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Photos from the FELICITATION event  -   Photo slides

Of all the professions, teaching is the noblest, it is said. The Upanishads declare: “Acharya Devo Bhava” (May your preceptor be your God). And to teach in Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning under the Chancellorship and direct guidance of Bhagawan is something that every teacher aspires for. It was to felicitate a few such privileged and fortunate teachers of Bhagawan’s university that a special ceremony was organized on the morning of 18th June at the instance of Bhagawan Himself.

At 8 a.m., Bhagawan arrived for Darshan in the beautifully decorated Sai Kulwant Hall amidst chanting of Vedic hymns and the tunes of Nadaswaram. Soon, Bhagawan was seated and alongside Him were four senior teachers with their spouses, the present Vice Chancellor Sri Anil V. Gokak and former Vice Chancellor Sri S.V.Giri. Then as per Bhagawan’s instructions, some students came on to the dais and garlanded the teachers while some others showered rose petals on them; the hall resounded with thunderous applause at watching this grand spectacle.

The Vice Chancellor Sri Anil Gokak welcomed the gathering and introduced the four teachers who were to be felicitated by Bhagawan that morning. They were: Prof. U.S.Rao, Prof. V.E.Ramamoorthy, Prof. M. Nanjundaiah and Prof. Vishwanath Pandit. After Sri Gokak’s talk, Bhagawan commanded the Institute Brass Band to play on this happy occasion. This was followed by some soulful songs in Telugu by the students. At 8.40 a.m., as the songs were being sung, Bhagawan walked up to each of the teachers, wrapped a silken shawl around them and presented them with a golden ‘Kankanam’ (bracelet) as a mark of appreciation for their unstinted service and dedication. It was really moving to see the deep love in Bhagawan’s eyes as He gave away the gifts, and tears of joy and gratitude welling up in the eyes of the teachers as they received them from their Beloved Lord. Thereafter, each of the four teachers addressed the gathering.

The first speaker was Prof. U.S.Rao, Principal of the Prasanthi Nilayam Campus of the university and also the Dean of the Management Department. Prof. Rao has had many years of experience in the industry having worked in reputed companies such as Jyothi Laboratories, Alfa Laval and Larsen & Toubro. He joined the Management Faculty in Bhagawan’s college in the year 1988. He has published several articles in national and international journals, and his zeal and energy for academic excellence has remained undiminished in all these years. He began his talk by expressing his gratitude to Bhagawan who blessed his wife and him with an extension of life 17 years ago. He remarked that it is his good fortune to teach in Bhagawan’s college and to interact with Bhagawan’s students whose immense faith and love for Swami are a constant source of inspiration for him.


The second speaker, Prof. V.E.Ramamoorthy, is a qualified cost accountant and has taught in prestigious institutes like Institute of Financial Management and Research (IFMR), Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), Hyderabad. He was the Director of Management Development Institute for South Asian region. He has authored several books on Working Capital Management. Prof. Ramamoorthy felt that it is a great blessing to be able to serve in God’s own temple of higher learning that is today being hailed as the crest jewel of the university system in India. He remarked that Sri Sathya Sai system of education produces students who are adepts in academic, sports, cultural and spiritual fields. He concluded his talk by congratulating the students for having been chosen by Bhagawan to spearhead His Divine mission of transformation.

The next speaker was Prof. M.Nanjundaiah, Controller of Examinations, Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning. Prof. Nanjundiah came to Swami in the year 1973 when he joined as a reader and head of the Commerce Department in the erstwhile Sri Sathya Sai College of Arts, Science and Commerce at Whitefield, affiliated to the Bangalore University. Ever since, he has enjoyed the love and close proximity of Bhagawan, and also shared his wonderful experiences with everyone and inspired them on the ‘Sai’ward path. He spoke on how he has looked up to Swami as a mother and how Swami has guided and guarded him and his family members throughout their lives.



The last speaker was Prof. Vishwanath Pandit, Head of Department, Economics in the Prasanthi Nilayam Campus of the Institute. Prof. Pandit is a renowned economist who has been on the faculty of the Delhi School of Economics. He has also been associated with Pennsylvania University, USA and Manchester University, UK, and also with various projects in the UN and the World Bank. He was the President of the Indian Economic Society and the recipient of the UGC Swami Pranavananda National Award 2004 for his contributions in the field of economics. With his characteristic humility, he began by saying that to teach in Bhagawan’s university and to live at His Lotus Feet was more than what he deserved and prayed for. He recollected that even though he came to teach in Swami’s College only in 2001, he has been associated with it since 1986 when he was vested with the responsibility of setting the question paper for entrance tests to the MBA course at the Institute. He prayed to Bhagawan to bless everyone with the unbroken awareness of His divinity and grace.

Dr. Deepak Anand, an alumnus of the Institute and presently on the Management faculty spoke on behalf of all the students expressing appreciation and gratitude to the teachers for their invaluable guidance in shaping the careers and personalities of hundreds of students. He led the entire gathering in applauding the achievements of these eminent educationists.

Photo slides

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Photos from the FELICITATION event

21st June- Photo Slides: 4th Anniversay of Sri Sathya Sai Deenajanodhdharana Pathakam

“These professors here have taught well and that’s why you (students) are what you are today.” Bhagawan said in His discourse. He further said that all that He expected from His students was that they should bring a good name to themselves and to the Institute by their good behaviour and character. Elaborating on the two kinds of knowledge, i.e., secular and spiritual knowledge, Bhagawan said that while secular knowledge is essential to conduct oneself in the world, spiritual knowledge is like the foundation without which the entire edifice of life will collapse. He exhorted the students to follow the ideals and put in to practice what their teachers have taught them and thereby make their lives fruitful.

After Bhagawan’s discourse, the entire assembly rose to sing the national anthem. After this, there were Bhajans and Arati was offered to our Lord.

Jai Sai Ram!

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