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".....You must have that yearning, the yearning of the stone to become a diamond. You must hold the hand of the Mother and walk safe by Her side..."

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 The LORD tests to measure progress

.... When suffering comes in waves, one behind the other, be glad that the shore is near: bear them bravely; do not, like cowards, throw the blame on some outside Power or develop dislike for the Lord.

..... The *Smarana of the Self or Atma is the spring of joy; the Smarana of the Non-self or An-atma is the source of sorrow. welcome the test, because thereafter you are awarded the certificate.  It is to measure your progress that tests are imposed. So do not flinch in the face of grief. The Lord bestows a favour when He decides to test you, for He is impressed by your achievement and wants to put upon it the seal of His Approval. Rise up to the demands of the test, that is the way to please the Lord.

..... The Lord is the Aadhaara, the basis, the support; the world is the Aadheya, the supported, the superimposed. The Basis is in oneself, the nearest entity, the closest companion, the very breath and life of the individual. How then can you point to the distance when you are asked about the Lord? His Name, the Name that appeals to you, is shaped by the intimateness of feeling and its depth in so far as you are concerned.

..... All the yogas lead to one Goal: the surrender of the Self in the All-self, the Paramatma, the Parabrahmam, the merging of the river in the sea, Saranagathi. Give Me the reins; trust in Me and be directed by Me. I shall take full responsibility. Only, you must accept without demur whatever comes as Prasadam or Grace! Grief is the feet and joy the head; both are part of the same entity. You cannot welcome joy and reject grief at the same time. You cannot have the obverse without the reverse; you must take and accept the other side of the sheet of paper, along with this side .

..... You must have that yearning, the yearning of the stone to become a diamond. You must hold the hand of the Mother and walk safe by Her side. You must hold fast and not give up. Be like the infant- monkey that clings to the mother and so is guarded and guided by her superior strength and wisdom. The Lord is won by sincre agony,steady yearning. - Sri Sathya Sai Baba




Welcome The Tests SSS Vol

Prashanti Nilayam 6.3.1962

*SMARANA: reflection, picturlsation, memory, thinking again and again etc

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