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Sai Baba News - August 3, 2006

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Sai Baba News

August 3, 2006

This evening, Bhagawan came for darshan at three o'clock, and after spending a few minutes in the interview room, came outside and sat onstage for an hour to the accompaniment of Vedic chants. Students with letters for Swami had a bonanza - He called them up one by one, and they could hand over their letters, maybe have a word with Him, take padanamaskar and return to their seats. Two students even received materializations from Swami - a chain and a ring respectively. The Birthday boys were also blessed. Then came the prasadam distribution - mini packets of Glucose biscuits for all! After all received prasadam, Swami got up and walked back to the interview room. Just before five o'clock, Swami came to the Bhajan Hall. After a few minutes of interaction with some students, Bhajans began. Swami took Arati at 5.30 and retired to Yajur Mandiram.

Yesterday and the day that also witnessed similar sessions in the evenings. On Monday morning, Bhagawan had gone on a drive upto Gokulam past the construction site of the Indoor Stadium, returning before the Bhajans commenced at the Mandir. Construction work at the Indoor Stadium site goes on apace day and night, with the whole area flood-lit at night.

July 30, 2006

This Sunday evening witnessed a Symphony Concert with traditional Indian instruments, arranged and performed by the students of the Sri Sathya Sai Mirpuri College of Music at Prasanthi Nilayam. The students had carried all their instruments for every darshan since Saturday, hoping to get the chance to perform for Bhagawan. Bhagawan asked for His car to stop near the stage area itself during His darshan round, alighted there, and sat onstage. It was 3.30 pm. Swami had a few words with the Principal of the Music College, giving the green signal for the programme. The students got all their instuments, sat in a semi-circle right in front of Bhagawan, and commenced.

The first song was a Ganesha Stuti, with the initial music by tablas and mridangams and tunes on Sitar. Next, they introduced the main rhythms and presented a fusion of the popular song 'Bho Shambho', Bhajan 'Bhasma Bhooshitanga Sai Chandrasekhara' and different rhythms. Veenas supported the vocals in this 15 minute piece. The popular tillana in the Raaga 'Kadana kutoohalam' paved the way for the last piece, 'the Heart-beat' - a Carnatic-Western fusion overture which rounded off the 45 minute presentation.

Bhagawan returned to the interview room a few minutes after the programme concluded, and later, came for Bhajans in the Bhajan Hall.

July 28, 2006

This evening, the Australian youth group had been instructed to sit in the Bhajan Hall, Swami had indicated that He would talk to them. When Swami arrived for evening darshan, He went and sat onstage with the Vedam chanting going on. After 45 minutes, Bhagawan proceeded to the Bhajan Hall and interacted with the Australians. We could hear bursts of joyous laughter as the Lord filled them all with His Divine sweetness. They sang some songs for Swami, too. After their session, they were asked to continued to sit in the Bhajan hall for Bhajans, which were led by the students as usual.

4th August Sai News Update- today morning the "Vara Lakshmi Vratham" started out with Lakhsmi Puja in Puttaparthi. The traditional ritual of puja (pooja) was performed to Goddess Lakshmi by Sai Baba devotees in huge numbers. The pooja to Goddess lakshmi was incomparable and very auspicious since it was preformed in the holy presence of Sathya Sai Baba. Swami attended the puja and granted wonderful darshan & blessings to all the devotees. read more


4th August- Mp3:
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