update from Puttparthi: 20-06-2005

Grama Seva - Service to Man is Service to God

Grama seva has started in puttaparthi, in His yesterdays discourse Swami talked about grama seva or Village service, when we serve others, we are really serving God. According to Swami's discourse in which He said that five villages have been chosen, these 5 villages blessed with good fortune will receive food, clothing etc furthermore these 5 villages will also get water facilitated by the Sathya Sai water project.

*****When it comes to 'Seva' in villages, His urge for uplifting the villagers is almost insatiable. "When the villages grow, the states grow and the nation on the whole prospers. The progress of the nation is based upon the progress of villages," He exhorts.He asks the students and the youth in general to visit the villages, identify their problems and serve them with utmost sincerity. Baba has a word of advice for the 'Sevaks' in rural areas:
"Of all the methods of 'Seva', Service to the long neglected rural population is best. Dedicate your skills, your energies to the betterment of the brothers and sisters dwelling in villages".He identifies for His Workers the areas deserving special attention in 'Grama Seva' (Village Service) when He says that they have 'no medical and educational facilities, no drinking water, no sanitary arrangements, no food to eat. The workers have to 'realise Divinity' by providing these essential requirements to the villagers, for ' Grama Seva is Rama Seva (Service to village is service to God)*****

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