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Dasara - Veda Saptah Maha Yajnam Day 1 Images
September 26, 2006

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Sai GAYATHRI adorned for the occasion

Swami arrives

Swami with Ritwiks

Swami distributing clothes to Ritwiks

The procession to the Yajna sthalam led by the kalasham

mangala vadayam leading the procession

students circumbulating the mandir while chanting the vedam

students circumambulating the mandir while singing the bhajans

Swami arrives at Poorna chandra audotorium - place of Yagna

Swami blessing the Arani for generating the fire

Fire being generated

The fire generated is used to lit the homa kunda

The homa kunda lit

offering into the homa kunda

Paranayam of various holy texts

Surya namaskaram in presence of Sai Baba

view of the stage

Ghee being offered into homa kunda

A rose adorns the Divine Lotus feet
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Om sairam to the Sai Family,
Hope this email finds all of you in good health and happiness by the grace of our beloved Lord. The Dasara celebrations are in full swing combined with the Grama Seva by Swamy’ students. The Grama Seva started Yesterday 26th September after the Divine darshan and guidance. About 50 trucks (407s as we call in India) were readied and all the trucks were connected with a wireless radio set with a control room in the ashram to monitor the happenings and ofcourse, Swamy taking keen interest and concern for minutest things for this stupendous DOOR DELIVERY seva which is unique and only ONE of its kind any where in the world.
Yesterday, morning the seva started with students going to the streets of Puttaparthi town. There was bit confusion especially in Chitravathi road,as people were rushing towards the trucks stretching their hands less for food, more for sarees.
In the afternoon of 26th September Swamy drove towards the new indoor stadium construction site to monitor the developments. The 120 days project is shaping pretty well and there are 40 days more to finish the stadium which is estimated to cost 11 crores rupees which will have tennis court, shettle, badminton, basket ball and also running tracks with a seating capacity of 5000 people. There are also reports that the first match will be played by the Indian tennis starts, Mahesh Bhupathi, Leandor Paes and not to forget the teen sensation Sania Mirza.
On the way to ashram, 100s of devotees were waiting along the road side to see Swamy as there is a good chance for all of us to see Swamy when He comes outside. He seemed to be very expressive and was looking towards His left side more. I ran with His car from the stadium site till Ganesh Gate a 2 km distance, having a great darshan and few eye-to-eye contacts and one Abhaya Hasta….
Swamy’s car was now near the Planatorium and our Sai Geetha who now-a-days is living in a temporary house behind Planatorium came on the road and when she saw Swamy, ran upto the car and the car almost came to an hault as she said NO for the car to move forward. If the driver’s window was open, she would have snatched the ignition key with her long trunk. Swamy who was sitting on the far side, had to pacify her and let the car move forward.. As all this was going on, we devotees had a great chance to witness this DIVINE ROMANCE…. which we have seen many times during darshans but its very special when you witness this from so close.
As the car moved forward, the devotees started their jogging. There was one more boy running with me and he seemed more desperate than me and with a letter. The security boys were equally desperate to avoid him from getting closer to Swamy’s car but he didn’t give up. There were tears in his eyes and any one seeing him would just melt like ice and our compassionate Swamy is no exception.I too prayed Swamy to answer his request and atlast the boy was noticed by Swamy as the car approached the arch just before the general hospital and exactly before the general hospital gate, Swamy signaled the driver to stop the car and as the window glass rolled down, the boy with tears and loud cry handed over the letter to Swamy. There were tears in every one’s eyes,how comapassionate you are Swamy!!!!.. NO SEASON FOR LOVE… NO REASON FOR LOVE… NO PARTICULAR PLACE FOR SHOWERING YOUR LOVE….. All these days we thought we can hand over the letter only in darshan halls but Swamy always has His bag of suprises, and this is one of them….. That’s why you are loved by millions Swamy…
This morning (27th September) Swamy’s van with goodies came to my village (brahmanapalli thanda), (the photos will be posted later).
27th September
In the afternoon, Swamy came to Kulwanth hall around 4pm as thousands were gathered. Swamy made a full round towards the gents side and later Swamy walked to the interview as He was helped by two boys.
At around 4:30 Swamy came back on the dias and asked Mr.Giri, the former vice chancellor of Swamy’s university to address the audience and it was 5pm by the time he finished his talk and just as we thought, the bhajans will commence, Swamy signals the boys to bring His discourse table…. Another Surprise!!!!!! Sweet surprise and there were no words to express our happiness.. Swamy slowly raised from His chair as the two boys hold His BODY….. Swamy adjusts the two tiny mikes…. Adjusts His voice and the world’s sweetest voice with much more sweeter smile is heard…….
Swamy’s discourse was mainly based on giving up bodily attraction and realizing the Atma…. Swamy said, we shouldn’ have narrow mind… have a broad mind. We shouldn’t have a physical heart, which needs a surgery one day or other.. have a heart full of love… you will be true human…
Boys, you think Swamy’s words are very simple.. BUT… IT’S THE ESSENCE OF ALL THE VEDAS AND SHASTRAS…Every human being should be humble…have good thoughts… Be DESIRELESS… then only you are a true human.. With out desire is MANAVA.. (Human). Too MANY DESIRES ARE VERY DANGEROUS… less luggage more comfort.. Never have any unnecessary desires.. you will be wasting time that way.. one who waste times is not Human at all.. TIME IS GOD. don’t waste time.. you say SO HAM…Know the reality…..
Commenting on News papers Swamy said “Today all the news papers are full of nuisance.. today you don’t feel like reading the newspapers”.
for what are the festivals celebrated. Its is to know God.. today even muslims are celebrating festival (Holy month of Ramzan has started) Mathamu lanniyu cheri Manchine Bodinche All the religions teach good. No religion teaches bad. When the Mathi (mind) is fault, the Mathamu religion is also bad.
Students, don’t waste time.. time is precious and sacred. Make use of time and experience the happiness. Human being is full of bliss. Remain happy always. Never be indifferent to others. Happiness is union with God. Always KEEP SMILING.. In any circumstances don’t stop smiling. Even during you r exams.
Iam always smiling and happy. The more enthusiastic you are the inner divinity will manifest. For all the things happiness is very important.. why do you worry? Its God who takes care of you.. If you study well… you will be successful. Work for upliftment of country. Dasara festival is celebrated to fill happiness amongst you.
You are NARA….(human) understand your true qualities.. have good company, and you will have detatachment and ultimately you will have mukti. Be in good company. Say good bye to bad company. Be happy always. Always say Namaskar to every one.Its not a mistake to do namaskar. Do namaskar even to your enemy. Say how are you Brother? Then he will also say, How are you brother? Never run away from your enemy if you come across him. Where there is love, there is peace. Once there is peace there is Dharma. Then comes truth. Truth is one not two. Speak truth. Follow dharma and remain in Peace.Love is God, God is love, Live in Love.
Embodiments of Love, I always address you as embodiments of love,.. because Iam full of love.. LOVE IS MY PROPERTY….I distribute that LOVE to every one.. I have no trace of selfishness. IAM SELF LESS… I never critise others, neither Do I hate any body.
Later Swamy sang Prema mudita manase kaho bhajan, after singing the first line, Swamy pushed the mikes down, signaling that He is going to sit and continue the bhajan. Thus came to an end of another 1 hour discourse, Full of ATMA GNANA… from GOD Himself…
Swamy later commanded to distribute apples as prasad to every one. About 9 bhajans were sung before the arathi was given to Swamy at 6pm. Swamy got up from His chair and walked to the car. As the car was facing east Prasanthi, all the devotees had a good view of Swamy, as the wheel chair took Swamy into the car.. Thus ended another memorable day in my Prasanthi Diary.Thank you Swamy for this divine boon.. You are so Sweet….Jai Sai Ram
satish Naik


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