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 Thursday , August 03, 2006 :: Volume 9, Issue 12
 (In its nineth year of publication.)

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The yogic powers of Sadguru Sai Baba of Shirdi are well known. However, no one knows the depth and extent to which Sai Baba was versed with the powers. He seemed to possess all and He seemed to exhibit them whenever necessary without much ado.

It is said that 'Siddhis' or the supernatural powers stand with folded hands at the door of those who established mastery over their senses, conquered his/her "prana", singularly devoted to the Lord and whose conscious is ever with oneself. Yoga-Sutras classify Siddhis into three categories depending on their magnanimity. There are altogether twenty three siddhis belonging to these three categories, great, medium, and minor. The eight great Siddhis include Anima (ability to reduce one's form to the level of an atom), Mahima (ability to make the body heavy), Laghima (ability to make the body light), Prapti (ability to acquire objects of sense pertaining to the respective organs), Prakashya (ability to see and know invisible things), Ishita (ability to stimulate other creatures and bodies), Vashita (ability to have supremacy over senses), and Yatkamastadavasyathi (the power to obtain joys of all the world by mere willing. This leads to the state of highest bliss through ending all desires). It is very rare that a great soul would possess all these eight siddhis.

Sai Baba had all the above-mentioned siddhis and more. Sometimes His actions were a combination of two or more siddhis that went beyond the normal nomenclature provided in the Yoga literature. Sai Baba used these powers only when necessary as if to conform to a higher cosmic order that humans did not understand. Sometimes He manifested Himself at a place to attend to the calls of His devotees while at other times He exercised from a distance His will to control the happenings in the lives of those who had faith in His supreme. Mrs. Manager, a Parsee devotee of Bombay who had visited Sai Baba many times during 1910-1915 noted, "One noticeable difference between Sri Sai Baba and other saints struck me. I have moved with other notable saints also. I have seen them in high Samadhi or trance condition merely forgetting their body and course effacing the narrow notion of self confined to the body; and I have seen them later getting conscious of their surroundings, knowing what is in our hearts and replying to us. However, with Sai Baba, there was this peculiar feature. He had not to go into trance to achieve anything or to reach any higher position or knowledge. He was every moment exercising a double consciousness, one actively utilizing the ego called Sri Sai Baba and dealing with other egos in temporal and spiritual affairs, and the other entirely superseding all egos and resting in the position of the Universal soul or ego. Other saints would forget their body and surroundings and their return to it. But Sri Sai Baba always was in and outside the material world. Others seemed to take pains and by efforts to trace the contents of others' minds and read their past history. But with Sai Baba this was not a matter of effort. He was in the all-knowing state always".
(Portion taken from "Shirdi Sai the Supreme" by Dr. S.P. Ruhela)



It is commonly assumed that man resorts to any kind of spiritual pursuit only during the latter part of life. Stages of life according to Hindu scriptures include balya (infancy), kaumarya (youth), grihastha (household), and vanaprastha (retirement). It is thought that vanaprastha is a stage where in, the man proceeds for a recluse in woods and spends time in search of fulfillment. Should this be the case?

Shri B.V. Hanumantha Rao in Sai Anusaranamu writes, "Time is a valuable commodity. There should be no waiting to initiate any kind of attempt for liberation. It should be done when all our senses are in right order and we have the right physical and mental condition. It is a common practice for man to wait until the earthly life is settled, and it is his tendency to procrastinate until he will be ready for the spiritual journey. In reality, such a day may not come at all. Every stage of life brings with it, its own situations that may demand one's time and attention. It is very easy to be entangled in the trap of earthly comforts, joy, sorrow, fear, and a myriad of myth. Human life can be short and no one can predict when it will end. On the other hand, leaving everything, our thoughts, deeds, and their consequences at God's disposal will bring a renewed sense of well being, happiness and fulfillment that is only perennial. Cultivating the attitude of staying immune to the earthly uncertainty will bring one close to the Lord and assure him of a fruitful spiritual realization. Living dead in such instances will in fact amount to Living in God.

(Contributed by Sai devotee)



Saibaba, Thank you so much. My husband finally got his Green Card, his case was started almost 4 years back and due to some or the other reason there were a lot of hindrance and it was getting delayed every year. I want to thank you Baba. You have always been with us and guided us. Please guide us, help us and bless us always. Thank you!

My beloved Sadguru Shri Sainath Maharaj...Koti Koti pranam..Thank you very much for your help, my son has passed in his examination because of your blessings. It is totally unbelievable how you changed my son's career, nobody can believe it. I prayed Baba to take care of my son, so I will post this item to the newsletter. Devotees! Keep faith in Baba, he is with you every moment.

I would like to share a recent experience in which Baba has cured my daughter very fast. My younger daughter who is 1 year 2 months age was suffering from loose motions for 3 days but the problem was not subsiding even though we were using the medicines prescribed by doctor. Doctor mentioned that it is because of some viral infection and that there is no immediate cure and that it may take up to 8 days for the loose motions to subside. I was afraid how my little one can go through this for 8 days and I prayed to Saibaba to cure my daughter. In less than 1 day after praying to Baba, my daughter was completely cured of loose motions. It was nothing but a Sai miracle that her problem was cured so soon. Om Sai Sree Sai Jaya Jaya Sai

Koti Pranam Saibaba. Thank you very much for making my son get good marks in Class X. We pray that you continue to shower your blessings on everyone and guide us to be a good human being throughout our life.

Sai Devotee
Dear Sai, I thank You very much for changing my husband (to leave all his bad habits). I am very much worried about my daughter's marriage. Please arrange her good alliance. Please help my son to study hard work and get good marks.

My son is an average student and he had appeared for his X Board Exam this year. I prayed to Sai that in case he gets through with distinction in his exams I shall write to this website. True to His promise, my son got through the exams with distinction. Thank you Sai for whatever You have blessed me with. May I always remember You and never forget You a morment.



Dear Baba, Koti Namaskarams to You. Last week my mother fell down on the road and she got fracture on her left leg. Please cure the same completely and bring her back to normal. Thank you very much!

Make his life nice now let him go to Aurangabad with his wife and lead a happy married life, You are anteryami, You know everything. Sai accept my prayers for him.

Baba I pray humbly before You, to aid my fried get a good job, he has been through difficult times. Give him the best Baba.

I am really tensed regarding my family problem mummy is having a severe leg pain and my sister had a miscarriage. My husband is disturbed in his work, he is having a good ability but he is little bit disturbed. Saibaba I have received a lot of blessings from your side, I know you are there besides me every time. I know everything will be fine.

Baba please shower your grace on my daughter and help her. Baba we have been looking for a match for her for the last so many years and can not understand why nothing is materializing.

Please show me a way to do something Baba you know how I am sitting alone in this house in a strange country without work.

Recently I had fracture in my foot and I am not heeling from last seven weeks and I am very worried as I have a small child. It is becoming very painful to deal with everything. Please pray for my recovery form the fracture.

Baba, please see that my mom's health is alright. Right now her blood pressure and diabetes are not in control. Baba!! please help her.

I had taken the driving test twice before but could not make it was really very scared this time when I went for the test but I did very well and passed it was only Baba's grace thank you very much my Baba.

My son was very sick last week and his fever would not come down. I immediately prayed to Baba and applied his Udi and gave some to my son to eat and soon I saw him recovering. Oh Sai please give good health to all the children on this earth

Sai devotee
Sai Baba, please take care of my sister and her busband and please solve their problem and give them a happy and normal life they are looking for. Please bless them with just one kid with normal health. Baba, You have done a lot of things I begged you. Please do this also for me. I gave courage to my sister believing in You that You would solve her problem soon.

Please Baba help my boss who is in big trouble arranging the money as his business is running in loss. As all our efforts are going waste even though working hard. Please bless us to come out of this problem. If everything goes well and You give me the permission will come to Shirdi to convey my regards to You.



I am here sharing my experience with you all. My sister is a strong devotee of Sai Baba and I also used to believe in him but was never a very staunch follower. I wanted to go to Shirdi since long but could never make it as I believe that he call us but can't go at our own will. My first visit was with my brother in law and during this visit he gave me Sai Satcharitra . I took the book but never finished it. A year passed and we made heavy loss in our business but still by his grace every thing was going on. My wife had a job so we did not feel the pinch so hard but there were loans to be cleared.
All of a sudden I remembered about the book and started reading and every thing started becoming normal. We purchased a new house and the first House Warming card I wrote in the name of Shri Sai Baba and invited him for the function. The card was sent to my sister in Mumbai to be further sent to Shirdi, which she did. On the day of the puja all my relatives were present and the pandit who was to perform the puja had set all the essential things for the puja. I had carried the newly framed photograph of Sai Baba and kept it in the new kitchen thinking that when the puja is over I will set the photo in one of the rooms. I never thought of it as my mind was in the puja preparations.
In the start of this puja, my wife and myself, have to enter the house with a kalash and coconut in our hand ( this ritual is in all hindu customs, I believe). As we were about to do so the pandit asked do you have any Gods photo in the house I said yes I just got Sai Babas frame and kept it in the Kitchen. He asked his other pandit assisting him to bring it and asked me to hold it in my hands while entering the new house for the first time. This is how Baba attended our House Warming ceremony. I never expected this to happen but Baba did bless us by attending our puja that day.

Baba always has helped us in every situation. Two months back it so happend that I suddenly discovered a lump in breast and got terrified. We went to the doctor and she said that it was a significant one and that I should have gone to her much earlier also since I had a history of cancer in our family (grand parents), I was at a greater risk. We were terrified and only thought of Baba for all the help as only He could help us come out of this situation. I started thinking of my two little kids and wept. Anyway the doctor sent me for all the test like mammogram, ultrasound etc.
Waiting for the results were even tougher. The doctor herself looked worried and insisted in getting the reports sooner from the test center. Later the same day she called us up and told that the radiologist thinks that it might only be a Benign mass and that there is nothing to worry. This brought a lot of relief into my life. Later I was sent for a surgery to remove the lump and to reconfirm everything is normal. Now after all that trauma I am back to normal by the grace of Lord Sai. So in any situation if we think of Baba with great devotion, He will be ready to help us get out of it. Thanks to Baba a lot and always help us in having great faith and devotion in You.



It is earnestness that is indispensable, the crucial factor. Sadhana is only a vessel and it must be filled to the brim with earnestness, which is but love in action. For nothing can be done without love.-Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj



Q. What does a devotee learn from Mr R B Purandhare's devotion and service to Baba?



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Q. What does a Sai devotee learn from Shri R B Purandhare's devotion and service to Saibaba?

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