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Index-Things Explained By Sai Baba

SOUND Sound is the very core of the Vedas. Sound is associated with harmony and melody and hence, the Veda has to be heard and ecstasy derived there from. It is not to be analysed, commented upon and judged. This is the reason why Veda is called Sruti. ('That which is heard'.) (V.V. - p. 1)

Sound is of three kinds. Saamaanya, Varna, and Mooka. Saamaanya the common: the sound produced by things falling, or breaking apart or fusing, all the sounds of the objective world of rain and thunder, of rivers gurgling, of volcanoes and earthquakes and the like, even the dropping of dew on a tender petal of a rose, the sailing of a feather from a bird's wing through the air. The second is the sound of the Varna, or the spoken word: this carries a specific meaning and is armed with intention, to inform, or instruct, or inspire. This is the flow of the heartbeat of one into the heart of another. The third kind is Mooka or the sound of silence. When one dives into the depth of that silence one hears oneself, the primeval Cosmic Om, Pranava, that emanates from the Prana, or  Vital Vibration that fills the Universe. To hear that very summit. It has sound, one has to approach, as near as possible, the core of one's being. That is why the Upanishad calls itself so; it urges you to go near, delve deep, dive to the very floor of the lake. Upa means 'near'; Nishad means 'sitting.' - Sai Babae

 (S.S.S. Vol. VII - p. 432
 (See-Concentration, Control, OM, Parabrahma,  Pranava, Sabda, Soham, Veda, Vision)

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