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Dasara Aayudha Puja, Veda Purusha Sapthaha Jnana Yajna Day 6 Images, 1st October 2006  -
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October 1, 2006 

This morning Bhagawan sat onstage for a while after His darshan round at 8.50 am. Then He Blessed the Prasadam and the students circled the Mandir, leaving for Grama Seva. Bhagawan went into the interview room and emerged some time later in His chair. After going down the length of the Mandir Verandah, Swami turned and went towards the ladies' side. Taking a full round of the ladies' side and returning via the ramp at the centre of the stage, Swami went back to the interview room. At around 10 o'clock He proceeded to the Yagnam stage at the Poornachandra. Aarathi was offered at His behest and He returned to His abode at around 10.30 am.

Today's Grama Seva touched villages in Puttaparthi, Kothacheruvu and Bukkapatnam mandals.

In the evening, Bhagawan came to the Sai Kulwant Hall at around 3.45 pm and went into the interview room after His darshan round. At 4.15, He walked onstage and sat there to the applause of the packed Sai Kulwant Hall. In a few minutes, He called up a Research Scholar, Sanjay Mahalingam, and asked him to speak. Sanjay spoke on the nature of Vairagya, and on 'Rama Tatwa' as Bhagawan had instructed him. After 20 minutes, he asked Swami's permission to conclude, but Swami asked him to continue! So, he spoke for another 20 minutes on the nature of Sthitaprajnas or those with steady minds. Next, Swami asked Dr. Ravi Kumar, lecturer in Chemistry at Brindavan, to speak. He spoke movingly about the deep devotion his father had, and about all that Bhagawan had done for them. At the end of these two speeches, Bhagawan delivered His Divine Message at 5.25 pm.

Swami's Discourse mainly dwelt on the Rama story, and the ideals of behaviour enshrined therein. He concluded at 6.15 with the bhajan 'Rama Rama Rama Sita' and thereafter asked the students to sing - they sang the first few stanzas of the Rama Katha till Swami asked for the Arati at 6.30 and retired to His residence. - Source: Prasanthi Bulletin
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