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Bhagwan landed at Chennai airport on Friday at 2.15 by a chartered flight of Paramount Airways accompanied by students.
Swamy descended and got into the waiting car and proceeded to Sundaram .

Devotees were waiting at Sundaram from 11am itself and after Swamy arrived at Sundaram , Bhajans started and Swamy gave a very good darshan from Kamalam for about 15 minutes and went in after Aaaryhi.

20th morning:

Bhagwan arrived at Yagna site at 9.00am and is expected to stay till around noon and since there are facilities provided for Swamy's interview etc it is said that he cud stay and give his discourse in evening session.

Swamy gave a full darshan and went around all sides and made his devotees so happy.

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Swami landed at the Chennai airport

Sairam Brothers and Sisters!
Swami landed at the Chennai airport and drove directly to 'Sundaram'. It was a long wait for a lot of devotees before they welcomed Swami back to Chennai after a gap of ten years (ten years ago it was Madras). Sundaram was opened on January 19 1980, completing 27 years today.

It was a hot and humid afternoon but the devotees who lined the roads would not relent; anything for a glimpse of the Divine form of Sai! Bhajans were in progress in Sundaram. I was about 30 yards (90 feet) from the Sundaram gate and as the convoy approached, the excited devotees lunged forward constricting the passage! Seva Dal and the local police did a fabulous job of controlling the zestful devotees and bringing back discipline in the ranks. Preceded by 2 pilot vans and a couple of devotees' cars, the blue Mercedes drove past lazily - enough to see Swami blessing His devotees. Seated behind the driver, Swami was looking towards us through the left-hand side window and blessing His devotees with both His hands! What a sight and what energy!

Swami's car drove into Sundaram. The bhajans were suspended. Swami was welcomed into Sundaram by children dancing on bamboo stilts to the tune of a welcome song. Swami went into the prayer hall. I do not know what happened in the prayer hall; the bhajans were reresumed. To everyone's surprise, Swami emerged on the first floor balcony, where there is a lotus shaped circular projection. He stood in the balcony, holding the railing. The radiant face of Swami's oozed energy and all His blessings were lapped up by devotees who were till then standing on their toes outside the Sundaram premises. Only the barricade could stop them. Swami gave darshan for a good 15 minutes' time. Swami ordered that 'haarathi' may be given and retired for the afternoon. But not before the Chennai devotees had a big smile on their face. They were joined by Sai brothers and sisters from other countries and from other states.

I was not present during the evening program. If someone else could write about what happened inside the prayer hall and what happened in the evening, it will be great.

Time to go for the opening session of the yagnam - it starts at 0300 hours local time.




Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba will deliver his Benedictory Address at the function organised by CHENNAI CITIZEN'S CONCLAVE on Sunday 21st January at 11.00am at Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium,
Raja Muthiah Salai, Chennai 600003


Welcome by : Thiru Venu Srinivasan, Chairman T V S Motor Co
Introduction: Sri Durai Murugan, Minsiter for Public Works, Govt of Tnadu
Audio-visual presentation; "Water- the elixir of life'
Address by : (in order)
Hon'ble Sri Shivaraj Patil, Union Home Minister
Hon'ble Lalu Prasad Yadav, Union Railway Minister
Hon'ble Dayanidhi Maran, Union Minister for I T and Telecommunicaions
His Excellency Sri S M Krishna , Governor of Maharashtra
Hon'ble Sri Vilas Rao Deshmukh, CM of Maharashtra
Hon'ble Sri Kumaraswamyu, CM of Karnataka
Hon'ble Y S Rajasekhar Reddy, CM of Andhra Pradesh
His Execellency Sri Surjit Singh Barnala, Governor of Tamilnadu
Hon'ble Sri M K Stalin, Minister for Local Admn, Govt of Tamilnaduy
Presidential Address by Hon'ble Dr M Karunanidhi, CM of Tamilnadu
Benedictory Address by Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

The invitees are requested to b at Nehru Indoor Stadium at 10am itself due to heavy security.

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Visited the ARMY venue yesterday and found the main road to the venue has been beautifully decorated with sign posts with Swamy's saying on both sides of the road.
( just like Parthi) The place is quite huge like Poorna Chandra hall but sitting arrangements are more like Whitefield. The whole area has been transformed like Parthi or Whitefield with beautiful large pictures of SWAMY and quotes. The homa Kundas are in place and the back drop in the stage is more like Whitefield with sculpted images on the wall. Apart from the hall outside open place also is available extra people with barricade enclosures for 200 people in each enclosures for special pass (perhaps) there is a metal road near the open barricade enclosures separating the hall and the enclosures( perhaps swamy can travel by car for giving darshan) We pray for that. It is going to be an event first of its kind in Chennai. The whole place full of people and sevadals in hundreds are pouring in daily. There is a beautiful house inside the venue and Bhagwan may stay there or Sundaram or in Anjali Devi's house it is speculated.

There is going to be a huge canteen like Parthi and is speculated to offer the same service at same charges.

Will keep updating.