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Tamil New Year Celebrations

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Greetings to all the Tamil Brothers and Sisters, where ever you are, on the occasion of Tamil New year day. Puttaparthi is packed with a mixture devotees from Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Tamil New year was celebrated in the immediate presence of our beloved Lord, with utmost devotion and faith. There were bundle of plays, talks and ofcourse a short and sweet (tamilnadu centric) discourse by Swami. scroll down this page to read more...


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Speeches and Divine Discourse
April 14, 2007 - Morning

'Pancha Maha Yajnam', a skit by Tamil Nadu Balvikas

This morning Swami came out around 8am to give His divine darshan to the thousands waiting in the Kulwant hall. The hall was beautifully decorated to mark the occasion and a separate band from Tamilnadu played various devotional numbers while the students chanted Veda to welcome the Veda Purusha.

The present Judge of Madras High court gave a brilliant talk.
He remembered the day when Swami attended the function of madras citizens charter where 4 chief ministers and other union ministers gathered on a stage during the recent Ati Rudra Yagna conducted in Janurary this year… to thank Swami for the SaiGanga Project.
The speaker remembered the quote by Karunanidhi “many people asked me you don’t believe in God yet why I attended the function organized to felicitate Bhagwant Sri Sathya Sai Baba.. I said, its not important if I accept God or not.. its important if God accept me or not”.

Swami always wants His devotees to be happy and blissful . The speaker shared another incident which happened some years ago.
With Swami money doesn’t bear any significance. There was one programme conducted for about 5 days. During that programme Swami on the concluding day gave a discourse and in the discourse He said, You have been here for the past 5 days to participate in this programme setting aside your family, near and dear ones. You have come to Mother’s place. God’s place is your mother’s place. All of you who come here can stay for any number of days. It came to My notice that there was a fee of rupees 125 collected towards registration fees and other expenses. Will any body pay money to come to one’s mother’s place? No. I ask the organizers to refund the money collected as registration fees immediately before the devotees leave for their respective places.

The speaker also appreciated the free service done by Swami. He was of the view that in all of Swami’s institutions you won’t find any finance department. Both the super specialty hospitals you won’t find the Billing department.. Where as in any other hospital the first department you come across is the billing department!!
The speaker asked the parents to be more cautious of making their children into mobile ATM machines dreaming of hefty salaries and overseas jobs....
Let children become good citizens and only after that good doctors and engineers.
Swami also wants us to become good human beings.

Later another devotee (don’t remember his name) came on the dais after speaking with Swami for about 5 mins said, brought to the notice of Swami about Sathya Murthy sagar on the border of Andhra pradesh and Tamil nadu states,which runs about 29 kilometers and is in a bad shape. He said, the water in Sathya murthy sagar which is about 29 kilometers water doesn’t flow fluently. Thus there is wastage of water. We pray to you Swami please help us to repair this distance so that there is less wastage of water and let it reach the deserving.

It was 8:55 am by then. Swami slowly rose from His chair..Holding the railings He looked towards East Prasanthi and we all thought He would walk and go the bhajan hall but to all our surprise and happiness, He asked the boys to bring the mike. He preferred to stand holding the railings(like He did on Ugadi day) and gave a short and sweet discourse.

As mentioned before, the discourse was Madras centric and He left no stone unturned in praising Chennai and its citizens.
Excerpts from the discourse

Embodiments of love

Like the previous speakers said, I have given water for drinking, for cultivation to the city of Chennai... It will cost another 30 crores rupees to repair the 29 kilometer Sathya Murthy Sagar, while the government sanctioned only 1 crore rupees... Karunanidhi (the chief minister of Tamil Nadu) said Bhagwan you do this. Karunanidhi also accepted only You can do it.(there was loud applauds when Swami made the following Statement). I will repair the remaining 29 kilometers. You don’t have to depend on any one. God will take care of your needs. ITS MY DUTY…. Very soon Madras will have abundant water. Tomorrow and day after tomorrow I will send engineers to assess the situtation in Sathya Murthy Sagar. Sathya Murthy sagar has very low water supply. (keeping His hand close to His heart, Swami declared ) Sathya Sai will supply water to Sathya Murthy sagar. Tell Karunandi that Bhagwan has accepted to repair the Sathya Murthy Sagar canal.


Madras is the real capital of India. Not Delhi. No government nor institution did this task of completiting such huge water project and only SAI can do such a huge task .Water is not one’s property. Its God’s property. God created five elements and water is one among them… Now a days people are fighting among themselves for water.

This year is named as Sarvajit. What does that mean. Victory all over. In every action, be it business, agriculture, education. There will be lot of development in all fields.
Always think of God. This will protect you in all walks of life. Why fear when I am here. Its my Duty to take care of you. This is a sacred year. Be happy, blissfull with out quarrels.

Later Swami made it very clear how close Chennai is to His heart…
Chenna patnam is very close to my heart. I love Chenna patnam.. Where is Chennai and where is Puttaparthi….Who else will have that love. Nobody asked me to supply drinking water.I personally went there and felt the pain… That’s the love I share with Chenna patnam. Lead a truthful life, blissfull life and a healthy life.I bless you all… so saying Swami took His thorne after concluding His 20 mins discourse….and thus ended another new year…. And with new hopes and aspirations and ofcourse with renewed blessings from our most beloved Sai Ma….

With humble pranams at the lotus feet of our beloved Lord
Satish Naik (

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