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Prof. Anil Kumar & Sri Sathya Sai Baba

1.What is silence ?
   The usual answer is refraining from talk or simply keeping the mouth shut. This is wrong in the spiritual context.


2.Why silence?
   The regular answer is not to disturb any one .Not to contribute to noise pollution. This is wrong from the philosophical point of view.


3.Is silence necessary?
   From the outer view it is necessary for full concentration and attention and for success. This is wrong when we go deep into the subject.


4.What is the role of silence in spirituality?
   It is the fundamental requirement for any spiritual aspirant.


5.Why we talk?
   To share, to communicate, to interact, to convey, to work unitedly, to plan together, for social obligations, official responsibilities, contacts, to express ones own view point / ideology.


6.What is special in speaking to each other?
   Speech faculty is given to mankind only , failing which he reduces himself to mineral matter plant kingdom or animal kingdom.


7.What does speaking / talking / speech/  convey?
   It conveys your point of view, your likes dislikes preferences choices whims vagaries ,idiosyncrasies, ideology, message, your psychology, culture ,communication skills, language standards , decency etiquette in _expression, the value you attach to others, your humility or ego as the case may be and so on.


8.What are the evils by talking more than necessary?
   Self praise, condemnation and criticism of others, self boast, under estimation or demeaning others, gossip , vain talk , rumor mongering , lies or falsehood , vanity  etc.


9.What does Baba say about talking or speaking to each other?
   Less talk is comfortable  Excess talk makes turn mad..In telugu He says ATHI BHASHA MATHI HANI.MITHA BHASHA ATHI HAYI.
   Speak softly and sweetly.
   What we speak should not agitate others never harm anybody .It should be truth acceptable for the common good and sweet. In  Geetha from which Baba quotes frequently has these- ANUDWEGAKARAM VAAKYAM SATHYAM PREETHI HITHAMCHA.


10.What Baba said about silence with reference  to  a sadhak or aspirant?
 It is only in the depth of silence the  voice of God is heard.


11.What illustration Swami often gives on silence ?
 If you are in novice  you will not be able to hear the sounds of the footsteps of God.


12.Any story that Baba gives to follow in speaking truth without harming any one?
   A hunter was chasing a deer that escaped into the forest running across a tree under which a yogi was meditating. When the hunter asked the yogi to tell him in which direction the deer went ,the yogi told him that the Eye that saw the direction in which the deer went can't say and the tongue that can say  has not seen. This is YUKTHI or knack in expressing truth so that no one is put to harm by your truth.


13.What is SILENCE from the spiritual viewpoint?
    Withdrawal of the mind or thoughtless state, calm quiet peaceful mind balanced state of mind equanimous poised mind paves the way for the observance of SILENCE.


All religions lay much emphasis on silence for meditation and self enquiry.


15.Prasanthi-- the abode of peace can be experienced if only we preserve the state of silence as often as possible. Prasanthi is supreme peace. Innervoice is heard when the outer voice stops .It is silence.


Mind being an extrovert takes to PRAVRITHI MARGA or worldly physical view.


16. Mind --turned inward in a state of thoughtlessness , inward, takes you to heights of meditation.--- NIVRTHI MARGA.

Extrvert mind takes you to experimentation science and technology, while introvert mind is contemplative meditative .


17.Speaking is prompted by thought.
Silence is thoughtlessness.
One may be alone and silent but may be in a market full of thoughts like traffic jam. One may be in crowd yet withdrawn enjoying the benefits of silence.

Silence should lead to self enquiry.

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 Source: with kind permission of Prof. Anil Kumar (theme for the meeting in MEXICO ) / SBOI


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