vibhutiabishekm vibhutiabishekm
vibhutiabishekm vibhutiabishekm vibhutiabishekm

                   "Holding beholding Vibhuti Wonder"                 

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Baba sometimes performs Consecration or ceremonial bath for the silver figure of His "previous body" which is kept at the temple. A small wooden pot, artistically carved and painted, is filled with Vibhuti for this purpose. Holding it overturned above the image, Baba puts His Hand into the vessel in order to ensure an even flow of Sacred Ash. By contact with His Hand, the flow of Vibhuti continues long after the quantity originally produced is exhausted. Twirl after twirl brings down fresh showers of Vibhuti from the receptacle until the image is emerged in the fragrant powder, and the Ash mounts to unexpected heights. Finally Baba puts the wooden pot away, out of sheer physical exhaustion, so to say!
Written by N. Kasturi M.A., B.L.