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 Thursday , December 21, 2006 :: Volume 9, Issue 32
 (In its nineth year of publication.)
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FEATURE OF THE WEEK: Key to Happiness
Is there a way to quantify faith? What constitutes a successful dose of patience? Some endure a hardship for several years, yet call themselves fortunate. Some seem to have a short stint with time and profess to have waited patiently! Wisdom, whether through Bhakthi or Jnana should impart the ability to discriminate. Discrimination between things of transient nature and that are permanent should lead to detachment. Spirituality may not be about quantifiable material gains and losses that one accomplishes with the help of Sadguru. It may also not be about extending the benefits that are only perishable. On the other hand, it may be about a total personal transformation that should take place every minute, while at sleep or awake. The effort has to come from within oneself and the external factors are the means to accomplish them, by Sadguru's grace.
On several occasions, Baba said out of love for His devotees - "What (whether good or bad) is ours, is with us, and what is another's is with him." - Ch. XLV, Shri Sai Satcharitra. Some of the simplest expressions of Baba seem to have the message of greatest importance. A moment of contemplation on such comments might have the most profound effects on what we perceive as pain or pleasure. By the above statement, Sadguru Sainath has endorsed the thought that our actions precede our fruits, the consequences. He also several times advised that one have to endure the consequences of his past Karma. Devotees also have seen how Sainath comes to their rescue if the faith is earnest and the patience is complete. The patience is complete only when the faith is earnest. He is the helmsman and His boundless coffers are open.

CONTRIBUTED ARTICLE: Spiritual Rejuvenation: A New Year resolution
The nature of human conscious is nothing but true bliss at birth. However, it is thrown into the chaotic web of sorrow, grief, pain, pleasure, anger, passion and the countless grades of different states these emotions may have. The involvement in the cause and the effect is a tough whirlpool, a situation that can not be dealt with any other means but yield. Scriptures are unequivocal about one fact, the significance of sadguru and the faith in His predisposition. Encounter with the chosen path of salvation has to be the single most significant event in one's life. However, human mind sensitive enough to perceive the pleasures and perils of life, sometimes dismisses the key to eternal happiness as irrational and illogical.
Dr. S.P. Ruhela in " Shirdi Sai The Supreme" wrote, " With the speed of education and emergence of the age of logic, science and concern for functionality in every sphere of life, educated people of today do not have much interest and faith in divine or spiritual personalities and spiritual matters, their miracles and teachings which they ususally consider to be rather very traditional, superstitious or out of tune with modern times. But on the other hand, the sociological fact is that there is a widespread anomie (normlessness), misery, immortality and resultant insecurity and unhappiness in the world. Only the inervention of Prophets, Saints and their teachings of the right kind of moral and spiritual values, which focus on universlity and nobility of man's existence can save the crisis-ridden contemporary world".
Devotion for the most begins with the gratitude. Human mind normally fills itself with joy when the going gets good. When a calamity befalls, lo, the confidence in the self crumbles, and the mind goes in pursuit of the power that would deal with the insolvency. Then follows the gratitude towards the helmsman only to be overshadowed by the power of the mythical world, the whirlpool. This is the game of high and low and the life is one of unresolved spirits. Is devotion just an emotional gratitude to one's savior, a feeling of thankfulness for a temporary material benefit? Perhaps not! It is just a beginning of a blissful process, a sign of more magnificient things to come. Let us dwell on these thoughts as the New Year dawns. Let us resolve to seek the coffers He has open for us. Let the New Year bring the awakening, the beginning of our spiritual journey with our beloved guide, the Saint God of Shirdi.
(Contributed by Sai Vichaar team)

Om Sai Ram, I was praying to Baba to help me in getting a good job with good salary in a good company. Recently Baba has blessed with a very good job. I thank you very much Baba for being with us all the time and taking care of us.
Thank you Baba for giving a very wonderful job to my husband. You gave him that very job which I have been asking You to give. In fact You have placed him in a much bigger company than what I asked for. Baba, thank you so much. Baba please continue to shower Your blessings on my husband so that he can perform this job satisfactorily and happily.
Suresh Rao
Thanks for granting her visa, Baba. You answer all our prayers since we started praying and believing you Baba. Please be with us all the time and bless us.
Jai Sai Ram! With your blessings my parents got their passports without any issue. Thank you very much Baba! Please bless them with a happy journey to Singapore in the month of January 2007 for my delivery. Also shower your blessings through out without any obstacles from any one of my family members, so that they can peacefully stay with me during the delivery time.
Thanks Baba for blessing me with a good job. I never expected that I would be placed in such prestigious IT Company.
I am so relieved after I came to work today because my colleague told me she is also planning to work on something else. In the next project we are going to work together. But now I got a new job and accepted, I was worrying how to tell her. I did not expect that she would move on. Thank you for showering your blessings on us. I know by your grace only I got this new job.
My heartfelt humble thanks to Sri Sai Baba for giving everything in my life. I wished for my higher studies, wished for like minded spouse and talent sons got everything by the blessings of Sri Sai Baba. I also prayed to Sai Baba to give me an opportunity to serve poor people of this world and got opportunity to serve poorest people of Nepal through food aid agency of UN. I have been getting strenghth from Sai Baba all the time whenever there is some obstacles during my right judgement. I have no words but to pray to Sai Baba for His blessings to my whole family and wish to be in Shridi in near future.
I took on this class that was really difficult and I had no idea how I was going to get good marks in it. But with Sai's grace I got an A grade. It would really not have been possible without His help. I know that for sure. He is really so kind. Even though I am far from perfect He has been extremely generous to me. I have not had a single failure since I resorted to the feet of Sai Baba. Thank you Sai Baba. I love You a lot.
I was searching for good job and I prayed that if I get good job I will share my experience in Sai Vichaar. By Sai Baba's blessing I got offer letter from good company and they have asked me to join for duty on Thursday. Thurday is Sai Baba's day. This is nothing but Sai Baba's miracle and I thank Him for granting me this job.

Baba we have always had Shardha and Saburi, for both these words have a great meaning in our life. Whoever we meet we also teach them to have patience and faith, rest leave all to Sai he knows how to handle. But lately Baba, we are going through lots of tension, as You know my husband, he does not stay at home with us and disappears for days and days and suddenly appears after a long period. We have no questions to ask where and how he has been, as we hardly speak to him beacuse of his behaviour. Now our daughter is getting married in Jan 2007, he should understand his responsibilites now. We had a domestic helper, who suddenly said I don't want to work anymore and has left us in this time when we needed her the most. Baba I can't cry or show my inner feelings to anyone except You, as you are well aware, what is going on inside me. We have always had Shardha in You that whatever happens, happens for the best. Now also I have full faith in You that You will bring him back. Please Sai also help us get a good helper who is Your devotee. We know You are here and You have something better for us. We love you Sai.
My son is in final year of B. Tech. His performance is average. I pray Sai that he should pass all exams well and secure a seat in a good University for his higher education this year.
Sai devotee
Dear Sai Baba! You knew all my problems very well. My husband is out of the job for the last four months. If he won't get the job in IT field within this month he has to wait until March or April because of the job boom. He is going to write a test regarding his job. So Baba, please bless him with a nice job and settle in our life at least now. I have been praying You since my childhood and I never face any problems like this. You helped me in my problems all the time. But for the last four years You are very quiet and calm even though I am praying You every day. I have Shani for seven years. But it won't work in front of you Baba. I am suffering a lot and please try to understand my problems and help me. I believe You so much and I don't have anyone except You.
Om Sai Ram, I would please like our readers to pray for my mother who was diagnosed with colon cancer. Her surgery was successful, we are just waiting to hear from the pathology report if the cancer had spread. I pray to Baba that she does not have to suffer with lots of pain and that the colon will heal nicely. I also pray that she will be stronger and better than ever soon. I also pray Baba will give my father strength to go through this with my mother. Thank you always Swami for being there from me.
Sai devotee
Koti Pranams to you Sainath. Sainath please let my neice's wedding be settled and my sister's tensions be relieved. Please let her overcome her ego and pride and become normal self again. You know I have already asked my forgiveness from her. I want to help her in that. Thank you Sainath.
Sai devotee
Hey Sainath, please help, I am losing my patience day by day. I do not understand why are You taking our test. Me and my family believe in You so much, then why us. My mother is a good soul she cannot take all this. She is very depressed and crying all the time still she has faith in You. Please prove her that You are there for her. Please Baba bless my family, I want my father back. Baba we are orphans without You. Please Baba we all need You badly. Help us. My father is a very nice human being and he needs You. Bless him. I promise, after this problem gets solved I will write my thanks to You in this newsletter. Help me and bless the universe.
Please Baba shower your blessing on my husband & me. Kindly bless us with a child with no problems.
Now I pray you to show the right education path for my daughter. I follow your directions for my every action.
Sai, by Your grace I did well in the first round of the interview and will be attending the second round tomorrow. Give me the strength to get through the second round also.
My boyfriend is very disturbed for not getting a job. He tried his best. Please God help him out. Please God don't break my faith.
My mom has seen bad times all throughout her life. Baba please bless her with Your love. I don't want to have any problems because of me and my siblings. Bless us Baba.
Baba, please help me in getting a good job. I'm very much scared as I don't have any experience in my field and am already on the lookout for jobs.
I want to marry him and he is also interested in me. But he is afraid to tell this to his parents. So please pray for us. Ask Saibaba to bless us and ask Saibaba to make him to be my husband.

Our Dear Baba came in my dream last night. I could see that my brother and me had bought a small Baba statue (Baba sitting with one leg folded position) and were decorating our house with him. We had kept him on a small table. But after some time when we looked at the statue, it wasn't looking like Baba anymore. The statue had a crown of thorns and resembled Jesus Christ. In my dream I was so surprised and was looking intently at what had happened and where was our Baba. But his folded leg posture had gone and his legs were now unfolded and he had become Jesus Christ. I was so surprised and immediately woke up. I just sat up and prayed to Baba for showing me that He was one with Jesus Christ and that there was no difference between him and Christ. All the time in the Satcharithra we read that Baba used to utter 'Allah Malik'. So by this I felt that Baba was telling us that he was the God, whom different people worship in different forms. I felt blessed that Baba had given me this dream. In these days of communal disharmony among people, it would be so good if people realize that the God they worship is the same God, but in different forms and for me, I visualize any Hindu God in our temples as our Baba.
A couple of months ago I had applied for dual citizenship for my family. I had sent all the necessary papers to the Indian High Commission and was asked to send our passports for the Indian Visa to be stamped. I sent the passports along with necessary documentation. In a couple of days I got a call from the Indian High Commission informing me that they had received the envelop I sent but our passports were missing. I was very shocked and started worrying about the potential for the passports to be misused, especially in the current situation around the world. I requested the Indian High Commission staff to search for them once again and started praying to Baba to solve this problem. Baba has always been guiding and helping us and I was very confident that I will find the passports. I called up the passport office and informed them about the loss. They said that I would have to cancel the passports immediately and apply for new passport of my family and myself. I was told this would be an expensive proposition, but I had no other choice. However the person in the passport office asked me to wait for one more day and then give a call to the local passport office and enquire about the missing passports. I kept praying to Baba. The next day, was a Thursday, I called the Indian High Commission and was told that they made a thorough search but could not find our passports. I thought I will wait till afternoon and if I don't find them I will cancel the passports. Around 3 pm I called the local passport office one last time to my pleasant surprise I was told that our passports were returned to the local passport office and that I could come and collect them. This was nothing but the leela of Baba. I don't know why this happened but this has only increased our faith in Baba many fold. I promised to Baba that if I get the passports back I will post my experience in the Sai Newsletter and hence this article.

"Ignorance is the seed of Samsara (life and death). Put the medicine of the Guru's grace on the eye and the screen of Maya lifts, leaving only Jnana (knowledge). Jnana is not something to be attained, it is eternal and self-existent. On the other hand, ignorance has a cause and an end. The root of it is the idea that the devotee is a separate being from God. Remove this and what remains is Jnana".-Sai Baba as cited in "The Incredible Sai Baba" by Arthur Osborne

Q. Question of the week given below....
A. by Ramaa Prasad
Q. Saibaba said to Smt. Radhabhai Deshmukh, "Oh mother, My Guru never taught Me any Mantra, then how shall I blow any Mantra in your ears?". Comment?
There is a tradition in Hindu religion that Guru would initiate the disciple into spiritual path by disclosing a power packed 'mantra' or a sacred hymn secretly into his / her ears. The disciple thus initiated is bound keep the mantra a secret, which is personal to him / her and recite it with in himself without uttering it aloud. Any deviation of the process by the disciple is considered detrimental to his spiritual growth. This entire process is expected to elevate the disciple spiritually. This, however, is not accessible to persons of the lower strata of the society, as they are deemed ineligible to such initiation. In other words, this tradition has led to a system of discrimination with in the ambit of same 'dharma'. It is also observed by many that the people who were initiated thus normally feel that they are more privileged than the others, who have no access to such 'upadesh' or initiation. To my knowledge the first saint who revolted against this established tradition was none other than the famous Guru Shri Ramanujacharya, the proponent of 'Vishishttaadwaita' or the theory of qualified non-dualism. He felt that if the sacred mantra could elevate a seeker spiritually, why should he not reveal it to every one even at the cost of his own spiritual down fall. Such was his compassion towards fellow human beings. Therefore he disclosed the mantra "Om Namo Naryanaya" to one and all.
The traditions and principles of Sai-tattwa on the other hand, are simple and accessible to every one without any discrimination whatsoever. Sai Baba of Shirdi, the incarnation of Almighty Brahman as Paramaguru or the Paramount Spiritual Master has taken upon Himself the mandate of leading millions of His devotees irrespective of their religion, caste, creed, race, sex etc., on a clean spiritual path. Shraddha plus Saburi (Faith and devotion plus patience with courage) that form the crux of "Sai tattva" are two traits common to everyone beyond the barriers of their religious, social, and financial factors. By invoking the traits common to every human being, Sadguru Sai Baba of Shirdi has indeed simplified the pursuit of spirituality and made it more practical without the necessity of superficial facades such as the babbling of mantra in the ear of disciple. This way, he inspired even the most downtrodden to take to spiritual pursuits without any discrimination whatsoever. All are equal in the eyes of Sainath. Every one is His child. Despite He being incarnation of Para-Brahma, Sainath said that He owed His spiritual stature to His Guru, who of course never initiated Him by means of a mantra. He said this to Radhabai Deshmukh who took to fasting with a view to getting initiated by Sai Baba through a mantra from Him.
Q. continued.....
A. by Ramaa Prasad
Therefore, Baba said, "I am not the Guru who babbles secret mantras into the ears of the seeker. Our traditions are different; but novel." The guru who babbles mantra into the ears of his disciple teaches the limited. Paramaguru Sai Baba of Shirdi teaches the Limitless and takes His devotee new heights of spirituality, ensuring his / her spiritual evolution step by step. He advocated whole-hearted dedication to one's Guru and steadfast faith in Him coupled with a high degree of patience tempered with courage to climb the ladder of the spiritual evolution. There is no question of any body being ineligible for His guidance, mercy and grace. Every one who treads the path of 'Shraddha' plus 'Saburi' would become his dear child. Then it depends upon the seeker alone to opt to "Sai-tattwa" or not. He said that once you opt to take the path of "Sai-tattwa" Paramaguru Sainath takes care of you as His dear child just as mother tortoise on the other side of the river gazes her young ones and ensures their nurture and development. The message of Paramaguru Sai Baba of Shirdi is very clear and unambiguous, by which Radhabai Deshmukh was convinced thoroughly about the utter futility of fasting to get mantra from Sai Baba. This message also opened the eyes of Hemadpanth, who initially was peeved as to how he could not gather the grace of Baba, despite his long years of paraayana of Gurucharitra, while Sathe with one week's effort was blessed by Baba. I wonder how powerfully convincing and blissful and at the same time so simple is the divine message of Parmaguru Sai Baba!

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Q. Saibaba said to Smt. Radhabhai Deshmukh, "Oh mother, My Guru never taught Me any Mantra, then how shall I blow any Mantra in your ears?". Comment?
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