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Sai News: Prasanthi Nilayam 10th Nov. 2005
( Read: Sai Darshan news from yesterday  9th Nov.
or 11th Nov.)

Sai Ram everyone , SBOI group has been informed that - Finally devotees lining up for morning Darshan were happy because, Swami came for Darshans around 9.30 am in the morning ( from last 3 days there has been no morning darshan) and gave Darshans till 10.00 am. At around 10.10 Swami visited Maha Laxmi temple, which is under construction, near **GAYATRI temple in the ashram. Swami was back in 10 minutes. In the evening, Swami came out of his abode at 3.30 pm. After giving a blissful & long darshan, Swami went out to stadium. He was back to *Kulwant hall in about 25 minutes .Swami returned to his abode (residence) at 5.45 pm.

*Sai Kulwant Hall :This is the venue for the daily Darshan as well as many other festivities. Divine discourses are delivered here. it is contiguous to the Mandir. It has a seating capacity of about 20,000.
**Gayatri Mandir Situated opposite to the "Seva Dal" block. It was consecrated by Bhagwan Baba on 9th Oct 1998. The five faced Goddess Gayatri is the mother of the Vedas.


Upcoming event: Akhanda Bhajans in few days (12-13 Nov. 2005)

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Humble offering by Madhvi Sai & the Arpanam team at the Divine Lotus
feet of our beloved Swami on His 80th birthday.

This song is part of the new Arpanam 2 Bhajan CD which will be released
very shortly.

This Bhajan can be downloaded
 here at www.saibabaofindia.com :
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