Ati Rudra Maha Yajna At Chennai - Year 2007
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I have a son called Luke he is like most sons, wonderful, he always wanted a signet ring from me, one day 3 years ago i bought him one, he lost it some how,  last year i saw a really nice signet ring and bought it for him and gave it to him, just as mums do .
A few months went by and  he was out in a night club , and towards the end of the evening, he went to wash his hands, took his ring off, and forgot it. On the way home he realised his ring was left in the men's toilet were he washed his hands. He said there's no way for him to get the ring back, he was so upset and apologized to me , he really felt down, it was so special to him. I prayed I said Baba i know it is material but my son has his ring in a place where items don't come back. Please could you keep it safe for him and return it to him.

I said to my son , why don't you ring up the place up and see if any one has returned it , you never know a miracle could happen, so he did , no luck the ring was gone. His heart hit rock bottom. A few hours later our phone rang and the caller asked for Luke, a man picked up the ring and remembered  Luke and kept it for him that evening, well that was a  miracle, the janitor had orange overalls and contacted Luke , were he got the information of phone numbers and address and knowing my son is a complete mystery as my son met him and said, mum I don't know who he is? I have never seen him before in my life and I am so great full . I said did you thank him, he said no , the man just disappeared. I said without a doubt that  was my Sathay Sai Baba thank you Baba.  What a lovely thing to do He really cares for us all.

Submitted to SBOI by Joy