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Sai Ram dear brothers and sisters! I really liked this and am therefore sharing with you all.

Once Swami was sitting with the students around Him. Suddenly He asked a strange question. "I am going to give Sai Gita (Swami's pet elephant) to you. Tell me who wants her? Who will take her?"

The boys were taken aback. Everyone wanted to say 'Yes' when Swami asked them something, but this... They thought," How will I take her home?", "How do I feed an elephant?", and so on. Suddenly one of them said, "Swami, I am ready to take Sai Gita".
Swami, in His immense Love, waved His hand and materialised a small silver elephant and gave it to the boy. I am sure you can imagine the plight of the other students. Would not each of them have regretted not accepting Swami's offer? Regretted that they let their heads think and find obstacles instead of letting their hearts decide?

This beautiful leela was enacted by Swami, for each one of us. It echoes to the entire Sai fold, "Grab every chance Swami gives you! Else, you might regret it later." But what exactly is this chance ? It is every opportunity to get closer to our Lord, every opportunity to make Him happy. Everyday, every moment, we are surrounded by opportunities to help others, to put a smile on a sad face, to do some noble deed. But we hardly realize that they are unique chances for Sai Seva, to make our dear Lord happy, to get one step ahead in our journey towards Him(which is in fact the journey to our true self).

Be ready to realize and accept every opportunity for Seva, to participate in a service activity of the nearby Sai centre, take time out of your busy schedule to stop and help out a colleague at the
workplace, spare a few moments so that someone in misery can speak their heart out and confide in you. It is said that man was born with two ears and one mouth so that he talks less and listens more!

If at all we do realize this fact, and decide to do a noble deed, what follows immediately is a train of thoughts, each one finding a new reason as to why it should not be done. The brain is at work then, and not the heart. We are all full of limitations, full of incapacities. Put the heart to work andwe realize "After all, who am I doing it for? Doesn't the Loving mother know my limitations?" Yes. Swami knows what we are capable of doing. He knew very well that none of the students are able to take Sai Gita home and feed her. But when we are ready, He will create a Sai Gita that fits into our hands.

So, dear brothers and sisters, the next time you come across an opportunity for Sai Seva, don't think twice. Grab it and leave the rest to the all compassionate Lord of the Universe! Remember, we are THE CHOSEN ONES, The direct messengers of the Avatar! If we don't make a difference in the world, who will???  
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Source: Submitted to SBOI group by Usha Sridharan -  graphics SBOI

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