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February 2003

01 February 2003

Adore man; the adoration reaches ME. Neglect man; you neglect ME. Of what avail is it to worship the Lord and to suppress man, His counterpart? Love for God must be maifested as Love for man, and Love must express itself as Service. Through Love alone- Love acquired through sadhana, and shared with all as sadhana- can peace be attained, by the individual as well as by the nation. My Life is My Message and My Message is love. That explains why you have gathered hither in hundreds of thousands.

02 February 2003

The sages of India knew that man was fundamentally Divine. They sought to make man aware of his inner Reality and expand that spark of Divinity into Light that can illumine the individual and society in the splendour of Love. " Man should not consider that happiness consists in having houseful of children and equipped with all the amenities for comfortable living. Nor can peace be realized through wealth,power or position. Peace, indeed, is the outcome of our actions and thoughts.

03 February 2003

Our country, or any other country for that matter, can be saved today not by political manipulations or military alliances, but only through the development of the consciousness in each one, of his inherent Divinity. Instead of trying to investigate the whole universe, man should try to probe into his own inner world and removing the junk therein, should set at rest the evil urges that raise their hoods within. World peace and prosperity can be accomplished only by such explorers and pioneers.

04 February 2003

Music, a vehicle of peace, is universally popular, men, women and children of all lands are amenable to its subtle influence. Even animals and plants are susceptible to music. The Lord has said “ Madbhakthah yathra gaayanthe thathra thishtaami naradah” - where my devotees sing, there I seat myself.

05 February 2003

Comfort (sukha) is confused with peace (shanti) – comfort is taken to be the same as peace. None of the rich or well-placed or prosperous or powerful have peace. You can investigate and find out the truth of this statement. Peace is not found in the passbook or a bungalow with many rooms or a godown or an iron safe. Your whole attitude is topsy-turvy. It is as absurd as putting the cart before the horse. The physical is subordinate to the spiritual. The mind is the horse and that is neglected, not groomed for the journey.

06 February 2003

Without being at peace with yourselves, you cannot be at peace with others, And, is not peace the greatest of gifts, the most precious of possessions?” “The mere removal of hate from the heart will not ensure ananda(peace). Love too, has to be cultivated.” “Shanthi(peace) is a divine attribute. It can be attained on by those who, with patience, perseverance and forbearance, follow the sound path of spirituality.” “When man thinks good, speaks good and does good, Shanthi(peace) will ensue.

07 February 2003

Man has passed through many animal lives before he has come to earth in human form. Strains of animal nature such as cruelty, anger, greed and hatred still persist in him. Man is many animals in one, he has the jackal, the buffalo, the tiger, the elephant – all in him. He must cast off these traits from his composition. When he indulges in useless controversy on matters beyond his understanding, he is behaving like a sheep; when he jumps from one ideal to another, from one project to another, without fully involving himself in any, he is exhibiting the nature of the monkey.

08 February 2003

The six demons, Kama(Lust), Krodha(Anger), Lobha(Greed), Moha(Attachment), Mada(Pride) and Matsara(Hate), pursue you and turn you into wrong paths and make you servile, stupid and sad. Fight against them resolutely. That is the life-long war you have to wage. It is not a seven years war or a thirty years war; it may be a hundred-years’ war, if you live, a hundred years. The struggle knows no respite. This is a civil war, where vigilance alone can bring dividends.

09 February 2003

The flames of anger, pride, hatred, envy are more devastating than other fires; they arise in the mind stealthily and in spurts; they are ever demanding more and more to feed upon. How to put out these awful flames? Well, sanathana dharma has certain extinguishes tested by experience and guaranteed by Sages. They are sathya, dharma, shanti and prema. Saturate your heart with these and you are rendered fireproof. Hate breeds fear; hate is a seedbed of anxiety, scandal and falsehood. Love alone can alleviate anxiety and allay fear.

10 February 2003

There are some who condemn the six passions as enemies and advise you to eject them outright. But I will advise you to retain them as docile servants. Hate those who slight the name of the Lord. Attachment can be used to fix your heart on the Lord. Desire or kama is not a vice, for it is given the status of Purushartha, a Goal. Develop desire not for the material, the momentary; but for the deathless, the indestructible.

11 February 2003

I must warn you against two infectious diseases that are rampant in the country now: selfishness and the habit of reviling others. Investigate, examine and then you will realize the Self is better served by serving others. You will realize that there are far more useful ways of spending time, the little time that you are here in this life, than reviling others or praising them, than concerning yourselves with the faults and excellences of others. Care more earnestly for your fault, foster more carefully your own excellence.

12 February 2003

Above all, at this moment, it is urgent that everyone should inquire in the true, the pure, and the permanent. For there is at present a delusion about values. Even the leaders of peoples are hugging the false hypothesis that happiness can be achieved by means of wealth or health or property or clothing or the cultivation of skills in handicraft and manufacture! The world is full of people who suffer from insanity but who are still outside the asylums! Suddenly, when hatred envelopes a country, even ordinary sane people go mad and behave like savages.

13 February 2003

People are so busy in worldly affairs that they do not want to think for themselves since this is the era of canned food, and wants quick results. We are today witnessing the commercialisation of the ancient science of yoga. Even drugs are being used in order to obtain mystical experiences; this could be termed as ‘instant meditation’, like instant coffee. What rishis of the past achieved through lifelong penance and self-discipline can now be deemed to be redundant and mankind considers that anyone can instantly transcend into the higher realms of the spirit just by pushing a button or consuming a drug.

14 February 2003

The causes are many and complex as to why all this has happened. It is even more difficult to predict as to where all this is leading the world to. But there is no doubt that the law of cause and effect (karma thatwa) operates with the same ubiquity as the law of gravity. Nothing can escape it. Thus the wheel of cause and effect is forever revolving. The results of today are the fruits of the causes of tomorrow. Action begets action and so on endlessly. Only the Lord Himself can amend it. It is indeed impossible analyze all the various causes of the past which are resulting the happenings of today, and for the same reason to predict the happenings of tomorrow.” However, we can see that the basic tendency today of man is a search for attainment of joy and peace.

15 February 2003

The variety of knowledge has smothered the searching endeavour of the intellect and this is hindering the conquest of man’s internal foes. It is a dangerous pride, as it captivates man’s most useful servant ‘the intellect’, which, instead of being used as a tool in the hand of man, has become the master.” “An insidious disease is now rampant among most people, namely unbelief. It sets fire to the tiny shoots of faith and reduces life into cinders and ashes.” “Foolishness, egoism and sheer ignorance are the causes of the misery of man today. The eye, the ear and the tongue lead man to anxiety and malice, instead of making him the messenger of peace and harmony. Intellect is the root of pride and envy.

16 February 2003

The worst enemy of man is his ego. Many have been able to overcome the six weaknesses: anger, pride, lust, greed, hatred and attachment, but rare indeed is the hero who has demolished his ego, which has jealousy as the companion trying to dominate the mind continuously. More than ordinary men, the scholars, sages, teachers and even devout spiritual aspirants are victims of ego. It is their ego that makes them declare that they are nearest to God and the most enlightened. The ego brings wave after wave of wants and wishes. When egoism enters man, envy follows fast. Sorrow is the shadow that haunts the ego.

17 February 2003

All our ideas and inferences are but products of the period between birth and death. When the girl you married was seriously ill as a child, you did not worry since she was not 'yours'. We ourselves grow this attachment. This 'mine' and 'yours' attitude adopts colossal importance in our lives. Egoism is a thorny bush, which when planted and fostered, makes us suffer. It makes enemies even of close friends and does not allow men to work together. Grief follows ego like a shadow.

18 February 2003

Only when there is not ego, or atleast, less ego, can peace, happiness, co-operation and love flourish. Man cannot claim to be a man until this ego which urges him to destroy others is overcome by the discipline (sadhana) of service (seva). By saturating the service (seva) with love, work is offered to God; it then gets sanctified into puja. This makes it free from ego. Only by reducing his wants and overcoming jealousy and envy can man reduce his ego, since to overpower the ego is well-nigh impossible.

19 February 2003

Man is born with four facets of his egoism, which he must control and tame to win his battle, which then will determine the quality of his earthly existence. These are vanity of clan, wealth, ego of youth and that of knowledge. These are leading the world into a situation fraught with danger. Society has been broken up on the basis of religion, politics, culture and economics.

20 February 2003

Due to increase in population on earth, the conflicts are also multiplying because of vanity. The destructive capability of man is increasing along with his creative productivity. Mankind today can manufacture a vast range of worldly goods and effects in super-abundant quantities, and he can also destroy these in a flash with the hydrogen bomb. Envy and greed also emanate from the ego and have to be carefully watched and controlled. Like a tadpole's tail, the ego will fall away when you grow in wisdom. Ego must fall away; if it is cut the poor tadpole will die. So, don't worry about the ego; develop wisdom. Jealousy and anger are the twins born of egoism.

21 February 2003

Criticizing others, finding fault with them - all this comes out of egoism. Search for your own faults instead. Do not judge others as inferior because they do not participate in bhajans. You can be very wrong in your estimate of a person's spiritual development by mere externals. Inner purity cannot express itself through pompous show.

22 February 2003

Carry on your legitimate duties, discharge your obligation, but do not allow attachment to grow. Discriminate before you develop attachment. If you have attachment towards wife and children, land and buildings, bank accounts and balances, when these decline you will come to grief. Develop attachment towards the Universal, and you too, will grow in love and splendour. Cultivate love, not delusion. Love your wife and children and do your duty towards them as a husband and a father. But always hold on to true values. Do not lose your sense of proportion.

23 February 2003

It is to be noted that from birth to death, man is the slave of urges and hesitations. Man must examine these and rely more and more on those that lead him towards subjective joy rather than objective pleasure. Man should not consider that happiness consists in having a houseful of children and equipped with all gadgets for comfortable living. Nor can peace by realized through wealth, power or position. Subjective joy can be acquired by harmony at home, mutual co-operation among the members of the family and the community.

24 February 2003

The ego brings wave after wave of wants and wishes before your attention, and tempts you to attempt to gain them. It is a never-ending circle. So try to reduce your wants and expand the range of your love in order to be free from the coils of your ego. Living involves many confrontations, companionships, separations, conflicts and neglects. We have to give up both the types of contacts - the repugnant and the pleasant, the viyoga and the samyoga. Attach yourself to God, the delusion of the world will automatically fall off.

25 February 2003

There is a thief that lurks in the inner consciousness of man, always planning to rob him of the Gems of Wisdom, that is desire(kama). When man is able to fulfill his desire, the accomplice of desire, greed (lobha) steps out and encourages us to desire some more objects. When what man wants is not gained, another accomplice anger (krodha) steps out and prods us to hate and blame those whom we suspect were the cause of our failure. One attack of anger exhausts after three months of health. Man should conquer anger by means of fortitude and conquer hatred by means of love. Do not feed anger with retaliation and do not feed hatred with fury.

26 February 2003

How can man get over the dangerous pests of jealousy and hatred ? This is possible when you make all the sense organs function in unison. When mind conceives a thought, all the organs are co-ordinating to get the thought executed. If senses would not follow thoughts, life will become miserable. When there is forbearance, all organs co-ordinate harmoniously and work in unison.

27 February 2003

By using your intelligence, you can dig out precious gems of wisdom buried deep within your hearts. The very first obstacle that you will encounter in the effort will be your ego. Next, desires are the loose rocks which need to be excavated. After that you will come to a bed of sand, i.e. good thoughts, good words and good deeds. It is the ego which brings about the fall of man usually.

28 February 2003

The divinity you have as the core of your being, you ignore; at the same time, you seek it in others. That is the tragedy. You insult yourself by feeling helpless, weak and inferior, cowardice and self-condemnation, these do not become a spark of the Divine flame. Once the ego is suppressed, that very moment two consequences follow : Freedom from grief and Freedom from joy. To achieve this great consummation, you must take one step after another. Good deeds like puja, japam, dhyana, the observance of vows etc; are steps; good thoughts like prayer for greater discrimination, more chance to help others - also help. Slowly, steadily, cleanse the mind; sharpen the intellect; purify the senses and win grace.


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