Sai Vichaar
 Thursday , September 28, 2006 :: Volume 9, Issue 20
 (In its nineth year of publication.)

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FEATURE OF THE WEEK: Sai..Omniscient

Spiritual pursuit does not necessarily have to be confined to one particular way or a particular thought. How is it possible to realize the all-pervading conscious by a pursuit that confines one to a particular practice or faith? Such a practice may be fruitful as long as one realizes its limitation and yearn to grow beyond the confines of human convenience. God blesses such souls.

Ramachander Atmaram also known as Babasaheb Tarkhad was a staunch member of "Prardhana Samaj", a spiritual community that decries worship of any idols or other forms. Mr. Tarkhad's wife and son were devotees to Sai Baba and were frequent visitors to Shirdi. Mr. Tarkhad, a broad-minded humanist did not object to his family's worship of Baba. Once Mrs. Tarkhad and her son wanted to go to Shirdi to have Baba's darshan. It was decided that during their absence away from home, Mr. Tarkhad would perform the daily prayer of Sainath at home including the worship of Baba's picture and offering Prasad. The ritual went on without any hitch for the first two days. On the third day, Mr. Tarkhad performed the prayers to Baba's picture and left to his work forgetting to offer Prasad during the morning ritual. About the same time, Mrs.Tarkhad and her son were in Shirdi at Sai's abode. Baba called Mrs. Tarkhad nearer and said that He visited their home that morning and that He had to return empty handed, as there was nothing for Him to partake. Sensing something unwanted, Mrs. Tarkhad's son wrote a letter to his father back home explaining the puzzling parable that Baba narrated the morning. Later that day, Mr. Tarkhad returned home from work, realizing his mistake that morning he chided himself for not keeping his word to his wife and son. He, then, wrote a letter to his wife and son in Shirdi, detailing about the happening that day. Both the letters were delivered to the respective recipients at the same time.

Mr.Tarkhad wondered how Baba was able to know about the event that happened several hundreds miles away. This incident brought about a big change in his attitude and he realized the oneness of Sai Baba, whether it is a picture, idol, or without. This incident shattered his personal convictions and broadened his comprehension of God and spirituality. He began to join his wife and son in offering prayers to Baba and eventually became one of the Baba's well-known devotees.


CONTRIBUTED ARTICLE: Reading for the spiritual benefit

Reading of scriptures and spiritual work should not be undertaken with a view to criticize the author or attempting to know the logical explanation behind every word said and the incident depicted. This is because the realization of God cannot be explained by logic or analysis but by strong faith and a constant yearning. Shri Sai Satcharitha is a boundless treasury of wisdom and Sai devotees undertake reading of this holy book all over the world. While it is a practice to perform a saptah (complete the reading in one week), it is also said that Shri Sai Satcharitha reaps enormous spiritual benefit if read on a regular basis every day. Shri B. Hanumantha Rao, the author of "Sri Sai Anusaranamu" in Telugu, wrote, "While reading a holy book, it is not appropriate to question the qualifications of the author or the way its contents are presented. It is important to pay attention to what is said regardless of who said it. It is important to realize the truth in the sayings rather than attempting to apply one's rationale to the narration. The message of God is timeless and the way it is delivered and perceived varies from individual to individual. What is needed of a reader is the realization that he is the benefactor of riches that humans cannot fathom". This would automatically make a reader obedient and impart the humility necessary for spiritual growth.

(Contributed by Sai Devotee)



A devotee!
Saibaba! when I saw the miracle of You appearing on the wall of an old buliding in the flood-hit city of Surat (Gujarat State) and people thronging to see You, I experienced unbound joy and my eyes were filled with tears. It is a feeling which I could not explain in words. In the past You saved me from several crisis and I pray You to continue showering your blessings on me.

I really was not a great believer of God. What I experienced is really unbelievable. Baba has really changed my life. I was facing some financial problems and trying for some loan. There was no success. Disappointed I prayed Baba for the same. In two days I got approval of my loan. I decided to go to Shirdi that moment. Baba You are great! I have no words to describe You.

Sai devotee
Sai Ram. I prayed Baba, if my daughter's eyes check report and my reports are good I will share my experience. I found everything good. All this is because of Baba's blessings. Thanks Baba for taking care of my family. Please always shower Your blessings on my family.

Thank you very much Sainath for having my husband and me reach safely without any obstacles from India to here. In our absence You have taken care of our pregnant daughter like a mother. Thank You and we pray that You continue to bless her to have a safe delivery. My husband fell sick after coming here and the moment I gave him your Udi with water and thought he should get well and his reports should come fine, I will submit the article to You and Sai as promised I am submitting. He is much better now. Again Sainath I lost my gold ring and I thought in my mind if I find it I will send my thanks through Sai Vichaar, the moment this thought came in my mind I found the ring just before me. Thanks Sainath this is all Your miracle and we know You are always with us to bless us. Please Sainath we hold on to Your lotus feet, bless us all.

Sai devotee
Thanks for the Sai Vichaar e-mail. The mail gives immense peace of mind after going through. Thank you very much Sai for supporting me through out at the time of crisis in my and my family life. I pray Sai to be with me and my family through out my life and solve all the problems which I am still going through.

I had to give my exam in USA and I had to travel alone with lot of tension due to my exams . The day before leaving to USA, I just opened the Sai Satcharitra and it said Sai will come where ever I go, He would cross seven seas. I got to know that Baba was with me and will be with me. This was a tough exam but everything went of so well, I felt I did well in the exam. I recieved my results. I have passed with good percentage. I swear nothing was in my hand. Our Lord did everything for me and it was the smoothest walk ever in my life. Baba now I want to get into a Residency program in USA. Please help me secure it.



Dear Baba, how to explain my problems. Please bless me to finalise this land work. Before starting the work I prayed to You that this work should go smoothly, so please guide me to complete this work.

Sai Baba, You have always given me Your shelter and love which I will always be thirsty for. Baba my very close friend is suffering from one or the other problem the day they shifted to the new house which they bought three years back. The suffering is to an extent that he lost his hand last year which doctors say that will take a lot of time to recover. And now his son has got an eyesight problem. Baba this kid is just like my kid only. Please reinstate his eyesight and make him healthy. I am sure with Your blessings he will be perfectly fine soon.

Sai devotee
Saibaba, as you know my brother-in-law, my husband and myself all are looking for a good job in the same city. Please forgive me if I have done any mistakes while praying to You. Please I beg You to find us good jobs for all three of us at the same place as my mother is old and wants us to be in the same city.

Baba, I don't know how to pray but I am saying that responsibilities You have given me, I do it with full faith and devotion. Please Sai, grace upon me.

Baba, please bless my son with a healthy kidney. He has hemodialysis twice a week.

Thank you for an informative and rewarding newsletter. I am a Sai devotee living in South Africa. I have been a devotee of Baba for many years and have seen Him touch my life on many occasions. I have recently changed jobs without really thinking about it. I let my greed for money overpower my judgement. I am not happy with my new job, and there is uncertainty about my future. I am grateful that I have employment but I know that my future is not in this job. I have being praying so hard to Baba to get me into something more suitable. I hope that my prayers will be answered. I have really made many strides towards Baba in recent times. Baba please help me get out of this fix. I know I sound ungrateful as Baba has rewarded me and my family with so much. I just want a normal life back, I have to commute in traffic and it really tires me and I have not been happy ever since. I know Baba will answer my prayers and that he will help me through this trying time. Baba help me be a better person and stop me doing all the wrongs that You don?t approve of and I need to try harder.

I bow my head before You and concentrate on Your holy feet. I and my family members (my husband and 2 children) have firm faith in You. Every year at least once we make it a point to visit Shirdi. Even if we are short of finance we manage to reach there and take Your darshan. My trust on Baba will never end. But this year though we had planned to visit Shirdi once after my elder son's SSC results were declared we could not make it. My younger son had fever and my husband was stranded with some work and the rains went from bad to worse. My son keeps asking when we will be going to Shirdi. My financial problems seems to be going from bad to worse. I pray to You Lord Sai please throw away this big mountain of financial burden from my shoulders. We both are hard working, we want to be happy with the salary that we both earn. Once we get rid of our outstanding debts, I am sure we will be able to lead a happy life with our children with our decent salary. Only our financial burden should end. Bow to Shri Sai. Peace be to all.

I was a Sai devotees for last two years. I am married for last 8 years, I had two abortions. Then recently I got pregnant in January 2006 and in the month of July I got abortion because of high Blood Pressure and I was attacked by Fits. Why Baba, why are You testing me like this, now also my blood pressure is high and high sugar level. I was praying You like anything.

Saibaba Pranam. Saibaba I need Your help and support. I am a hardworking person and inspite of putting my hundred percent in my office work I have certain colleagues who are constantly trying to create hurdles and causing unnecessary difficulties in my way and making life miserably. I pray to You to give them awareness and realization in them about their actions and release me completely of this tense situation.



Dear all, I would like to share a boon with you about my experiences with prayers to Shirdi Sai Baba. As being taught a good lesson in materialistic things, the story follows like this:

During shopping for some furniture, I wished for a wardrobe to put our clothes in it. I saw some I really liked, but couldn't pay for it for other things were on our list. One and a half week later, I saw a very beautiful one standing outside, just the kind I had an eye on, left alone, for the people willing to take. With some help of the neighbors I tried to get the wardrobe inside the house. We didn't succeed for it was too big, we couldn't make the turn in the steps. So without regret, I let the wardrobe go for others to enjoy.

Be careful what you wish for, for He gives you so you will ask what he is willing to give.
Anyhow, I didn't learn my lesson yet, so I have another story to share:
Some few days ago, I wished for a flower to put at the altar for Sai Baba. And this morning, I saw a beautiful plant with orange flowers standing outside with the garbage. With gratitude I took this plant along with me for offering at the altar of Sai Baba in our house. For this is my Sai Baba, learning what really matters in small enjoyable lessons. Miracles are just these small things. May Swami bless all with joy, good laughters and enlightened.



"My business is to give blessings".-Shri Sai Baba



Q. Question of the week given below....

A. by ....


Q. Although He was the personification of Brahman then why did Baba say that Maya troubles even Him?



Sri Shirdi Saibaba Punyathithi (88th) celebrations at Shirdi Sai Temple, Chicago
Shri Sai Baba Punyatithi (Mahasamadhi ) will be celebrated for three days from September 30th to October 2nd, 2006 at Chicago Shirdi Sai Temple. Vijayadashmi day in 1918 was also an auspicious day when Sri Sai Baba took Mahasamadhi in Shirdi and ever since this day has been celebrated in Shirdi in honor and rememberance. For program details please visit or call 847-931-4058.

Saibaba's Mahasamadhi celebrations, Minneapolis, USA
Sri Saibaba Mandir, Minneapolis celebrates Sri Saibaba's 88th Mahasamadhi on September 30, 2006, at Geeta Ashram, Brooklyn Park, MN. The event will start at 5:00 pm and included Saibaba arathis, Sri Sai abhishek, Bhajans, naama jap, palki procession, and Mahaprasad. Please visit

Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
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Shirdi Sai Satsang, Bay Area, California
Shirdi Sai Parivaar invites all to join us for Satsang every Thursday 7:30 pm at Odd Fellows Temple, 20589 Homestead Road, Cupertino, CA 95014. For details please call 408-564-6704 or send email to or visit

Saibaba Mahasamadhi Celebrations, Toronto, Canada
Shirdi Sai Baba Sansthan, Canada, cordially invites all to join in Mahasamadhi Maha Utsav on Sunday, Oct 08 2006 from 7:00 am to 8:30 pm. Program highlights: all four Aartis, Maha Abhishek, Bhajan Sandhaya, Akhand Naam Jaap, Palki Procession and much more. To participate and volunteer please call 416-294-4804 or email: or

Shirdi Sai Mandir, Scarborough, Canada
Devotees are invited to attend and participate in Shirdi Sai Baba Murthi Pratishta Mahotsav during the auspicious days of Navratri from Friday, Sep 29th until Monday, Oct 2nd - Vijaya Dashami, Baba's Maha Samadhi day. Pranapratistha ceremonies will be conducted on Shirdi Sai Baba's life-like Murthi across four days to the accompaniment of sacred Vedic rites, Bhajans, Naam Sankirtan and Satcharita Prayan. Garba, Dandia and other cultural activities are also planned during all days of Mahotsav. Please mark your calendars and do not miss this rare opportunity to receive Baba's Grace and be immersed in Divine Bliss. For details please visit or send an email to or call 647-444-4724.

Shirdi Sai Mahasamadhi and Dassera celebration in Sydney, Australia
Shree Shirdi Sai Sansthan Sydney invites you with family and friends to join Dusserah and Baba's Punyatithi (Mahasamadhi) day on 24th, 30th September and 1st, 2nd October 2006 at 420 Liverpool Road, Strathfield South, NSW 2136, Australia. For detailed programme or Sansthan's activities, please contact Sansthan Info-Line at 0500 524 724.

Sai Satsang, New Jersey, USA
Shirdi Sai Dham, Inc regularly conducts Sai bhajans followed by Aarti and Prasad on every 1st Saturday of each month at Durga Mandir, Kendall Park, New Jersey. All are requested to kindly come and receive Baba's blessings. For more information, please call us at 609-275-1334 or visit or email us at

Shirdi Sai parivar, Vancouver, Canada
Shirdi Sai parivar in Vancouver invites you all for Sai satsang on Thursday from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm and first Sunday of every month from 11:30 am to 1 pm, at 8571, 118A St, Delta, V4C 6L2. For further details contact (604)592 4182 or email at

Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Dattatreya Mandir Seventh Anniversary celebrations
Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Dattatreya Mandir invites you to the Seventh Anniversary celebrations Akhanda Sai Nama Sapthaha and daily Anna Prasada from September 3rd to 10th, 2006 at Sai Snehadhama Vrudhasrhama premises, Metipalya Village, Tavarekere, Sondekoppa Road, Bangalore South Taluk. Please call 080 57744468 in Bangalore, India for more details.



Sri Saibaba's Mahasamadhi(Punyathithi) celebrations take place all over the world during Vijayadasami. The festival dates in Shirdi are from October 1st to 4th 2006. Please share your activities with other devotees by writing to Sai Vichaar for publication.

The "Question of the week" for this week is suggested by devotee Radhakrishna as follows,

Q. Baba being personification of Brahman said that Maya was bothering Him and that it was very difficult even for Him to get out of its clutches. Why did He say so?

Humbly Yours,
The Editor



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