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Shirdi Sai Baba Spiritual experiences

"when i saw Sai"

He had come into my life through different means, many a times. Then, I was naive and did not know the deeper meaning hidden in them. Today when I look back I understand that all was in divine plan.

It all began years ago, my sister found her strength in Shirdi Sai. She was His ardent devotee and so I was surrounded by His books, stories, et al. Nothing of this however, stirred 'that' chord in me. Then one day He came into my house, when a friend visiting Shirdi gifted me His idol. I placed Him in my prayer room with the other God's idols. Life went on....

During one of my regular TV channel surfings I chanced upon a serial based on the life of Shirdi Sai Baba. I saw it for a few minutes and went back to surfing. After a week, again I came across the same serial, which of course I saw for a few minutes and moved on. This happened for a while and I gradually started watching the serial for longer. Finally there came a day when I became a regular viewer of the serial.

Throughout the time of the serial, I was glued to the TV. I felt as if I was receiving answers to many complex questions of life. Somehow it made perfect sense and sat well on the situations and problems in my life. Was it just a coincidence or was there something more to it? I thought the latter. Days rolled by and one evening when I was watching the serial, I felt that Baba was asking me to visit Shirdi. I ignored the call and continued with my life. Six weeks later when I was watching the serial again, I heard Baba say "I asked you to come to Shirdi and you are ignoring me." It was a wake up call for me and I decided to leave to Shirdi immediately.

I decided to visit the Sai Baba temple in town at the earliest. Couple of days later as I was stepping into the temple, I saw the flower placed on Baba fall on the ground. I thought it was a good omen and I asked Baba to make my trip to Shirdi comfortable. I then remembered what people had said very often, "only if Baba wills, can you step on the soil of Shirdi."

As the queue was moving, I was going closer to Baba. I was just near him when all of a sudden, people in front of me made way

That evening I informed my parents about my plan to visit Shirdi and they immediately said that they knew a person who could be of help in Shirdi.

Finally I was on my way to Shirdi not knowing what to expect. I was not sure why Baba had repeatedly asked me to come to Shirdi. The bus journey of over 21 hours was comfortable and I reached Shirdi.

The man known to my parents had taken care of everything, including my stay, food and VIP darshan. This I took as a welcome sign from Him, for without His will no one could step on the soil of Shirdi.

On a bright very hot day, I stepped on the soil of Shirdi and that moment will remain etched in my memory forever. Everything taken care, I went into the temple for the darshan. For those who don't know, thousands of devotees throng the temple and for a darshan you would have to wait in queue for long hours. I however had a VIP pass and so went in easily. Sai in all his splendour had adorned his throne in the temple. It is an overwhelming experience which cannot be expressed in words.

Since there is a huge crowd of devotees, you get less than two seconds to see Him from close. As the queue was moving, I was going closer to Baba. I was just near him when all of a sudden, people in front of me made way and I stood there close to Baba uninterrupted, for long. This was an unusually long period than what one usually gets. Thrilled I was that I had finally made it. With joy in my heart I left the temple premises.

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