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Sai's grace: Wonderful experience in

Puttaparthy last week..

My brother's family had visited Puttaparthy last week and he sent me this mail detailing his wonderful experience. We had excellent darshan. On 3rd morning, we went at 4.00 am, were among the first few and hence could participate in the "Omkar" program where only about 50-60 people are allowed. Although Baba does not participate in this Omkar program, it is a very thrilling experience and moreove2r it helps you to be among the first to get entry into the main darshan hall. As such we could get into the first row in the darshan hall and one Malayali volunteer, coaxed me and kishor to sit in a particular position and told us in hushed tone, swamiji will pass from here.....we waited for about an hour without going for even breakfast (whereas all our co-members in our group went for breakfast and had to be satisfied with less vantage seats) and soon Baba came exactly our way and we could have darshan from a handshaking distance. 

Earlier during the day, I was saved from a near-catastrophe, as I had left my purse in the toilet of the train. After having got down at the Prasanthi Nilayam station, just before leaving the station, I casually checked my pocket to find that my purse was missing. Instantly, I remembered, I had put it on the toilet window sill. I ran back like mad to my compartment and luckily for me, the purse was there in tact...with all my credit cards, key, driving license and cash of about Rs. 3500/- This was nothing but Baba's miracle, without doubt. In fact, I had gone to the toilet almost 45 minutes earlier and luckily I remembered to feel my pocket before the train had left the station. A few moments after I got down retrieving the purse, the train left as if it had stood there only for me! Also, we visited the museum of Sai Baba, which is very very nice to see. We watched a film on experiences of baba's devotees, where He says, I come to you in different forms. After the film, just as I came out of the auditorium along with at least 25-30 people, one volunteer from nowhere, rushed to me pulled me aside and said to me, "you must walk daily for one hour without is a must!" I was too flabbergasted to react and feebly muttered yes, nodded my head and left. Later on, it stuck me that this is a clear message from Baba Himself that I need to take, I have decided to start walking, rain permitting, immediately from now on.......

By Anantharaman

Submitted to SBOI-Group


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