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1. What is the meaning of Sai Baba?

Sai Baba means Divine Mother and Father.

Sah + Ayee + Baba; S = Divine; Ayee = Mother; Baba: Father.

2. How does Baba describe himself?

Sathyam is my Prachaar - Truth is what I speak. Dharmam is my
Aachaar - Dharma is what I do. Shanthi is My svabhaav - Shanti
(peace) is My nature. Prema is my Swaruup - Prema or Love is my Form.

3. Baba declared that his Avathaaric mission will be executed in
three phases. What are they?

The first sixteen years of His life will be a period of Baala Leela.
The next sixteen will be spent in Mahimas (divine miracles) to give
Santhosh to people. After that life will be full of activity
delivering discourses to teach erring humanity to take to the path of
righteousness, guiding humanity back to Sanathana Dharma. (Eternal-
Universal Religion)

4. What is the historic letter in which Baba declared his mission in
a detailed manner?

Baba's elder brother could not grasp the mystery of Sai phenomenon.
He could not tolerate certain caustic comments about the "simple
village miracle boy", made by some people. So he wrote letters to
Baba warning him and also imparting a lesson that he had learnt in
life about human follies and about fame and its trappings.

Baba wrote to his brother on 25th May 1947. First He advises his
brother not to attach any value to such comments and take them to
heart. Every Avatar had to face such criticisms. It is very difficult
for common people to understand Divinity in human form. They cannot
even understand sages. Then He reveals His mission:

"I have a task to foster all mankind and ensure for all of them life
full of Ananda.

I have a vow to lead all those who stray away from straight path,
back again to goodness and save them.

I am attached to a work that I love; to remove the sufferings of the
poor and grant them what they lack.

I have my definition of devotion - those devoted to me have to treat
joy and grief, gain and loss, with equal fortitude. This means, I
will never give up those attached to me. When I am thus engaged in my
beneficial task, how can my name ever be tarnished as you apprehend?
Truth shall prevail. Integrity will win."

5. When did Baba declare that he is Shivashakthi in human form?

On Guru Poornima day 1963.

6. Give the sequence of the Sai Trio.

Shirdi Sai; Sathya Sai; Prema Sai.

7. What is the name of the biography of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba?

Sathyam Shivam Sundaram (Truth, Goodness, Beauty).

8. What is the name of the magazine published in Parthi? When did the
publication commence?

Sanathana Sarathi: 1958.

9. What is the special title given to Baba's writing in the monthly
magazine that comes from Prashanthi Nilayam?

The special title given to Baba's writings in Sanathana Sarathi in
Serials is "VAHINI";

1. Prema Vahini.

2. Dharma Vahini.

3. Prashanthi Vahini.

4. Jnaana Vahini.

5. Dhyana Vahini.

6. Bhagavatha Vahini.

7. Geetha Vahini.

8. Prashnotthara Vahini.

9. Rama katha Rasa Vahini.

10. Leela kaivalya Vahini.

11. Sathya Sai Vahini.

12. Vidhya Vahini.

13. Upanishad Vahini.

14. Sutra Vahini.

(Also "Sandeha nivarini")

10. Why did Baba undertake visits to all important shrines in pilgrim

Baba's visit to these ancient shrines (Ayodhya, Varaanasi,
Badhrinaath, Pandaripura, Kanyaakumaari, Shrisailam) is to "charge
the batteries that have gone weak" - i.e., to rejuvenate and infuse
spiritual power in those dynamos of Grace. The resuscitation of holy
places is one of the means of Dharma Sthaapana for which He had come.

11. Baba organized and established the following: (a) Prashanthi
Vidwan Mahaasabha (b)Summer courses in Indian Culture and
Spirituality (c) Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation. What is the
purpose for which these were started?

(a) Prashanthi Vidhwan Maha Sabha: The watch word of Vidwan Maha
Sabha is "Thamasoma Jyothirgamaya" - lead (us) from darkness to
light; to eradicate ignorance and light the lamp of true knowledge
and instil faith in man's true nature - that "He is Aathma divine".

(b) Summer courses: The students and the youth of the present era do
not have proper knowledge of Indian culture and spirituality. They
are born and bred up in alien culture. In order to acquaint them with
the knowledge of Bharat and her glory, Swami organised these summer

(c) Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation: It is meant to be a training
ground for the members to make themselves deserve Divine Grace
through love and service to one and all and to spread Baba's message
of Sathya, Dharma, Shanthi and Prema by precept and example.

12. How does Baba fulfill His mission of making man realise that he
is Aathman. What are the stages through which he makes man involve

Baba dose CHAMATHKAR (miracles of love) to attract people and instill
faith in Divinity and through SAMSKAAR transform and transmute them,
then make them involve in PAROPAKAAR selfless service to others so
that they might imbibe and inculcate Thyaaga (sacrifice) in order to
become fit for SAKSHATKAR (actual visualization of God).

13. What is the meaning of Bhagawan?

Bhagavaan means one endowed with Bhaga, i.e., unique attributes:

Aishvarya - Authority derived from devine power

Veerya - Incomparable heroism, bravery

Yasas - Unexelled Fame

Shreyas - Comprehensive Prosperity

Jnana - Supreme Wisdom

Vairagya - Inner Detachment

It is also laid down in the Sasthras that those who have these six
primary endowments are referred to as Bhagawan.

Uthpattimcha vinasamcha boothaanaam aagathim gathim.

Vetthi vidhyaam avidyamcha sarvascha bhagavan ithi.

He who knows the mystery of creation, dissolution of created beings,
the mystery of their redemption and of their ignorance, wisdom.

14. What are the attributes of an Avatar?

The word 'Avatar' means one who descends from the level of God-head
to the level of a man only to enable man to ascend to the level of

The Avatar shares the possession of five senses with the world of
animals and human beings. He shares with mankind the four attributes
of mind, reason, emotion, ahamkar or egoism. Avatar possesses seven
main unique characteristics Srishti, (creative power;) Sthithi, (the
power to foster; guard and protect ;) Laya, (the power to destroy;)
Thirodhaana, (the power to make things disappear;) then there is
Anugraha (the power to shower grace) for the deserving and non-
deserving as well. An Avatar is ever present when His name is
uttered, form is recognised.

15. Why does Baba perform miracles?

Baba himself has said thus about miracles: "Miracles are very natural
and normal to me". He performs miracles to inculcate faith in
Divinity. These miracles are to prove to the mortals the super human
powers with which He has come down to redeem humanity from the
shackles of ignorance.

16. How did Baba declare that He is the very embodiment of all Gods
that mankind has been adoring?

He declared it in the form of a poem:

The same Lord who descended to protect Prahlada -

The same Lord who rushed to rescue the elephant king from the jaws of
the crocodile -

The same Lord who came down to grant boons to the young Dhruva -

The same Lord who showered grace on Kuchela and relieved his poverty -

The same Lord with the same attributes -

The redeemer of humanity Srinivasan

Is here on earth now as the

Lord of Puttaparthi shining forth with all His Glory.

17. How did Baba prove that He is the re-incarnation of Shirdi Sai?

When His father questioned Baba about Sai Baba, he showed to His
father and Karanam Subbamma, the Samadhi (burial places) of Shirdi
Sai Baba, and the nearby places against a wall in a series of

There lived until recently an old lady called "Peddha Bottu"! Her
original name was Shaaradamma, She was the daughter of a collector in
the Nizam's dominions. She visited and had the Darshan of Shirdi Sai
several times, with her father. She experienced untold miseries after
marriage and her husband died, her four children died. Then in utter
agony she sought the feet of Shirdi Sai and asked for spiritual
initiation in Lendi Baagh in 1917. Baba said, "Not now, I will come
again in Andhra. You will meet me and be with me." After many years
during her visits to several places where she gave Harikatha (divine
story telling performance), she came to Uravakonda. She heard that a
certain Baba calls himself re-incarnation of Shirdi Sai Baba. She
went to attend a Thursday Bhajan session at Seshamaraju's house. Then
Sri Sathya Sai Baba spotted her and said "So you have come, my child,
you owe me sixteen rupees" - only to prove to Shaaradamma that He is
Shirdi Sai come again as promised.
 Shaaradamma sent to Shirdi Dasara celebration, Rs.40/- through a man
called Balarama. He returned to her 24 rupees. Baba addressed her
as 'Gori' (the pet name given to her by Shirdi Sai Baba to Peddha
Bottu alias Shaaradamma).

18. In what form did Baba give Darshan to (a) Purushotthamaanandha
(b) Karnam Subbamma (c) Abhedhaananda (d) to people gathered on the
sea shore of Machilipatnam.

(a) Jyotheeruupa Anantha Padhmanaabha Swami (b) Karanam Subbamma
could see in the wide open mouth of Sathya, the entire Universe and
creation, (c) Ramana Maharshi (d) Shesha Saayi.

19. Why does Baba give gifts to His devotees?

Baba Himself has said thus about gifts. The gifts are expressions of
his Grace and Love. 'They are like my visiting cards and send me
instant flashes when the person to whom the gift is given is in
danger or in need of my help. Sometimes these gifts are for the sake
of health or to indicate right path'.

20. To whom did Baba give these unique gifts? (a) Jesus on cross, (b)
Bhagawat-Geetha from sands (c) idol of Annapoorna.

(a) John Hislop (b) Dr. Bhagavatham (c) To the Principal of a Saainik
school when Baba visited, Jaamnagar and nearby places. He instructed
that the idol of Annapoorna may be kept in the dining hall of the
hostel. Annapuurna bestows food that endows one with 'puurnathvam' or

21. Who wrote Suprabhatham?

Sri Thirumalaachaar.

22. What is the meaning of Baba?

BABA means : B = Being, A = Awareness, B = Bliss, A = Aathma.

Baba is Aathma: Being, Awareness and Bliss.

23. Baba says "You are not one person, but three". Explain.

You are not one person but three:

The one you think you are - refers to body;

The one others think you are - refers to the Mind.

The one you really are - refers to the Aathma.

24. How does Baba describe the sequence in Vishishtaadhvaitha and

Swami says the progress of man, the pilgrim of eternity, passes
through the three stages of Vishistaadhvaita, Dwaita and Adhvaitha as
stated by Jesus and Zoraster as well in the following manner.

Jesus said first: "I am the messenger of God".

Then: "I am the son of God".

Later: "I and my father in heaven are one".

Zoraster said: "I am in the Light",

"The light is in me" and

"I am the light".

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