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January 11 : Today is Sports day in Puttaparthi, it was chilly morning. It was 7:45 am when Swami came like the sun light into the stadium accompanied with musical bands and riders on horse back and the dear elephant Sai gheeta. Swami came in the golf cart like car in white dress. Then the music began to play. It only stopped after Swami got on the dais. Then there was march past by the students of all the Swami's colleges. Then Swami blessed the fire for the sports day which was the specially brought and was the same one that was used at the 2004 Athens Olympics games in Greece. Then the programs began with colorful, acrobatic and daring performance by both boys and girls belonging to the Brindavan and Anantapur campuses. Then after two hours the program was finished and Swami left the stadium at 9:45 am. The program again starts at 2:30 pm in the afternoon when the students from the primary school will perform. Afternoon at 2.45 pm the programs started with children from the primary school performing dances. They were colorful and very well performed. The students from higher learning performed some daring stunts like go down the rope from nearly 100 feet and do the bungee jump backwards. It really was fun to watch. Only after the program we came to know that the Chief Guest for this occasion was Mr.Rathore (He was the Indian silver medalist at last years Olympic games in shooting which were held in Greece). So it really was a nice occasion. Even with the sun beating down on the stadium the whole place was jam packed with people.

Last year sports day glimpse!

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