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Sai Baba Experiences
We shall be reading few more experiences of devotees in today's post.

Divine Experience during Shirdi Visit
Sai Brother Nimit Ji from India says: Om Sai Ram Hetal Ji, We want to share this amazing experience of Baba's Darshan that we experienced while on our visit to Shirdi. We belong to Jaipur and visit Baba's temple regularly. During the winters of 2010, during our visit to the temple we decided that we would present a blanket for Baba's Murti in the temple. Somehow, this slipped out of our minds and we totally forgot about it.

During our visit to Shirdi in December 2011, after the Darshan at the Samadhi Mandir, we were going to visit Lakshmi Bai's house in the Chavadi Mandir area. There we saw a fakir who had a God like glow on his face. He was wearing the same dress as our dear Babaji used to wear. My wife said we must give Dakshina and I offered 50 Rs. to him. I turned back and started walking towards Lakshmi Bai's house, and then I felt someone had called me. I looked back and the saintly fakir was looking at me and motioned me to come back. I went back to him and then what he said made me feel the miracles of Baba Ji that we have so often heard. He said "Mujhey Ek Kambal khareed ke do" (Buy me a blanket). The expression that he had on his face, when he said this to me, was so calm, composed and saintly. I did not know how to react to the situation and just told him "Babaji aap in rupiyon se Kambal khareed lijiyega" (Buy blanket by this money) and continued to Lakshmi Bai's house. When on our way back from Shirdi, my wife and I discussed this whole incident and then we realized that we had promised to gift a blanket for Babaji's Murti in the temple in Jaipur. It was Babaji, who made us remember in Shirdi, what we had thought of in Jaipur. It was truly the most amazing incident of our lives and even today as I am writing this experience I have tears in my eyes. We love You, Babaji. You are the world to us and we pray You always to be with us and bless us.


Nimit Walia

Baba's Samadhi appeared me as Lord Vishnu
Sai Brother Siva Ji from USA says: Dear Hetal Ji, I am Siva, a small devotee of Baba. I would like to thank you for creating and maintaining such a great blog. May BABA bless you and your family with health, wealth and happiness. Below is a small experience of me with our beloved Baba. Kindly post it at your convenience. Please don't disclose my email address.

First of all, I pray BABA for His blessings on everyone. I had many beautiful experiences in my last visit to India. As the experiences are very long, I am writing very few experiences here. Please forgive me if you find any mistakes in this essay.

I am a devotee of Sainath Maharaj since several years. But I became close to Him from last two years, especially after reading “Shri Sai Satcharitra”. After coming to US, I was not happy because of some personal reasons. So I found solace in praying BABA. I started reading “Sai Satcharitra”. This helped me a lot in realizing how He helps His devotees. I became close to Him. I started feeling to go to Shirdi. In fact, I visited Shirdi many a times before, while I was working in PUNE. But I never touched His Samadhi, as Samadhi gates were closed every time. I visited Shirdi on week-ends. I asked Him for a chance to visit Shirdi again. One day, while reading devotees experiences, I realized BABA fulfills our wish sooner, if we offer one of our favorite food/drink to Him till our wish is fulfilled. I drink coffee very frequently and I decided to stop drinking coffee until I visit Shirdi. Somehow, my trip to India got confirmed by His grace.

I went to Shirdi with my parents in the month of May-June. We reached Shirdi safely. We visited Samadhi Mandir and Dwarakamai. We had Darshan of our Lord. I planned to stay in Shirdi during weekdays, so that I could touch Baba’s Samadhi. But, as it was vacation time, there was huge crowd in Shirdi. The gates were closed every time, when we visited Mandir. I was disappointed and tried to attend the Aarti, so that I would get a chance to touch His feet. I attended Shej Aarti two times. Both times, I could not make it to stand inside the Mandir.

One time, I had Darshan just before the Shej Aarti and gates were closed that time. Immediately, I rushed into the queue for Shej Aarti. I saw on TV that people, who were behind me earlier, were able to touch the Samadhi. I felt so bad and cried internally. I realized my bad karma was so bad and my Bhakti (devotion) was not good enough to touch His feet. I somehow consoled myself saying “The time has not come yet”. But there were some incidents during this journey like Baba’s appearance in Kopergaon and His appearance as Dog in Samadhi Mandir gave me some happiness and faith. I would like to write those experiences later, when Baba permits.

I came back to USA in July. I used to pray Him sincerely, but many doubts came into my mind like, could I make it to touch His Samadhi in this birth. Because, it's an accumulated good karma of many previous births, which led me to become His devotee. So, there is no big surprise, if one couldn't touch His feet. But after few weeks, one day morning, I had a dream like this. It was Wednesday morning in Shirdi. I visited Samadhi Mandir and there was very little rush in the temple. I stood near the Samadhi and I touched the entire Samadhi. I touched His feet too. I saw four projections on the four corners of the Baba's Samadhi. One Purohit was explaining me the four projections as Shankha, Chakra, Gadha and Padma. We see those holding by Lord Vishnu. I could remember the Shankha and Chakra on top two projections. Immediately my dream was broken. I felt very happy and felt like my bad karma, which was refraining me to touch His Samadhi was over. From Sai Satcharitra and devotees experiences, I came to know, irrespective of time and day, any dream related to Him is as real as His presence. Hence, I hope with full faith, when I get His next call to Shirdi, He will allow me to touch His feet.

Thank you.

Om Sai Rama
Baba's love

Sai Sister Llam Ji from India says: Thank you for providing a platform to share Sai grace.

I was asked to make a passport by my sister. Though my husband loves me, but he never wants me to do things like this on my own. He becomes my biggest obstacle. I was given all reasons as to why my passport would not be done. Some were true. I did not have marks card for age proof. I did not have any age proof at all. I had given my marks card in one of the firms, I had worked for. I did not have a proof of submission. The firm had shifted to a new place. I did not know address of new place. All of this happened 3 or 4 years back. So, getting my marks card was considered impossible.

One day, I was very upset. I just walked out of the house. I saw a rickshaw come to me. The man was wearing orange cloth below and had an upper cloth. I gave him the name of my firm and told him to take me there. I cannot describe the ride. For some reason, I could not take my eyes off him. His back was glistening with sweat. What I remember the most was his hands and feet, they were huge. He kept talking to himself and making some gestures to the people on the way, specially a tea seller. At that time I kept wondering if it was my Sai, but I was too scared to accept it. He took me to the firm correctly. I got down and paid him more than I was supposed to. In my heart, I asked him to pray to help me get my marks card. I did not want to turn back and see him. I wanted it to be my Sai. I entered the firm, asked for my marks card. They had saved all the marks cards in a folder. It took them maybe half an hour to locate mine and give me.

This is one of times, when He came to me. He is always there protecting and taking care of me and my family. He is like a mother, father, God, child to me. I love You Sai, please be with me forever.

Submitted to SBOI-Group by Hetal Patil Rawat