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December 2003

01 December 2003

The principles of Dharma will not change to suit the convenience of man. Dharma is immutable. Dharma persists as Dharma, then, now and forever. Of course, the practice and rules of applied Dharma might change according to changing circumstances; but even then, those practices have to be tested on the basis of the Sastras (scriptures), not on the basis of advantage.

02 December 2003

Whatever the situation in which the Avatar (Divine Incarnation) appears, there is no limitation on the Avatar's Poornathwam (Fullness of Divinity). Name and Form do not circumscribe the total fullness of the Divinity the Avatar manifests. Name and Form are the self-chosen attributes of the infinite, eternal, ever-pure Universal Consciousness.

03 December 2003

You must continuously be conscious about observing the precepts of dharma and keep examining whether you are straying away from it. Dharma today has become just a convenient excuse to derive benefits from others; not an opportunity to fulfill your duties to others. You must remember not only the rights that dharma confers, but also the duties it imposes.

04 December 2003

In this infinite world there are manifold beings. It is only Dharma (right-conduct) and Jnana(wisdom) that distinguish man from other beings. You can win the Grace of the Lord only by Dharma. Dharma induces the spirit of self-surrender. Without the mastery over the senses, feelings and emotions that is a result of the practice of Dharma, you cannot have steady faith and detachment.

05 December 2003

Just as a child is entitled to enjoy the milk from its mother and the bee is entitiled to enjoy the honey from flowers, there can be no objection to man enjoying the resources of nature. But, as a result of uncontrolled desires and reckless exploitation of natural resources, Nature is exhibiting frightening disorders in the form of natural calamities like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, droughts and floods. Man today behaves like a foolish woodcutter wielding the axe at the very branch of the tree on which he is sitting.

06 December 2003

Man is basically and essentially immortal. But yet he is afraid that he will die. He is Ananda swaroopa (Embodiment of Bliss), but he weeps and is miserable. He is Shanti swaroopa (Embodiment of Peace), yet all over the world he is burdened with anxiety. This absurd self-deception is the root of the tragedy from which the world is suffering today. The truth has to be driven in to the consciousness of man. The human being is a composite of man, beast and God, and in the inevitable struggle between the three for supremacy, you must ensure that God wins.

07 December 2003

Man is born for attaining the ocean of joy, not for sheer eating and boisterous merrymaking. Real and lasting happiness can be won only by a life led along the path of dharma. Dharma makes the inherent divinity of man shine forth; that illumination is the purpose of life. The arena of life is raised on four pillars: Dharma (righteousness), Artha (wealth), Kama (desires) and Moksha (liberation). When mankind loses two of these and struggles to stand on the remaining two - Artha and Kama, naturally anxiety and grief afflict mankind.

08 December 2003

Man has set down certain modes of behaviour in all lands and communities in order to secure orderly and smooth running of daily life. These have proved to be beneficial by centuries of practice. Since they have become a part of the code of conduct, they are also described as discipline. In every community there have appeared off and on, great personalities who shaped and burnished the codes and adapted the details to the needs of the times.

09 December 2003

Modern civilisation is based on technological advancement, but there is a higher technology, the understanding of the consciousness and the transformation of that consciousness into a source of power, through that understanding. This is Sujnana (experiential spiritual knowledge), as different from Vijnana, which is science. There is again Prajnana, which transcends even the consciousness, and takes man into the realm of the One All-Pervasive, All-Embracing Principle that is God. This is the Adhwaitha Jnana (Unitive Integral Knowledge), the culmination of the journey of the Spirit.

10 December 2003

When you wake up, feel that you are entering the stage to play the role assigned to you by the Lord; pray that you may act it well and earn His approbation. At night, when you retire to sleep, feel that you are entering the greenroom after the scene, but with the costume of your role on; for perhaps the role is not yet over and you have not yet been permitted to take the costume off. Perhaps, you have to make another entrance the next morning. Do not worry about that. Place yourself fully at His disposal; He knows; He has written the play and He knows how it will go on and how it will end; yours is but to act and retire.

11 December 2003

All men in all countries are pilgrims proceeding along the path to God. The progress of each is decided by the discipline adopted, the character formed, the ideal kept in view, the leadership chosen and the faith implanted. Just as trees and plants, birds and beasts differ from one region to another, the rituals, practices, disciplines and ideals may differ from community to community; each is good for that region and that stage of development. You cannot transplant one, from one human community to another. The atmosphere in which you have grown up is the most congenial for you.

12 December 2003

Truth and righteousness are at the root of human existence. No one should think it is difficult to adhere to truth. Righteousness (Dharma) is the root of human life. Its importance is not realised just as people looking at the fruit of a tree do not recognise its roots. People want to enjoy the fruits of life without watering the roots of Dharma which nourish the tree of life.

13 December 2003

This Sai has come in order to achieve the Supreme task of uniting the entire mankind as one family through the bond of brotherhood; of affirming and illumining the inner reality of each being in order to reveal the Divine which is the basis on which the entire cosmos rests; and of instructing all to recognise the common Divine Heritage that binds man to man, so that man can rid himself of the animal and rise to the Divine which is his goal.

14 December 2003

Sadhana (spiritual exercise) is most required to control the mind and the desires after which it runs. If you find that you are not able to succeed, do not give up the Sadhana but do it more vigourously, for it is the subject in which you did not get passing marks that requires special study, is it not? Sadhana means inner cleanliness as well as external cleanliness.

15 December 2003

The driver of a car has to be alert and more so when the road is rough and full of potholes. So too, you must know how to avoid the temptations of falsehood and how to cruise along the smooth road of truth. When in difficulty, pray for guidance and the Lord, who illumines dullness into intelligence, will reveal to you the way out of the dilemma.

16 December 2003

Truth cannot be made or marred; it is, was and will be without modification. The permanent and eternal truth of God should be the ultimate aim. You cannot hide truth for a long time. However much you may try to hide it, the truth will always come out. In fact, the Divine strength in man's heart will always be pushing him to proclaim truth.

17 December 2003

Implementing truth into action is dharma. There is no dharma higher than truth. The search for truth, the fostering of morality, these ideals are essential for the realization of the Godhead. Truth is something that is not modified by time or space. it must be the same forever unaffected and unchanged, then alone it is truth. It should not be proved false by some subsequent event or knowledge.

18 December 2003

The chief duty of man is investigation into truth. Truth can be won only through dedication and devotion, and they are dependent on the grace of God, which is showered on hearts saturated with love. Truth is more fundamental than the atom. Every atom and every star manifests the truth to those who have the eyes of wisdom. What is the special nature of man? If he too lives and dies as an animal, how can his supremacy be justified? His supremacy lies in his capacity to become aware of his truth.

19 December 2003

Speak the truth and speak it pleasantly. Just because a statement may be welcome to the listener, do not speak it out to win his approval. If speaking the truth may cause grief or pain, be silent. That is the vow of truth in ordinary life. Do not have hypocrisy or crookedness in your speech. Both unpleasant truth and pleasant untruth have to be avoided. The experience of truth alone can foster love, the truth is so all-embracing and integrating that it sees no distinction. Truth is the current and love is the bulb it has to illuminate. Through truth, you can experience love, and through love you can experience truth.

20 December 2003

There is in everyone a spark of the truth; no one can live without that spark. There is in everyone a flame of love, life becomes a dark veil without it. That spark, that flame is God, for He is the source of all truth and all love. Man seeks truth. He seeks to know the reality because his very nature is derived from God, who is truth. He seeks love to give it and share it for his nature is that of God and God is Love.

21 December 2003

The Microcosm contains in it the Macrocosm, for the microcosm and the macrocosm are the manifestations of the one Reality. The tree is contained in the seed and seed in the tree, for the seed and the tree are one and the same. While looking at the seed, you cannot see in it the tree. But in fact, the tree is contained in the seed.

22 December 2003

If you wish to understand your true nature, you must do three things: bend the body, mend the senses and end the mind. To bend the body means to cultivate humility and carry out our duties sincerely. Mending the senses calls for examining how the senses behave, whether they are tending to go astray, and correcting them and restraining them when necessary. Change and evolution are natural to mind, but the presence of the unchanging Divinity should be experienced within.

23 December 2003

The Lord is experienced as Sath-Chit-Ananda (Being-Awareness-Bliss) which is nameless and formless. When these three get associated with objects which have name or form, we have the world. The cosmos is permeated with the Divine. Even if you are unable to see it, the Divine is present in everything. All our senses function because of the consciousness, that operates in every being. Without that consciousness, man would be a creature without sensation or feeling.

24 December 2003

Birthdays of great personalities are celebrated but the ideals for which they lived are not remembered and followed. If you do not care to follow their teachings, the celebrations lose their meaning and become artificial observances. Christ taught people to love all beings and serve all with compassion. It is only by practising these ideals that one can truly celebrate his birthday. The Divinity within should be reflected in every action. The seat of Truth is in your heart. Worship means loving others with your full heart. You must live in love and lead a life of selfless service based on love. This is the right way of celebrating the birth of Christ.

25 December 2003

Jesus sanctified his body by sacrificing it for saving others. He was conscious of that supreme purpose and duty. With faith in the oneness of humanity, he stood against his opponents and critics and withstood their onslaughts. Every saint and prophet who strove to uplift the downtrodden and open the eyes of those blind to the splendour of God, was ready and willing for the ultimate sacrifice. One has to welcome trouble as it provides a chance for sacrificing everything for upholding Truth and righteousness. Regard yourselves as embodiments of Love and dedicate your lives, like Jesus did, to the service of your fellow men.

26 December 2003

Every act in daily life can be sanctified by dedicating it to God. By dedicating all thoughts to God, man can achieve peace. There is no need to wait for a suitable time for embarking on this exercise. The time is at your beck and call. Great people do not wait for a propitious time. They make time their servant.

27 December 2003

Make God the foundation of your life. Carry on your normal duties. Duty is God. Work is Worship. Spiritualize all your actions and treat whatever happens as being for your own good. Learn to experience perennial bliss by seeking union with God. Never forget God and go behind the things of the world.

28 December 2003

What is the meaning of jnana (knowledge)? It is not mere acquaintance with numerous books. Even the acquisition of information about all the objects in the world, animate and inanimate, is not knowledge. True knowledge is awareness of the relationship between the individual and the collective and their oneness.

29 December 2003

Many pray to God all over the world. They pray for the realisation of worldly desires of one kind or another. This is not the right kind of prayer. You should pray to God for His grace and love. That love is everlasting. God is Sath-Chith-Ananda (Being-Awareness-Bliss). So, pray to Him to confer that bliss on you. God's bliss is everlasting, whereas worldly pleasures are transient. Only he is a true devotee who prays for God's love and bliss.

30 December 2003

Impulses breed desire. Desires cause birth and also death. When man is devoid of desires, he need not go through birth and death. The next birth is the result of unfulfilled desires in this life and is determined by them. Those who have no trace of desire for material objects can achieve the awareness of the Atmic reality. In fact, the desire to know God, to love God and be loved by God is not a desire which binds.

31 December 2003

The Atma is present in the body of each human. One who realises and lives out the truth that the two - the atma which is everywhere and the atma within oneself - are one and the same, is a true spiritual practitioner. Whoever he may be, when he realises the truth of unity in diversity, God shall always be with him and protect him.


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