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Sai News: Puttaparthi 3rd Nov-2005 - Swami came  early for Darshan today, a nice and great surprise for devotees.  At approximately 08-30 a.m. Swami was driven to His new residence (another surprise) here Swami had his food, there were another group of devotees with Him  we‘ve ["SBOI" saibabaofindia-group]  been informed there were donors (Mr. Singh etc.) of  Swami’s new residence  also, the construction contractor of Swami's new residence Larson & Turbo Ltd company’s chief engineers were present. Swami left His new residence at about 11.45. The Gujarat devotees program-drama etc ended yesterday, there are many devotees from Gujarat here in Puttparthi; they show an admirable enthusiasm in narrating about there Seva here and in Gujarat.  Also, there are devotees from Gujarat doing Narayana seva on individual level, that is, giving food to the deprived & the poor people. Mostly, they order meals at the local caterer or restaurant and distribute the food.
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