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talk given  by Dr. jumsai

Talk Given by Dr. Jumsai

“Education in Human Values”

March 28th, 2005

OM... OM... OM...

Shanti Shanti Shantihi

I offer my loving pranams at the Divine Lotus Feet of Bhagavan Baba.
Sai Ram to all of you.

(Audience) “Sai Ram! Sai Ram!”

I think that this session can be questions and answers rather than
giving a talk. So, if you have any questions or if you like to ask
anything, I will try to answer.


Question: Maybe you could talk to us about Education in Human Values,
how it influences our lives, the lives of youth, and education. Maybe
you could repeat the example about what you said in Barcelona about
children trying and trying. There was some experiment. We would like
to hear that example once again.

Answer: Education in Human Values is really the main mission of
Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. It is through this education that Swami
has said His Message will be known all over the world. It is through
this education that peace will be established in the world. In fact,
Swami has started another trust called the ‘Sri Sathya Sai Trust for
World Peace’, and education will be the main work of the new trust.

Thus, education is going to become more and more important in the
world. The reason is because children, when they go through this
system of education, are transformed. And when children are
transformed, then the teachers very quickly are also transformed
(although the teachers should first transform themselves before they
teach children!) (Laughter)

But you know, as in the Sathya Sai School in Thailand, many teachers
come from many places. They are not devotees. But then, when they
come close to the children who are full of love, they become
transformed. And when children go back home, they transform the
parents. So, in this way, the society is getting transformed. That’s
why it is very important that we work hard to set up Sathya Sai
schools as model schools in every country in the world.

Right now we have 57 Sathya Schools in 35 countries. 40% of all the
Sathya Sai schools are in Latin America. So, there is a lot of work
in Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America. We have done a lot of
research in trying to find out what is happening in all the Sathya
Sai schools in the world. And we have made several case studies of
children studying in Sathya Sai schools. Everywhere we find that
there is lot of transformation in the children. And then, it goes on
to the teachers, the parents and the society. So Swami is encouraging
all of us to continue to do this work. I just talked to Swami
yesterday and He told me, "Work hard on education." (As if I am not
working hard!) I am already working very hard. (Laughter) So He
really wants to push very hard to make sure that His education, which
is now changing quite a bit to what we call ‘Educare’, is going
around the world.


Now it is not only in the West or in the East, but where you have the
strongholds of Islam, that they are also interested in Sathya Sai
Education in Human Values. For example, in Saudi Arabia, which is the
headquarters where the religion of Islam is based.

A few years back, I was asked to go and give training to teachers in
Saudi Arabia. The organiser was actually a medical doctor who comes
from Denmark. But he is in a hospital where he treats the princes of
Saudi Arabia. So he had a lot of influence.

So he asked me to go there to give a seminar. But then, they sent me
a thick book like that. And in that thick book, it tells you what you
cannot say in Saudi Arabia. (Laughter)

They say that for a foreigner, who is not a Muslim, you cannot talk
about Islam. If you do so, your head will be cut off. (Laughter) I am
not allowed to talk about values. Because they have their own values,
and they don’t want any more values, they say.

The medical doctor said he would arrange all the visas for me to
come. But finally, they said, “we don’t need anybody to come and
train our teachers.” So, they rejected the visa application.

At that time, I was Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs in
Thailand. So I told the medical doctor, “Don’t worry. I will get my
own visa.” I went to the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia in Bangkok and
you know, diplomatically, you cannot refuse a visa for the Secretary
to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. So they gave me a visa, as well
as one to Dr. Tudo, who was my associate. We would go together to do
training in those days.

So, I contacted the doctor and told him that we were coming to give
this talk. They gave me a warning that when we go through
immigration, they will question us as to why we want to come to this
place, as it is not a tourist place and there’s nothing for us to
visit once we come. And so, we were told that like that they will
question you for a long, long time on entry.

So, I just sang the song, “Why fear when I am here?” (Laughter) And
we walked straight through immigration! Nobody saw us. (Laughter) We
were out within ten minutes. And the organisers weren’t there. They
thought we would be delayed for at least an hour. We were outside
waiting one hour before they came!

Well, finally, they came. They took us to our place where we are
going to stay. And the next morning, we had a meeting with the
leaders of education in Saudi Arabia. They were all so afraid of us
being there. They said, “You got to be so careful what you say.
Because here, you cannot say what you want to say. You have to be so

Then the teachers who were invited to come were also protesting. They
said that they will report to the religious police everything we say.
In Saudi Arabia, they have police especially for religion. They will
protect their religion. So, they need a lot of police people.

Well, again I have to sing, “Why fear when I am here?” (Laughter) "So
says Sathya Sai Baba, Sathya Sai Baba, Sathya Sai Baba, My Lord."

The next day, we had our seminar. The Muslim teachers were all there,
trying to catch any mistake that we made.

I spoke for three hours. And the Muslim teachers were in tears. They
came up to me and said, “Is this what we were against? No! This is
something that we really need for our country, for Saudi Arabia.”
They were all so happy to hear what we presented to them, which was
the essence of Sathya Sai Education.

And then in the afternoon, Dr. Tudo spoke for another three hours.
But this time, there was no problem. Everybody wanted to hear! The
miracle doctor, who is the Danish man, he was lying in the back of
the lecture hall. He was lying down because he had terminal cancer.

It was his last wish in the world that Sathya Sai Education should be
heard in Saudi Arabia. And he was in tears as well, because he was so
happy about the whole proceeding. Then two or three days after that,
he passed away.

So, you see the power of Sathya Sai Baba, getting the education,
which is His main mission, to go to every country in the world.


I would just like to tell you another story in another Muslim
country; this time in United Arab Emirates. We were invited there to
speak at an Indian school. There they don’t mind if we to talk to an
Indian school because it is for Indians only. But to make it really
official, they called the Minister of Education to come and open the
function. His name is Sheikh Nahayan. He came to open the conference
on Sathya Sai Education in Human Values for teachers.

Well, the Sheikh, I met him at the beginning, before we started the
function. He said that he is a very busy man and he has to go to
another meeting. So he would like to hear me for about 15 minutes, no
more. Then I have to stop so that he can make an exit, so he can go

So after the opening session, after everybody spoke officially, then
I was asked to speak for 15 minutes. So I went up on stage and Sheikh
Nahayan was sitting in front of me, in front of the audience. I spoke
for 15 minutes, and then I stopped and looked at the Sheikh. But the
Sheikh would not get up. He looked at me and he said, “Go on, go on,
go on...” (Laughter)

So I continued for another 15 minutes, and then I stopped and looked
at him again. (Laughter) And he would not get up but said, “Go on, go
on, go on...” (Laughter) So I had to stop for every 15 minutes, but
he would say, “Go on, go on, go on...” This went on for over three
hours! (Laughter)

Then the Sheikh asked to go on the stage, asking for the microphone.
There he announced publicly that this program was such a great
program that he wants all the teachers in United Arab Emirates to be

True to his word, three months later, I received an official
invitation from the United Arab Emirates Education Department to go
there to train the teachers. I was put up in the best hotel in the
world. (Laughter) They claim it is the best hotel in the world. And I
have never been to such a luxurious hotel in my life. (Laughter)

And then, they arranged a big meeting in the government hall. It is
really very big, and there were so many invitees and there were 1500
teachers there. 70% of all the teachers who came were Muslims. But
there were about 30% who were Americans or had come from European
countries and so on, to help in the teaching in United Arab Emirates.

So, I gave a talk and they were very happy. Since then, I had to go
back again to talk to the teachers. During the last session I had in
United Arab Emirates, not very long ago -- only about three months
ago, Sheikh Nahayan also came to listen. And again Sheikh Nahayan,
who is the Minister of Education sat there and listened to all my


You know, in my presentation I told the story about the king who had
five wives. You know the story, right? You don’t know the story?!!

There was a king who had five wives. And each wife would make a lot
of demands: “I want this, I want that.” So they were always asking
the king. And the king was afraid of his wives. He had to go and get
things for the wives, as all the five wives were all very demanding.

So the king was not happy. Thus he went to consult his cabinet
ministers. “What can I do, so that I won’t be afraid of my wives?”

But the ministers, as they were all men said, “Sorry, Sire. We cannot
advise you because we are also afraid of our wives!” (Laughter)

So they thought, “Let us try to find some man who is not afraid of
his wife in this kingdom. Then we will consult him as to why he is
not afraid, and he can tell us and advise us.”

So, the king invited all the male population to come for a big
meeting. On that day, they planned to put up a tent for those who are
afraid of their wives: Everybody who is afraid of their wife must go
to that tent. Then there was to be another tent for those who were
not afraid of their wives. In this way, the men were to be separated.
The idea was that they would go to the tent of those who are not
afraid of their wives and get advice from the men there.

So the big day came. All the male population came for the meeting,
but they all went into the tent for those who are afraid of their
wives. Nobody came into the other tent.

The king was getting very upset. “Are there no men in this country
who are not afraid of their wives?” At the last minute, one man did
come to the tent for those who are not afraid. Seeing this, the king
rushed to see that man. The king said, “Tell me your secret. How are
you not afraid of your wife?”

But the man said, “Sorry, Sire. I am also afraid of my wife.”

The king was very angry and said, “Why did you come into this tent?
You have got to go to the other tent!”

The man said, “I will not go. You can punish me or you can do
whatever you like; but I won’t go.”

So the king asked, “Why? Why won’t you go?”

And the man replied, “Because my wife told me to come to this tent!”

Swami told this story to all of us in the past. It is to illustrate
that we are like the king. The five senses are the five wives. When
our eyes see something beautiful, the eyes create a desire: “I want
this, I want that.” And we are afraid of our five senses. We don’t
control our five senses. We allow them to control us. So, Swami is
urging us to become the king once again, and not the slave of the
five senses. Thus, the first step in our lives is to learn to control
the five senses.

When I told this story to the assembly in United Arab Emirates, the
Sheikh was laughing and laughing, and he was telling everybody, “In
United Arab Emirates, we are only allowed four wives!” (Laughter) He
was joking; he was actually very happy about it.

So you see, that is another success story in another Muslim country.
And now, I am doing a lot of training in Muslim countries.


In Indonesia, it is very easy as they are very open. Now I’ve got to
go and do a series of training for Muslim teachers in Indonesia.

Another place where Sathya Sai Education is really spreading is
Kazakhstan. The original people who lived in Kazakhstan are called
Kazakhs. The Kazakhs are Muslims. And again, we were invited by the
First Lady of Kazakhstan, who is a Kazakh. We started training in all
the regions of the country. I’ve been there six times already.

Then last February, the First Lady came here to meet Swami. And the
First Lady asked me to come, so that we could meet Swami together. So
I came and we had several interviews.

Swami looked at me every time He called the Kazakh people. He said,
“You are not Kazakh!” (Laughter)

Then He told me, “This is only for Kazakhstan.”

So I looked sad. (Laughter) Swami looked at me and said, “Alright,
alright. You can go in.” (Laughter)

So you see, God is not just Father and Mother. Sometimes, you have to
treat Him as a Friend. Sometimes, you treat Him as an Elder Brother.
But He is also our Father and Mother. As such, He always has a lot of
compassion and a lot of love for all of us.

Another country where we are now really going into is China. China is
the last stronghold of communism. But when I go in there, I see that
they are becoming very quickly a capitalist country. The whole
country is changing and they are moving rapidly into
industrialisation. And because they moved very quickly into
materialism, they have a lot of problems with their youth. So now,
there is a demand for human values there as well.

I have already gone into the Guandong Province to train teachers
there. And now, I have got an indication from the Nanjing local
authorities to go and train teachers there as well. And you know how
it happened? (Murmurs “no, no” in audience)


You remember in the year 2000, we had an international conference
here. When we started arranging the conference, we were working with
UNESCO and another university in Australia, Flinders University. The
UNESCO man at that time was not a devotee, but I brought him here to
meet Swami. And Swami called him in for an interview. I tried to
follow as usual. (Laughter)

But this time, Swami said, “No, you can’t go in.” No matter how sad I
looked, (Laughter) He would not allow me to go in. That man came out
of the interview room. He had a green ring on, and his face was
changed; he was completely transformed by Swami. He came out and he
embraced me, “You are now my brother.” (Laughter)

Then he asked me if I had been telling Swami about him, because Swami
knew everything about him! I said that I didn’t know anything about
his personal life. But Swami was talking about his personal life. So
he told me what it was about, and he gave me permission to tell all
these stories to everyone.

Swami told him, “You are very worried. You are unhappy because your
wife is dying. She has terminal cancer.” But Swami said, “Don’t worry
about it. I will cure her.” And He materialised some vibhuthi and
gave it to him to give to his wife. So he was very happy, but he
thought that I had told Swami all about his wife. But I didn’t know
anything about this. I had never met his wife, and I didn’t know
anything about all that.

So he asked me then, “How does Swami know?”

I just smiled. Anyway, he went back, and he gave the vibhuthi to his
wife. A few months later, he invited me to have dinner with them
because they are based in Bangkok at the regional headquarters of
UNESCO. His wife was perfectly normal, completely cured.


Unfortunately, he was moved to another position. He was stationed in
Berlin, Germany. So a new person came to take over the work while we
were preparing for the big international conference. There was only
one month to go before the conference. Then the new man came and
said, “I don’t know anything about this. I don’t want to have
anything to do with it.”

At that time, there were lot of attacks on our organisation. Many
people wrote to the UNESCO headquarters that they had better cancel
all this, that UNESCO should not be involved with the Sathya Sai
Organisation. But UNESCO had already invited everybody from around
the world, very important people, and people in the top positions in
education in every country. They were all going to be coming.

Then finally, UNESCO told me, “Sorry, we are pulling out.”

But I continued, and we had our conference without UNESCO. The people
came from all over the world because they had already been invited;
they had got their visas, their air tickets and so on. So, they had
all decided to come. Amongst these people, there were top-level
people from China in education. And Swami put them right in front in
the veranda for every darshan.

There was this one Chinese educator, educationist. He was sitting
there and he was watching Swami very carefully. After two or three
days, he was so impressed when he saw Swami, and he was completely
changed. He was sitting there on the veranda, doing this: he was
shaking there, and I could see that he was crying. Then after the
conference, he contacted me and invited me to go and train teachers


You know, I have been trying hard to get into China, but I have been
unsuccessful. I have been there. I have tried to talk to people; they
are not interested in outside education. But because of that UNESCO
conference, when UNESCO pulled out, we got a lot of very good
contacts all over the world. Also with Hong Kong, part of mainland
China, we have a big centre there and we are now helping from Hong
Kong as well. China is now completely open and we are going to go
there more and more and train their teachers.

So, now you see how the Sathya Sai Education in Human Values is going
to all corners of the world. And close devotees of Swami are
whispering into my ear that big changes are coming very, very soon.
Swami also said very clearly that peace will come sooner than what
you expect.

So, I don’t know if some of you were in the public lecture the other
day. I told everybody that by the 90th birthday, we are going to
celebrate peace in the world. I have been telling everybody that we
love Swami so much, why wait for Prema Sai to have peace. Let us work
during this Avatar. And things are really moving at a very fast speed
now. You don’t have to change everybody in the world to have peace.
You just have to have a little bit more than 50% of love over hatred
and negative thoughts -- just a little bit over 50%! Then, there will
be peace in the world!!

If you see all the Sathya Sai schools around the world, you will find
that there is so much love there. Some of you may have seen the
videos by Gene Massey. Have you seen them? He goes around the world
taking videos around the world. And he has said very clearly that he
has seen the beginning of the new age of peace. That’s why Swami is
spending so much time with the students and with the professors.

Well, that is the story of the changes that are taking place very
rapidly through Education in Human Values.


In Thailand, in the Sathya Sai School, we are doing the same thing.
We are promoting love. The only rule in the Sathya Sai School is the
rule of love. The children grow a lot of plants. And every time we
grow a plant, we send love to the plant first.

Now we are growing rice in a big way in our school. Because I told
everybody we must be self-sufficient. We must be able to feed
everybody with rice without having to buy from outside. So, many
times throughout the year, we will go into the paddy fields. The
children and the teachers will go into the paddy fields, which are
filled with water and mud. The children love it. And we always start
with a prayer. Then we will recite the Gayatri Mantra. And then, we
start to plant the rice.

Children love to play in the muddy field. But at the same time, we
send love to all the plants. Well, at one time, (we don’t do it so
often now), the children planted a field and there was a field next
door, where the staff and people from outside planted rice. We grew
them at the same time; we planted at the same time. We observed that
where the children planted, the rice grew at a much faster rate. When
the time of harvesting came, the rice plants were much taller and
there was much more rice harvested from the children’s field.

So, love really works. If we give a lot of love, plants will grow. So
that’s one thing that we really need to do in the world today: to
fill the atmosphere of the world with love. Then all the plants,
forests and so on will grow at a much faster rate. And this will
reduce the effect of the global warming in the world. It will take
away the carbon dioxide, absorb the carbon dioxide, so that the
temperature will reduce in the world.

Right now, because of the warming effect, the ice in the North Pole
and South Pole are melting. The other month I was in Nanjing, in
China, to talk about this training of teachers. The scientists there
were measuring the level of the sea water. They now see two to three
millimetres increase in the level of sea water every year.

Well, this is going to be a big problem for our world. As the sea
level increases, the weight of the ocean over the earth will also
increase. The biggest ocean in the world is the Pacific Ocean. So the
earth will become unbalanced because there is more water on one side.
On the other side, we have lot of land masses like Asia, Europe and

What happens is that the world, which is rotating in space, will
start to wobble a little bit. And that will speed up the earth. The
earth crust is divided into plates and is floating around. So we will
start to have a big movement, more and more.

By giving out a lot of love, all through the day, then we can lessen
that effect. There’s no need to have a lot of disasters in the world.
That’s why the Avatar is here. That’s why we have Sathya Sai schools
around the world. That’s why the Sathya Sai Organisation is
everywhere, in every country. That’s why we have a lot of bhajans.
Because when we sing bhajans, we are filled with love. So, the whole
organisation must work hard to produce a lot of love in the world.

I took an hour to answer one question! (Laughter) Any other questions
or you want to stop? It’s 11:30.


Question: Is it necessary to teach Education in Human Values to
children below eight years, for example, for only two months, if
afterwards they are not going to continue it any more? Is it
worthwhile? Is it necessary?

Dr. Jumsai: Why aren’t they continuing?

Questioner: Because the teacher will be changed.

Dr. Jumsai: In the school?

Questioner: She is not talking about a regular school. She wants to
know if it is worthwhile to start the human values.

Dr. Jumsai: It is always worthwhile to plant a seed for future
generations. But then we should train all the teachers of the
country. We should never stop with only a few teachers and say,
“Aaah, we’ve done our job.” In Thailand, we have trained over 60,000
teachers already. And now, we don’t have to train any more teachers.
The reason is because they are so interested in the program that they
come and study for themselves. We don’t have to go to them anymore.

We have over 200 teachers and educators who come to visit our school
every week now. The Ministry of Education recommend to everybody to
come and visit our school. And they are all coming; so we don’t need
to go out anymore. This is what we want in every country, so that the
movement will spread very quickly.

Like Victor Kanu and his Zambia school; now people are coming to see
his school because the school is known as the ‘miracle’ school. You
heard the students of Swami talking in the last few days about how
they have been affected by what is taught in his school. And most of
them came only for a two-year course. They were not devotees before
that. So after two years, there’s no more education; they go out into
the world. But the seed has been planted, and they grow and grow
wherever they are.


So you ask, “Is it worthwhile to give them Sathya Sai Education or
Human Values education?” I say, “Yes!” Always plant the seed. It will
grow on its own. There was a meeting last week with eminent
educationists. They came for a big meeting here. They were arguing,
because most of them are not devotees. They were arguing, “Is it
possible to do the same thing as what Swami has done here in other

And because they don’t know Swami, they said that it can only take
place here in Puttaparthi as Swami is physically present here. So I
decided to tell them that it’s not only happening in Puttaparthi. It
is happening in many places. As an example, I gave the example of the
Fiji Sathya Sai School in Fiji Islands. It is the only place on the
Fiji Islands where there is no conflict between the Christians and
the Hindus. The children, 50% of each, mix together. They are
brothers and sisters. They are filled with love. I went to visit that
school in the Fiji Islands. And I saw the best, cleanest toilets in
the whole world. They were burning incense sticks, and they lit
candles there, and they worship in the toilet!!

So I asked them, “Why? Why worship in the toilet?”

They said that one day they saw Swami walking in the school,
inspecting the school. Then, Swami walked into the toilet. They all
rushed and followed him into the toilet. But Swami had already gone!
And because of that, the children decided to come every morning,
clean everything, light candles, light incense sticks and pray in the

So, I gave this as an example to the educators to say that Swami is
everywhere and therefore, we can replicate and copy what is going on
here anywhere. Then they stopped arguing. No more argument after

So, I hope I have answered your question.


Question: For people outside India, how many training institutes are

Dr. Jumsai: Well, we have set up institutes of Sathya Sai Education.
Now, we have about 30 around the world. And the institutes are set up
to train teachers. In Thailand, we also accept people from all over
the world to be trained at our institute. In Thailand, so far we have
about 60,000 people trained. We have to do it twice a week all
through the year. But in other countries, they do it maybe once a
month or even less. But now, we have got to do more and more.

I travel around a lot, but I cannot do all the training around the
world. It is up to the people in each locality. I have just been
recently to a Spanish-speaking country -- Mexico. And I gave a big
talk to about 900 educators there. You know, I was so ill when I
arrived in Mexico. And I had to have some, you know, they sent me
some spiritual healers to heal me. The next day, I was supposed to
speak. But still, the next day I was not feeling very well. So, I
could not really talk. It was very difficult to talk as my mind was
not clear at all.

So I said to Swami in my mind, “You take over this body. You have to
do the work. I can’t do it. You have to do it.”

And I went onto the stage. I started to speak. There was one
translator who was translating into Spanish. And then, I didn’t know
what I was talking at all. I talked for two hours. And you know the
people there were so moved by what had been said.

One young girl came up and said she had been trying to commit suicide
three or four times, but each time, she did not die. But when she
listened to the talk, somehow her heart was shaking and she was
moved. And she went to her parents and said, I have decided that I am
not going to kill myself anymore. I am going to live; I am going to
serve other people. She was completely changed.

And even the organisers of the conference and all the participants
said that something was moving in their heart. Many people were so
moved that they all want to do education in human values. And I
didn’t even know what I was saying!!


So, you see that’s the power of Sai everywhere throughout the world.
Changing people, we are going to bring about this new age of peace.
There will be peace. Swami has promised that it will come sooner than
what we expect.

Previously, He said there will be peace in the time of Prema Sai. We
know Swami is here for another 16 years. Then, one year after that,
Prema Sai will be born. So, the time of Prema Sai will start 17 years
from now. So, we can expect that in 17 years, there will be peace.
But Swami said that peace will come sooner than what you expect. And
He kept on stressing that it will be very, very, very soon.

So, that’s why Sri Indulal Shah announced that we will celebrate the
90th birthday as the spiritual regeneration of mankind. And that’s
when we expect that there will be complete peace in the world.

Question: Sir, yesterday it was said that if more people develop a
more loving attitude in the world, Swami would heal Himself. Is it

Dr. Jumsai: I bet! (Laughter) Swami is taking on the karma of the
world. And if there are more positive thoughts, more love in the
world, He does not have to take on any karma. So if all the centres
in the world, if the whole organisation filled with love, always
radiating love, Swami won’t need to take on any karma. The time is
approaching when He will walk well again, be well again, soon.

I will tell you a secret. (Laughter) Yesterday, without any prompting
-- I did not ask Swami to go anywhere -- He said to me, “I am going
to Thailand.” But, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that He will go to
Thailand only; He will go to many countries. So in order to do that,
He has to heal Himself first.

I’ll tell you another secret. (Laughter) Yesterday, I asked Swami,
“Please, Swami, walk again.”

Swami said, “I am walking all the time! As soon as I get back to my
room, I am walking there!” (Laughter) “But outside, the doctors won’t
allow me to walk.” (Laughter) “And my students won’t allow me to
walk. They are afraid that I will fall again! But I am walking in my

So He is already healing Himself…almost ready. I am sure by Thursday,
He will be walking again. But we must send out a lot of love into the
world. So, pray, and pray and pray and send out love for the whole
world. He will definitely walk. Remember, it’s a secret! (Laughter)


Question: You spoke in one of the meetings that while training the
teachers, instead of reacting from our subconscious, we must react
from our human values when relating to other people. Would you please
explain about this?

Dr. Jumsai: The subconscious contains all of our past information,
anything we have received, anything we have done, anything we have
thought; all past experiences are stored in the subconscious. We all
react because of the information, the data that has been stored in
our subconscious.

So, a child could be aggressive because he uses the subconscious
reaction. It is an automatic reaction, and we cannot control it
normally because it will come out from the subconscious. So, the
first thing we have to teach our children and all of us is to start
to use discrimination.

When we receive something, we start to have thoughts automatically.
What should we do? The reaction will start. So train yourself and
train the children to immediately ask two questions:

1. Is it good for me?

2. Is it good for everybody?

If it passes these two questions, these two tests, then by all means,
react to it. We call this, or Swami tells us that this is what He
calls ‘fundamental discrimination’. And it should be taught when they
are really young, so that they will always use fundamental

At the same time, before reacting to anything, apply the human
values. Use love. Love should be the main thing that we use for any
reaction. So, love has to be the basis for all our actions and that
will appear as human value till we get rid of the negativity that is
in our subconscious.

So, the next thing you need to do is to raise the consciousness
towards God. Then we start to contact the higher consciousness, which
is there in all of us. That is where we have our conscience that
tells us, ‘this is good’ or ‘this is bad’. Then we don’t need to rely
on our subconscious anymore because now we will get guidance from
God. And our life will be transformed completely as a result.

So we have to practice and practice meditation. Practice going into
the silence, because that is where God is. It should be done every

I am afraid it is past 12:00. I am leaving today. In the afternoon, I
have my flight and I haven’t packed my bag yet, so I think it should
end the session.

Thank you very much for your super attention. (Laughter and Applause)
Let’s end with “Loka Samastha”. Let’s send love.

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu
Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu
Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti
Sai Ram!