and teach them
To have faith in themselves and trust in you
Because My Sai You are OUR ONLY WEAPON!
How true and close to our lives this song is
I would like to end with a prayer to our Beloved Swamy
O Dear Lord, pls help all those children who are wasting valuable time and energy with Bad company, Swamy give them all your love and guidance.... as Your are our Mother, Father, Well wisher and most beloved Friend.

Jai Sai Ram [ SBOI member]
Satish Naik
[the above message from Satish Naik  is also available/sent thru SBOI Group ]



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Photo courtesy: Srisathyasai org.

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