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Swami’s Health.

Returning from Parthi after the wonderful Buddha Poornima celebration, so full of the Grace of His Divine Darshans on one hand and yet on the other a little painful to see Him in this physical condition. I am sure you all felt the same. I would like to share something that our Beloved Swami has revealed about His health in one of the interviews that He gave to Dr. Patel from London. When asked why His body was in this condition Swami had said that there was so much negativity in the world today that the world has reached a breaking point. So to save the world He has taken all that negativity upon Himself, on His own body. Dr. Patel then asked Swami if we devotees could do anything to make Him all-right. It is painful to see Him in this condition. Swami replied by saying that if His devotees could work towards removing negativities in themselves then He would be fine. Where are we going to find such a compassionate Bhagawan? Even in His suffering He only wants our evolvement our supreme benefit. That is love….no reason to love no season to love… like He Himself says. And He is actually living what He is preaching. So much Compassion. He is compassion personified. Dear fellow devotees…are we going to let Him suffer our follies? If we really love Him as we all claim to...then we must all take our sadhana very very seriously from this moment onwards. Let us all follow His instructions very carefully and sincerely. Let us all join hands together, helping each other on the path leading towards Him. He is always ready to shower us with His Grace for our efforts. He is there to help us every step of the way for that is the main purpose of The Avatar. Whatever He does is for our benefit only. Bhagawan has taken all our burdens upon Himself. Can we too do our bit? Are we going to waste this golden opportunity that has come our way? This period of time is going to go down in golden letters in history. We are living in the same age as the Avatar!!! The future generations are going to look up to us. Will we leave a good example to follow? Will we leave a good name for our beloved Swami? That Swami whose very life-breath is for His divine mission i.e. our transformation. Will we allow Him to shape us? Think dear fellow devotee, think. We too must think of Him just like He always thinks of us. We have only taken from Him so far, we must now think of giving back. And it is giving back what? This giving is also nothing but receiving only…in greater measure. We stand only to benefit in everyway. It’s a win-win situation. Thank-you Swami for pulling us all to You. With humble pranams at His Lotus Feet. Ritoo