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15th JULY 2007:
Om Sairam dear sai Family Offering loving pranams and sairam to one and all from this holy land of Puttaparthi... Today was yet another beautiful day courtesy of our beloved Lord for showering His love and bliss. The streets of Puttaparthi are filled with youth from all corners of the world. Its really a great feeling to meet people of same
age group... Many looking trendy, modern but yet full of devotion and love for Swami. All are really blessed to be here, especially in this critical time where the whole world is in chaos, and Swami definitely knows His WEAPONS for retaining peace and tranquility and for this Kali Age to turn into Rama Rajya, is the YOUTH The world Youth Conference will start on 26th July morning with inaugural function and end on 28t evening. and as we all know 29th is the Guru Poornima.. INSHA ALLAH (God Willing) as Muslim brothers say, Swami might give discourse on 26th morning and again on 28th and definitely on 29th... It would be so nice to hear the nectarine words after a long gap....
As thousands of youth have already reached Parthi, special seating arrangements have made for them in Sai Kulwanth Hall and thus very few first row seats for the regular token line devotees...As it was raining a bit this afternoon tokens were not distributed and it was first come first serve...I was blessed with a nice spot right across the Dias this afternoon... As the clock showed 3:30pm, the security at the Swami house got alert, signaling the arrival of our most compassionate Lord...
Swami drove in slowly, with His most beautiful smile.. gave a soothing look at the youth, accepted few letters from them, and blessed few others.. Swami's car now came to the verandah.. I was seated right across the stage so had a nice view of Swami,
as the automatic chair landed on the ground.. Swami enquired if there was any programme and the student said yes.. and Swami without going to the interview room asked the boys to wheel Him directly to the dias..this afternoon, the students from Sathya Sai Mirpuri Music college were blessed by Swami to have a musical programme... As Swami settled on the dias, two of the boys, went to Swami for His blessings and permission to start the function.. thus started
the scintillating music session, which immersed us in the ocean of music and Swami also joined us.. and words are not enough to match their talent...The first song was sung in Adi talam then came the famous number Maha ganapatim manasa smarami.... and then there was a beautiful song comparing Rama and Krishna authored by the great Tyaga Raja (if I'm right)..The students also sang a song composed by Swami and which used to be sung in the 50s, Rama Rama Rama Sita..Swami was immersed in the programme many times His eyes closed, sometimes singing, humming with the students, His hands tapping on His lap according to the rhythm... It was just great to see Swami so blissful and responding...He was also watching all of us smiling at us from the dias.. While the programme was going on, I was saying to Swami, we are at least 30 meters away from you, Swami you seem to look at us in fact you seem to look into our eyes, and smile at us but how can I believe that you are actually looking at us.. Suddenly, two devotees sitting in front of me left and while going, they bowed to Swami (which almost every one of us do) and to my surprise Swami blessed them with His Abhaya hasta, very rarely we got to see that, and more over to devotees who were sitting so far from Him... and what a quick response to my query if He is actually looking at us....Swami did that again when another devotee left the Hall and many students turned back to see as whom Swami His blessing
with His abhaya hasta..Back to the music programme, after the vocals, there was a fantastic session with tabla... the student who was playing the
tabla, played it for 10 minutes non stop.... the drum beats were so accurate and also very difficult.. He would have spent hours and hours for just practicing and any one who heard him play with heart, would really feel the pain.. Just after the boy finished
playing with Tabla.. Swami who is the DOER, was keenly watching the boy, proudly looking at others, just like a mother who is in ecstasy, with her child's performance... and just when the boy finished Swami closed and opened His fist as if relaxing His
fingers, as if He was experiencing the pain of the boy..There was another session with the Sitar (a musical instrument with strings) and Tabla.. just when it started, even though I'm a musical illiterate, I thought, Swami the sitar is hardly audible, don't know if thats how it should be played, but would have been
better if the volume was raised a bit and the moment I finished this thought, Swami raised His right hand and brought close to His ears, signaling the students that the Sitar is not audible, yet another confirmation to my silent request, and probably the mike was brought closer to the sitar and thus the programme continued....After one more song, Swami called on of the boy and asked if the programme was over and when the boy said yes, it was the turn of the boy who played the tabla..Swami called Him, as expected the very next second, the divine hands started making small circles, as I looked curiously, what would manifest from the Hands of the Creator Himself, a dazzling golden chain was materialised by Swami, as the boy was in tears, shivering, trembling, the divine mother, slowly slipped the chain around Her boy's neck...
The moment I witnessed this manifestation, I remembered one verse of Swami,
Talli Garbhamu nunchi Janminchi nappudu, kanta mala levi kana ravu
(when you are born from your mother's womb you wont find any garland around your neck... )
melimi bangaru danda kuda ledu
(neither there is a pure gold chain),
kaladu (there exists)
kaladokka mala mee kanta mandu
(there exists one garland around your neck)
purva janmala ponduga pondu parachi
(listing all your past lifes),
Brahma meeku ichi pampenu baruvu mala
(brahma has sent you on earth with a HEAVY garland),
Karma lanniyu cherchina kanta mala
(the garland which lists all your past karmas)

By materialising a chain, Swami, probably, has replaced the HEAVY garland with a lighter one... How fortunate we are Swami, to witness your love and compassion...
It was close to 5pm by then and Swami after having a group photo session with His beloved ones, rose from His throne, very slowly,as a boy was holding His right hand, walked to the interview room. On the way to the interview room Swami was seen
sharing a lighter moment with Mr. Goldstein and Mr. Chiranjeevi Rao...Thus ended yet another beautiful day in my Prasanthi diary.. ...With loving pranams at the Lotus feet of our beloved Lord, Satish Naik (member
SBOI-Group) reporting from the auspicious abode of our loving Lord...