Sankranthi Morning 14.Jan.09The morning saw Swami being welcomed into the Kulwant hall by the Institute Brass band followed by a regal regiment of flag bearers. Swami came in the special "golden" chair. It is a wonderful opportunity and joyous occasion when Swami arrives in that chair for it is a foot higher than the usual one. Swami took a complete round of the Kulwant hall and there was a beautiful scene in between.
The flag bearers formed a canopy of flags under which Swami passed. There was a sweet smile on His face and the scene looked so beautiful. Completing the rounds on the gents side Swami moved up the stage. All the different trophies and prizes adorned the stage. Swami seemed to be having something to covey to all. Calling Professor Anil Kumar, Swami asked him to announce. And then came the joyous news. Kumari Chaparala Sohini from the Primary school had achieved the rank #1 in the all India CBSE examinations for the year 2008. She would be honoured in the Prime Minister's gallery on the Republic Day. The girl student from the Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School was called onstage and felicitated. Swami presented her a silk saree and a trophy. She took padanamaskar and expressed her gratitude to Him.
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