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By Sri B N Narasimha Murthy

This is the transcription of the talk delivered by Sri B N Narasimha Murthy, in the divine presence of Bhagawan Baba in Prasanthi Nilayam on the 11th of Oct 2005. Sri Narasimha Murthy is the author of the fifth volume of Baba’s biography Sathyam Shivam Sundaram and is the warden of Swami’s students’ hostel in Brindavan, Bangalore.

I offer my humble and loving pranams at the lotus Feet of our Most Beloved Divine Master, our Lord, our Loving Swami.

"Avajananthi Mam Mudha
Manushim thanum ashritham
Param Bhavam Ajanantho
Mama Bhuta Maheshvaram"

Swami said this on the battlefield of Kurukshetra when He made His advent as another Poorna Avatar, Lord Sri Krishna:

“When I take recourse to the human body and come down as the Avatar, foolish men do not comprehend My real nature. They fail to recognize that I am the Lord of all beings.”

“Bhaktha hamare hum bhakthana ke
Sun arjuna pratignya meri
Jahu jahu veera paraiye bhakthanu par
Tahu tahu hoth sahai”

This is a beautiful composition of Saint Surdas and these are the words composed by Surdas and spoken by Sri Krishna Himself:

“Bhaktha hamare hum bhakthanu ke.”

Which means, “I belong to My devotees and My devotees belong to Me.”

At this point of time, I remember one such revelation of Swami. He said:

“Bhakthulu naa ku aadharam
Nenu Bhakthulu ku Adharam.”

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy speaking in the
divine presence of Bhagawan Baba

That is, “I am the support of the devotees and devotees are My support.”

That is His magnanimity. There in the words of Surdas, He goes on to assure, “I belong to My devotees and My devotees belong to Me.”

“Whenever adversities, troubles and difficulties befall My devotees, I go to rescue them.” That is the assurance given.

“Abhayam sarva bhootheybhyo dadhamyedhath twatham mama.”

In the Rama avatar, Bhagavan, our Most Beloved Swami, said this as his oath:

“I give the assurance of freedom from fear not only to men, but for all beings.”

“Sakrudeva prabhannaya thavaath meedicha uchchathey
Abhayam sarva bhootheybhyo Dadhamyethath pratham mama.”

One need not be a human. That is why we find in the Ramayana army only Sri Rama and Lakshmana were men. All the others were monkeys, bears, and even little squirrels.

“Whoever comes to me and tells me, Lord, 'I belong to you', He has to tell Me that only once and to him, I grant freedom from all misery, freedom from all sorrow, freedom from all fear.”

“I am what you think me to be” - Swami

I would like to narrate to you one such wonderful revelation to which I was a witness, a revelation made by our Bhagavan, our Lord, our Swami. This happened two years before in Brindavan when Swami was there, in the month of April. Mr. Bhuthia, the custodian of Brindavan Ashram, was complaining of a chronic headache and cold for many months. He ignored it completely and said, “My medicine is only vibhuti, Swami’s vibhuti.” When Swami came to Brindavan and was informed, He called him and told him:

“No! You go to our Super Specialty Hospital in Bangalore and get yourself checked up.”

It was my privilege to take him to the Hospital, and there in the Department of Neuro Sciences it was diagnosed that some fluid had collected around the brain and was responsible for this chronic headache. The doctors suggested immediate surgery, and when it was reported to Swami this is what ought to be done, Swami said, “Let us perform the operation tomorrow morning.”


Swami told me that morning, “Call the surgeon and all the doctors here at 3:00.” I called the surgeon who was to perform the operation and the anesthetist and other medical professionals who would help in the procedure to come at 3:00.

Swami came down at 2:00 and said, “Where are the doctors?” Immediately I again called the surgeon and other doctors and told them, “Swami is already down, please come immediately.”

They rushed over, and when they arrived, Swami was already in the interview room in Brindavan. In that beautiful interview room, you look through the window, you see the beautiful tree. That tree is of great significance for me, but I will not go into the story of that tree right now.

When the doctors came, Swami made them sit on the sofa. Swami went into the minute details of the surgery; how the surgery is done; how many days Mr. Bhuthia must stay in the Hospital. And then Swami said, “You perform the surgery tomorrow morning.” Then the doctors were offered cool drinks. They were given a royal treatment.

After the doctors went away, I was all alone with Swami. I was really overwhelmed by the love of Swami for His devotees. I just submitted to Him.

“Swami, Meeruentha care theeskontaru?”

Meaning, “Swami, how much care do You take of Your devotees?”

Swami put His finger on His chest and said:

Entha Mathramune Evaru thalichithey antha mathramey nenu.”

That is, “I am what you think Me to be.”

Such declarations by the Avatar are not made even once in millennia. We have heard the beautiful song of Saint Annamacharya who sang:

Entha Mathramune Evaru thalichithey antha mathramey neevu.

Meaning, “Whatever one thinks of You, whatever one believes You to be, You are that.”

That’s what Annamacharya said. Here Swami said, “I am what you think me to be.” He is what I think him to be for me, and for each and every one of you, He is what you think Him to be. When you believe that He is God, then He is God! He takes care of us as only God can.

And I have many such gestures of divine mercy and divine kindness to share. But in the time given to me, let me narrate only one such experience of mine, for which I should be indebted to Him, I should be grateful to Him, not only in this life, but for all lives to come.

“Sir, Swami is coming!”

This also happened in the year 2000 on Ugadi day [Telugu New Year Day], the 5th of April. That morning when I went to meet Swami, He said, “You also dance a little this morning.” All of you know what that means. He meant, “You can also speak for a few minutes this morning.” When the command comes from Swami, who are we to say no? I accepted.

What had happened was the previous night I was up very late because of the preparations and the decorations that were going on there and that morning I sat behind Swami on the stage in Brindavan. When my turn came, I tried to get up. Literally, I had to dance! I really could not get up! There was a catch in my back. I struggled to get up and spoke for some time, and after that there was the beautiful discourse from Swami.

After the Ugadi message, Swami went back to the mandir, and then later went to inaugurate the new guesthouse in Brindavan. We followed, but only with great difficulty could I walk. When I came back after the morning function and laid down for a short rest in my room, after a half an hour I found I could not get up. I was wondering what I could do?

One of my teacher friends came to my room and I explained what had happened. I requested my friend, please submit to Swami my prayer that I should not miss even a single Darshan.


Every evening I want to go for Darshan. And please pray to Swami for His prasadam. He went there and Swami heard, but Swami did not send any prasadam.

But once the news spread, many of our good friends came to my room. One of them was Sri Yadalam Gangadhar Shetty, the convener of Sri Sathya Sai Trust of Karnataka. That time my only thought was not to miss any Darshan. He came and told me the same thing had happened to him two years before and he had to rest for three months. That was too much for me! Then a doctor came and examined me and said a minimum of two weeks of bed rest was needed. That evening I could not go for Darshan. I was really feeling miserable.

The next morning I requested one of my teacher friends to again please submit to Swami my prayer and get me some prasadam. That morning he came back and said, “Sir, I reported to Swami. Swami has not given me any prasadam.” From my window I can see the window of the Trayee Brindavan where Swami resides. When I looked outside, I shed a few tears. “Swami, you are in Brindavan and I am not able to have your Darshan.”


Suddenly there was a great commotion outside and the teacher friend of mine came in and said, “Sir, Swami is coming!” I tell you, my dear brothers and sisters, I just got up and went to the door and Swami was already there at the door and Swami said:

Lecha thanuki kadhani cheppinare!

“They said you cannot get up!”

Only then did I realize that I had gotten up! Then I apologized to Swami:

Entha shrama theeskunnaru Swami?”

“How much trouble You have taken, Swami?”

I was on the first floor. Imagine Swami walking up the steps to the first floor of the hostel building. I should tell you those steps are not designed for Swami, they are designed for students, young students. You can understand what that means. Swami came in and said:

Shrama kadhu bangaru, Anandam.”

“It is not any trouble, it is Anandam, it is bliss.”

Again He said:

“Shrama kadhu bangaru, idhi prema.”

“It is not any trouble, it is My love.”

He took me inside and made me lie down on the cot and sat on a chair in front of me. He materialized vibhuti. He applied it on my back and said, “Tomorrow morning you will come for Darshan.” I was very very happy. Already I am sitting in the presence of Swami and He is saying, “You can come to Darshan tomorrow.” I wanted to take Namaskar. See this is what Swami is:

“Entha mathramuna eveari thalichite antha mathrame nenu.”

 “I am what you think me to be.”


“Your Mother is Sai Matha”

Twenty years before He had told me, “Your mother is Sai Matha.”

“Ninna thai Sai matha.”

Like a mother, when I wanted to take Namaskar, He said, “No, No! You don’t get up, you don’t bend.” He pulled the chair near to the cot, put up both Feet on the cot and asked me to put my head on those Feet. When He got up to go, I remembered the beautiful song of Thyagaraja. I cannot sing, so I just chanted the line:

“Nanu palimpu nadichi vachithivo oh prana natha.”

“Oh Lord of my life, you came all the way walking to come to my rescue.”

Swami said, “Ledu Ledu, aeroplanelu ochchanu.”

“No, I have come in an airplane.”

That’s what He said. If we think He is our mother, He is our mother. If we think He is our father, He is our father.

Annada Vasuda Bhakthida Mukthida

She can give us annam (food) and amrutham (divine Nectar) together.

If we ask for wealth, He will give us wealth.

If we ask for bhakti (devotion), He will give us bhakti, If we ask for mukthi (liberation), He will give us mukthi also.

The Most Compassionate Divine Master

Once Swami was asking some of the students, “Emi Samacharam?” All of us know He knows everything, but He wants to know what we know. “What is the news?” When all the news was exhausted, He asked me, “Emi Samacharam?” I said, “Swami on account of the penance of my parents, merit earned by my parents and your immense grace, I have come to your Lotus Feet. Bless us, Bless me so that I find the fulfillment of my life in this very life.”

 “Ee janmaluno tharinchali Swami,” I prayed.

Swami said: “Ee janmanthyamu variki enthuku kacho konali?”

“Why do you want to wait till the end of this life?


How can we offer our gratitude to such a wonderful mother, a great father, and the wisest supreme divine master? On behalf of all my brothers and sisters here, I offer a prayer:

Swami, may I feel Your presence at all times, at all places, may I enjoy the blessedness of being Your instrument, always. May I always remember that all that happens in this world is Your leela. You are in everything, You are everything. Everything goes on according to Your will. Let me accept, trust and surrender to Thy will. Jai Sai Ram.

- Heart2Heart Team

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