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10 new wall papers added- 16th April

13 new wallpapers added 18th April Shirdi Sai -Zodiac
1 new wallpaper added 23th April - out-of-the-way: "Holy Cow"
10 new wallpapers added 24th April Shirdi Sai - Sathya Sai Baba
Hanuman Jayanthi special : Hanuman-Sai wallpaper
10 new wallpapers added 27th April Shirdi Sai - Sathya Sai Baba
10 new wallpapers added 1 may  Sathya  Sai Baba Quotes wallpapers

6 wallpapers added 1 may lotus feets
10 new wallpapers added 1 may: Sathya  Sai Baba
issued - 4 Easwaramma & Sai Baba WallPapers - 03 may
issued - 5 Jesus & Sai Baba WallPapers - 05 may