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 Sai has no blemish

.... ..... You have to pay special attention to this truth, more than all else: The person who can point out any kind of blemish in Sai has not yet been born on earth, nor will he be born in the future. Individuals who can probe into the significance of the principle of Love (Prema) of which Sathya Sai is the embodiment, are, of course, very few. This principle is fully selfless, fully pure and fully holy. This principle, with Sathya Sai as its embodiment and exponent, is spreading from continent to continent. Evil- minded persons watch with envious eyes the march of this transforming Love and try to obstruct it with falsehood. They are joined by others of the same mental make-up .....

..... In truth, this Kali era is the most beneficent of the four, for you have now amidst
you the Eternal Embodiment of Ananda in a form which you can approach, adore and learn from. You are singing with Me, conversing with Me and filling your eyes, ears and hearts with My utterances and activities. This is not a mere physical body composed of the five elements. You call this my birthday. This body might have had a birthday but I have no birth. You say I am fifty-four years old but I have no age which can be counted.

The Eternal, with neither entrance nor exit.
The One who neither Was nor Is nor Will-be
The Immortal Person free from birth and death
That Ever-effulgent Atman is Sai for ever.

Adoration is rising on one side of Me like the Himalayas; denigration is accumulating on the other side as another Himalayan range. I am, however, unaffected by both ..... *

..... You have won this human body, this human life, as the reward for many lives spent in acquiring merit. You have won this chance, this unique good fortune of being able to get Darshan of Sai. Plunging deep into the waters of this tumultuous ocean of Samsar, you have heroically emerged from its depths, with this rare Pearl in your hands - the Grace of Sai. Do not allow it to slip from your clasp and fall into the depths again. Hold on firmly to it. Pray that you may have It for ever and be filled with the joy that It confers. That is the way by which you can render this life fruitful. **

- Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Source: *The Task Will Triumph SSS VolX , **Gurus· Not Teachers SSS VolIX 

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