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Darshan at Brindavan, 3rd June -2006

Sairam Dear members of our SAI family 
its a Saturday today  the 3rd of June, on a cold and cloudy day,here at Brindavan, whitefield.
After a month of festivities on weekends beginning with MOTHER ESWARAMMA day, Buddha poornima day, Kerala youth sadhana and finally Yuva vandana by Karnataka youth, finally we don't have any special celebrations on this weekend.....[ Ofcourse any darshan of our Swami is very special  indeed] but on festival days the crowd is huge but today as we reach the ashram  at 7am as usual there is an air of excitement in the atmosphere but today there are no special decorations, the Saraswathi idol is garlanded with roses and the token lines are allowed inside, no banners below the clock in Sai Ramesh hall  the Krishna idol is decorated with flowers .
The hall is soon getting filled slowly. The front portion in the gents side is reserved for the students  as vacations have come to an end and  most of them come and occupy their places hurriedly  at around 7:30am trying to get a good seat. Soon they begin chanting the SAI GAYATHRI.... Saiiswaraya vidmahe satya devaiya dhee mahe tannah sarvah prachodayaat aom..... till about 8:10 am when the lights are switched on and chanting of OM>OM>>OM>>> begins followed by Balavinayaka ...... bhajan Swami soon comes on stage and is seated on his sofa.
Today's bhajans are sung by boy students as otherwise, here usually we hear ladies sing alternately but today only the boys get to sing.
Swami is enjoying the bhajans and in between reads a few letters he may have collected on his way from Trayee to the darshan hall.
There is not much rush today as compared to the last one month on weekends and we manage to get a fairly good darshan. The bhajans continue for about half an hour when we see Swami signal something and  a student  rushes on stage with a rose, Swami accepts it and lovingly puts it back in the students pocket and Aarti.......Aum jai jagdish hare...Swami Satya Sai Hare .... begins...... swami stands up blesses us all and slowly walks back towards his abode.......OM Shanti.. Shanti.... Shantihi ......soon the stage lights are switched off but we can still feel his presence amongst us.....  isn't it
let us hope and pray to Swami to Bless us  all by giving us Good darshan in future too.........................................SAIRAM........................sanju
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"...Swami came out in the morning at 7.55 am. Even as He walked and stood in the front He asked for the youth members who had sung yesterday. Swami had told them that He would give them an interview. "When do you want?" They had replied "any time Swami" but even in their wildest dreams, they did not expect the boon so soon...."
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