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 Thursday , August 31, 2006 :: Volume 9, Issue 16
 (In its nineth year of publication.)

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FEATURE OF THE WEEK: Take the Key from Sai!

Hazrat Babajan is one of the greatest women saints of India. It is probably sad that not much mention is made about this great soul who lived about the time Sainath shone in Shirdi. Meher Baba, another realized soul of our times, reveres Sai Baba as the perfect master. Shakthi Path is the transfer of power from Guru to the disciple. Scriptures say that this transfer is manifested by a remarkable physical, emotional, and spiritual experience that changes the life of the disciple once and for all. Let us see one such experience that Meher Baba had with Sadguru Sainath of Shirdi; Babajan (Hazrat Babajan) often repeated to Merwan (Meher Baba) "My son, the treasure which you seek and the key to that treasure are not with me! I am not the one to give it to you. The treasure is yours -- it is for you alone -- there is no doubt about that, the treasure is yours! But my son, you must have the key ... You must take the key!" Babajan would always speak about this in a cryptic fashion -- it seemed unclear what she meant. Then one night she spoke in a very clear manner, "the treasure is yours to have now! The key is there; go to Shirdi, my son. There is a Sai -- a holy one there ... Go and see the Sai. See if he will give you the key now ... Take the key from Sai!"

After a difficult journey to Shirdi, the villagers there refused to allow Merwan to see Sai Baba. Merwan spent the night under a tree and the following day Sai Baba sent for Merwan. Sai Baba was then seventy-seven years old, white-bearded with a head of snow-white hair, dressed in a white kafni gown. Khodu, an accomplice that was with Merwan, nervously walked up and bowed at Sai Baba's feet and when he did, the old fakir slapped him on the back so hard that it knocked the breath out of him!

Khodu was startled, and then Sai Baba inquired, "Who is your friend? What does he want?". Khodu replied, "His name is Merwan ... Merwan Sheriar Irani; he is very devotional and eagerly desires your darshan, holy one. Babajan, in Poona, has told us about you, Sai". The old fakir's eyes were aflame. "Oh, no!" Sai Baba suddenly cried. "No, I won't ... I won't allow him to see me! I won't let him come!" The old fakir's eyes then gazed upon Khodu and he said, "Give me all your money, all of it!" Khodu did, then Sai Baba said, "Now go and tell your friend I won't see him, he cannot come to me!" Khodu left and reported to Merwan, who shook his head and said, "No!" Let us just wait. I must see him and I will." Later, Sai Baba was on his way after performing his lendi in a field with a large procession following, a band playing and the atmosphere very joyful though at the same time solemn with reverence. Contrary to what Khodu had said, Sai Baba now appeared to be in very good mood. As Sai Baba was about to pass him, Merwan stretched himself full length on the ground in front of his feet. Seeing him in the shashtang namaskar -- bowing at full length to the Master's feet -- in a deep, deep voice as if rising from the very depths of the ocean, Sai Baba uttered one majestic word, the Mohammedan name for Lord Vishnu, "Parvardigar!" -- meaning God-The-Almighty-Susutainer! Sai Baba's eyes were lustrous with universes shining out of them as he conveyed this holy word! The old fakir's lustrous eyes were sending a message to Merwan but to the ignorant, his word was inexplicable. For at the instant when Sai Baba had spoken, Merwan had become all-powerful -- Sai Baba had given him infinite power!

(The contents of the above passage were taken from the stories from the life of Avatar Meher Baba)


CONTRIBUTED ARTICLE: Ek Shyam Shri Sai Ke Naam - in Shawnee, Kansas!

August 26th 2006, 6:00 pm, the Hindu Temple and Cultural Center in Kansas was filled to capacity. The vibrations in the air started to fill in as the audience eagerly waited for Pt. Ajitkumar Kadkade, the renowned classical and devotional signer to begin the evening program. The atmosphere started to kindle with subtle presence of devotion, peace and calm. Shri Sai looked elegant in Dwarkamayi portrait reminding His words, " This portrait will live after me". "Ek Shaam Shri Sai Ke Naam" (an evening with Shirdi Sai Baba), a program co-ordinated by Shirdi Sai Baba Sanstha in Chicago and was a spellbound moment with Pt Kadkade at his best on the renditions of classical folk and bhakti geets. The 'jugalbandi' of tabla and harmonium added to the charm lighted by Pt. Kadkade. This was the most enticing moment for everyone present as Maa Saraswati through Pt. Kadkade melodious voice sang praises for the SadGuru. Devotees felt the vibrations when everyone present, chanted "Sai Ram" in chorus. After the program, the artists were felicitated by the local dignitaries followed by distribution of Mahaprasad.

(Contributed by Ravi Mehra)

CONTRIBUTED ARTICLE: Ek Sham Sai Kay Nam - in Boston, MA!

It was an evening filled with soulful and joyous rendition of Shirdi Sai Baba bhajans at Sadhu Vaswani Center in Dracut, MA (a Boston suburb) on August 27th, 2006. Pandit Ajit Kadkade who is a renowned Indian classical singer from Maharashtra performed and was accompanied by Prakash Vagal on the harmonium and Rohidas Parab on the tabla. Despite the continuous rain, the hall was packed and Sai devotees gathered in large numbers to hear and sing along reveling in the participative mode. Everyone seemed to emanate cries for Sai to bestow peace as the evening progressed, forgetting the worldly touch points for the moment. The bhajan - 'Fakir Mera Kitna Dayalu Hai' from Ajitji's new album - 'Sri Sai Mangalam' created a divine aura and everyone was spellbound. In between Ajitji brought out the value of hard work, faith and patience as it related to his relationship with his guruji - Pandit Jitendra Abhisekhi through the journey of the musical education for 12 years. The chanting and singing the praise and glory of Sai Baba went on for three hours followed by Aarti at the end. After the Aarti, everyone had Prasadam before concluding the evening. Everyone left with a deep sense of fulfillment and looking forward to the next such opportunity. All the volunteers did an excellent job in organizing the event efficiently.

(Contributed by Sameer Singhal)



Sai devotee
I am writing this to thank Baba because I had said that if he helps me and blesses me with a baby I would write about it in Sai Vichaar. So now I am seven weeks pregnant and hope that Sai blesses me with a healthy and happy baby. Thank you very much Sai. We love You very much.

Baba I want to thank you for securing a good job for my brother and father. Please bless us and be always with us.

Dear Baba, Thank you very much for the offer! I know this is all your work. I never thought about moving this fast up or didn't even know this will happen in my life.

Baba with your blessings I had delivered a healthy child. She was born on the auspicious Gurupoornima day and that is a true sign that you were with me. Thanks for being there with me through my pregnancy and blessing me with a beautiful child. Take care of my family and everyone and give good health.

A Sai devotee
I am a bit confused about this article where it says, "Only a few will remain" even though many will crowd around Saibaba. This seems to imply that not all will benefit from Saibaba? That's somewhat contradictory to the belief that if you look to Sai, he will look to you no matter what and no matter who you are. It's a bit discouraging too to think that only a few blessed souls will benefit from Saibaba. Please provide the true, deeper meaning of this article if possible.

Namaskaram Baba. On Vinayaka Chavithi day I lost my gold necklace. I checked for my gold necklace but it was not there. I prayed Baba and next second I found my necklace as per my promise I am writing this incident in Sai Vichaar. Many Thanks Baba, please shower your blessings on all of your Sai devotees Baba.



Dear Baba, You know what's going on with me. I am so desperate to get a job to support my family financially. Please forgive me if my prayers are not sincere. Please Baba, get me a decent job as soon as possible so that we can lead a financially independent life.

Bless my sister to have happy married life. I am going through confusions. Please guide in right path which you feel right Deva.

Sainath, You know what we have been going through for the last 4 months. Why are You not responding to our prayers Baba. Please help my husband in getting a good job soon. Please help my brother in making correct decision in his career move.

Lately my brother seems to be in trouble but he never tells me any of his problems. Please help him in over coming the problems.

He is having breathing problems and is stressed mentally as well as physically. Baba I pray for the well being of my Shonu and shower your blessings on us who are childless for past 7 years which is one of the reasons for his being depressed and also see that the construction of our new flat starts immediately. I have full faith in Sainath who listens to our prayers and am sure that a day will definitely come when Baba will come and say, "Aah Beta mein teri jholi kushiyon se bhar deta hoon" . I request all devotees to pray for this childless couple.

I am stuck in a situation that desperately needs your attention. I am leaving everything to you. Please pull me out of this misery and give me mental peace and happiness.

Please help my brother to cure his son from epilepsy. My brother and his wife are going through hell because of their son. Please help Baba. Please help my brother's family to have mental peace.

Swami, please help me in getting rid of my health problems. I am going through a lot of health problems of late.The latest one which You know is really troubling me a lot. Please cure me completely from this problem so that I can have a normal life. Pranams to Baba.

Sai Ram! I am going through some midlife crisis and pray to Baba to resolve all my issues. There are so many issues and so many twists and turns and I really do not know what the outcome will be. I leave it to Baba to resolve it. I will continue to pray Baba.

Please let my daughter get pregnant and have a healthy and beautiful baby, as she has no baby till date, she was married in October 2001 and two times she had a miscarriage due to non development of baby after two to three months. She has done all tests and one test was not normal and doctor advised her to take medicine for three months which she took and after three months she was again advised to do the test and now doctor has intimated test ok and advised for going pregency. Sai Ram please help her. She is a Sai bhakt. Further my son is disturbed due to not settlement of his marriage, so Sai please arrange a good partner for him. We all request You if anything wrong has been done by us in past, please forgive us. Sai I have never experienced happiness in my entire life. It is humbly requested to please help my daughter and bless her with a baby and arrange good match for my son. Our family is Your devotee. After fulfilling my desire I along with my family shall visit Shirdi for Your darshan. Jai Sai Ram.

Sai Baba please bless us by giving good health to my parents. Both are getting old and dad refuses to wear his hearing aide whilst my mother is struggling with her back problems. She is very frail. Dad's blood pressure keeps dropping and he gets the spinning spell on and off and it is very heart-breaking that I cannot do anything. Baba please give both of them good health and always be with us. Baba, please bless my niece and nephew to settle in life and in their career. Find both of them good jobs in Canada. I will follow-up in the Sai Vichaar. Looking for a positive response.



Sai devotee
For the past five years my husband has been abusing me and treating me cheaply and insulting me. It is hard to even imagine all the suffering that I had gone through. I have even thought of ending my life so many times. Saibaba's grace on me started six months back when I first started to truly believe in Him after a friend of mine gave the "Sai Satcharithra" book to me from Shirdi, seeing my suffering she also gave me a picture of Sai Ram. From that time my life has changed. My husband's attitude towards me has slowly changed for the better. It is true that Sai Ram protects his devotees from front, back and sides. Now I live to pray to Sai Ram. He answers all our prayers immediately and is so gracious that it is so wonderful to live in His grace. In my life Sai lives with me, speaks with me, smiles and not a minute will pass without thinking about Him. Hope all people realize the love and grace of Sai Ram. The purpose of their birth will only then be fulfilled. Bow to Shri Sai, peace be to all.

I have more than couple instances, which I would like to share. I was expecting my EAD and I had to get it before the 18th of December but I was late in sending all my documents and further things got delayed. I prayed to Sainath that I would read Satcharita in less than a week so than I can get things going smoothly. But again I was not able to start the seven-day saptha of reading. But just after I prayed, I received my EAD in the same week. I did do my seven-day Saptha in January of the following year.
I was done with my previous job and was looking for a new one for over a month. I was getting little anxious, then I prayed to Sainath to help me find one and I shall share this experience with other Sai devotees through Sai Vichaar. And guess what, the obvious happened, I got a job in less than ten days. This happened four months ago, though I remembered, I somehow could not get to write but today I am more than glad that by Sai's grace, I am able share my experience.
My mother was sick a while ago, though nothing grave, she had developed severe ankle pain, which refrained her from doing her routine mundane stuff. But after she started to take Sai's udi with water, she gradually improved plus she did undergo a minor operation. But today by Sai's grace she is doing fine and back to her normal days. My friend was close to completing thesis and struggling, time being an issue factor. But my friend had also prayed to do seven day Saptha of Satcharita and I also prayed that I shall share this experience and hence he completed thesis successfully. I ask Sai to bless my friend in all the endeavors.

Varaha, Columbus
Sairam, On 12th August the much awaited Ajit Kadkade's program was scheduled in the Sri Saibaba Mandir, Columbus, Ohio and on the same day there was a big function going on at the local Hindu Temple for which preparations were being made for the last one year. As an Organizer, I was very much worried about devotee's attendance to the concert. On 11th night I prayed Baba and told him " Baba it is Your function and please bring all Your devotees or at least to capacity for the function on next day". I also told Baba that if the hall is filled with devotees to capacity, I would be submitting the miracle in Sai Vichaar. Believe it or not the function was a grand success and the hall was full with devotees including large number of devotees from Cincinnati. It is all Baba's leela.



"Do not fight with anyone, nor retaliate, nor slander anyone."-Shri Sai Baba



Q. Does Baba test his devotees?

A. by Sadashiv Kavthankar, Goa

Yes, Shri Sai Baba does. Here are two examples to show the same.

a)There was a rich gentleman who had gone to Shirdi to ask Shri Sai Baba to give him Brahma-Jnana. Shri Sai Baba made him sit there and engaged him in some other talk or affair; and thus made him forget his question for the time being. He performed an experiment of borrowing a loan of Rs 5/- by sending a boy to Nandu Marwari then to Bala grocer. Both the time the boy was unsuccessful. This experiment was repeated, again twice or thrice with the same result. Shri Sai Baba had adopted this procedure as a test for the seeker of Brahman. That gentleman had a roll or bundle of currency notes in his pocket, and if he was really earnest, he would not have sat quiet and be a mere onlooker and proved that how can one, whose mind is engrossed in wealth, progeny and prosperity, expect to know the Brahma, without removing away his attachment for the same. He had failed the test.

b)Another incidence was during the cholera -epidemic which was raging virulently in Shirdi. Somebody brought a goat to the Masjid. It was weak, old and about to die. Shri Sai Baba asked Fakir Pir Mohamad of Malegaon alias Bade Baba to behead it with one stroke, and offer it as an oblation. But he flatly refused. Then Shri Sai Baba asked Shama to kill it. Shama went to bring a knife, but stayed in the wada, and did not return soon. Then came the turn of Kakasaheb Dixit. He was a 'Good Gold' no doubt, but had to be tested. He went to the Sathe's wada and returned with a knife and was ready to kill it. When the hand was just about to come down Shri Sai Baba said, "Stop, How cruel you are. Being a Brahmin you are killing a goat?" Upon which Kakasaheb said, "We do not want to reason or discuss things, but implicit and prompt compliance with Guru's orders, is our Duty and Dharma". He had passed the test of being a best disciple.

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