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Wedding Celebrations

Om Sairam to most beloved Sai Family
19th April 2007, The much awaited wedding of R.V.Janikaramaiah (Swami’s brother)’s grand daughter’s wedding was a grand success and thanks to Swami for His Physical presence and the family worked hard to accommodate the vast invitees and devotees..

It was indeed a great day for all the devotees, the family members of Swami and to the blessed few who could make it to the wedding… I have no idea as where to start today’s story as its filled with Sai love and also His surprise gift.
Being a video grapher for Prof.Anil Kumar’s Sunday talks for over 2 years now.. I thought why not try to film the Family wedding scheduled on 19th. With lots of hopes and aspirations, I approached the family and by Swami’s grace got t got the nod from the family to film the proceedings… My happiness knew no bounds and I know its not a SMALL wedding.. the lord of the lords will make a physical presence to bless His (read as His body’s) brother’s grand daughter who is also His grand daughter… and filming weddings is a not a small thing especially Indian style weddings which are lengthy and customary..

As the wedding day got closer and closer my curiosity was mounting.. I was very excited.. and also tense.. When will Swami come.. Will I cover the wedding properly? Will I get a chance to speak to Him? Bla.. bla..

Last night I couldn’t sleep and I woke up as early as 3am and was sitting on my bed praying to Swami to bless this special day for the couple and also to me who is doing a maiden entry into filming marriages..

I know its all Swami’s grace.. The wedding started in R.V.Janaki Ramayya Kalyana Mandapam at 8am and the Tali ceremony was also over at 9:05am and all eyes were gazed at the entrance.. all the VIPs, ministers, filmstars were in the hall and it was Swami’s turn now.. Exactly at 9:17 Swami’s car entered the premises and there was huge anxiety in all of us.. I slowly moved to the front of the stage and sat on the floor with my camcorder… I was to Swami’s side and just 4 feet away Swami’s wheel chair was landing on the floor.. My hands were shivering.. not because it was my first job but after seeing Swami.. I was wondering can this be real.. Slowly the chair landed and Swami turned to His right and looked at me.. My heart beat stopped for a while.. I slowly moved back to make way for Swami.. who got close to the 3 feet height stage where the bride and bride groom were seated..Swami signaled the newly wed couple to come down the stage.. the whole family were surrounding Swami.. Swami gently smiled at all of them.. As I was having a camcorder, I was allowed to get closer to Swami.. in no time I landed right infront of the Lotus feet, looking through my LCD screen I could see Swami so close that I didn’t even had to do atleast 2X zoom.. Many times I preferred to see Swami through my naked eyes instead of the screen..
Swami then blessed the garland.. took some turmeric rice in His hands and sprinkled over the couple..He asked them to take padanamskar and very lovingly spoke to the grand daughter and suddenly He waved His hands as if to materialize some thing.

I knew there would be at least one materiliasation as I held my breath and focused my camera at His hands..Swami materialized vibhuti and gave it to the newly wed couple..there were anxious moments in the family members.. Many were in tears.. thanking Swami for His presence in the wedding Swami blessed the couple and the bride showed her Mangala Sutra and Swami blessed the same by keeping His hand.. the g rand daughter held Swami’s hands with tears in her eyes and Swami looking at her eyes tightend the grip and that made the bride cry more.. Swami very lovingly asked her not to do so and it was just a treat to the eyes to see the Lord of the lords, cominng all the way to the wedding and playing a perfect grand pa role… after a while Swami accepted arathi from both and they had another padanamaskar. The family now came closer to Swami and Swami spoke to them very sweetly .. saying Chala Santhosam..chala santhosam (very happy)…
He then gave padanamaskar to all..
Suddenly He looked to me.. in surprise, probably asking (how come you are here?).. I was right infront of Swami’s feet I was wondering should I (touch) or shouldn’t I.. I know its very rare chance to get that close and with me.. even when I see a photo of Swami’s feet.. I see that I touch and offer my virtual prayers to the lotus feet and here Iam right infront of the Lotus feet in flesh and blood….. taking some courage(from Swami) I stretched my left hand and touched His feet and looked at Swami, who was ready for me with a Sweet smile…

Swami now signaled to go.. and the wheel chair was slowly moving towards the car.. suddenly the chair stopped as Swami was speaking to some one.. and I was now to the right side of Swami and as I looked upto Swami.. He signaled with His hand to take padanamaskar and in no time.. I touched His right lotus feet.. tears were rolling down.. I had no words to describe the compassion of our most beloved Swami…

Swami left for the ashram after staying there for 15 minutes…
With prayers and best wishes from the whole sai family to Sri Kumari and Sarath… I offer my pranams at the lotus feet of our Lord…
Jai Sai Ram

Satish Naik