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How the divine dream of Swami saved lives

The dream which my cook had on the intervening night of 27-28 march. His name is Sant and has been to puttaparthi once for seva. He has a small shrine of baba in his one room hutment. He works in the factory(N F ltd, vijaipur,dist guna,madhya pradesh) as helper(casual labour) and in the evenings he does cooking to support his family of three children and wife.on 27 march, sant slept at around 11pm after reading volume 1 of Sathyam, Shivam, Sundaram. Sant had a dream in which he saw that there was a open ground in which there was a lot of crowd watching certain persons doing gymnastic tricks, some were bending there bodies to lift the needle with there eyelids, some were walking on the rope; suddenly there was fire ring and the gymnasts were diving through it. everybody is watching the show. Suddenly some body announces that NOW SAI BABA WILL JUMP THROUGH THIS FIRE RING. He saw baba running and jumping through the fire ring. When he saw baba jumping through the fire ring everything turned black. The moment he saw baba jumping thru the fire ring, his wife woke him up, shouting that there roof had caught fire. Sant got up and saw that the table fan, which he had hung as a ceiling fan had caught fire and the flames were going out. He couldn’t think what to do. The ceiling fan was tied to the roof with some nylon wire and shoelaces. Surprisingly, the fire engulfed the whole area but the nylon wire and shoe laces were intact, Had it fallen down, the fan would have fallen down on his children sleeping under it. The wood inside was in flames and flames were coming out of the roof too. THE SMALL WOODEN HUTMENT WOULD HAVE NORMALLY BEEN TO ASHES IN FEW MINUTES. The fire soon subsided of it own and there was no damage. The wood had just turned black but not damaged. There is no doubt hat swami jumped in the fire to save his devotee.

Sent by Mr SJ from Madhya Pradesh to – SBOI

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Latest 2005 Kodaikanal trip photos


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