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Dr. Sai

Doctor Sai's a wonderful Guy
Whose clinic is open to all who come by.
When we enter with symptoms of this and that
He'll sympathise .......with a touch and a pat
And will always recommend vitamin G
And a liberal dose of Vibhuti.
With His motherly smile and His head askance
He often cures with just a glance!
But there's times when we need the bitter pills
To cure us of the "ungodly" ills.
And just when we feel we've had enough
He fills us with His wondrous love;
And lifting us high in His arms again
He dissolves our fears and soothes our pain.

Yes, Dr, Sai's that wonderful Guy
Who's full of surprises for you and I.
His surgery's open night and day
And He never turns a soul away.
There may be queues for miles and miles
But Dr. Sai is always smiles.
Always waiting patiently
For the likes of you and the likes of me,
Who often think we're all alone;
But He's always there on that "Sai-lent" phone
All we need to do is ask and pray
And He'll deal with us .....in His own sweet way!

Dr. Sai is a wonderful Guy;
He can make you laugh and make you cry
With tears of joy and Bhakti too;
You never know .....what He's going to do!
He can leave you in stitches of Sai-lent mirth,
Then give you gems of priceless worth!
But His script will have us on the mend
If we trust this Doc as our dearest friend.
He'll never ever let us down
Though we often fret and fume and frown.
On Dr. Sai we can depend;
He's there for us right to the end.

Dr. Sai .....what a wonderful Guy!
His treatment is painless ....wouldn't hurt a fly.
And He gives to us whatever He wills
With no accounts or even bills!
And He teaches that prevention is better than cure
By living a life that’s holistically pure.
He sees us through with X-ray eyes
There’s naught from Him we can disguise.
But His Love's unconditioned .....and free for all
And He picks us up if ever we fall;
Mends broken hearts, repairs worn souls
And fits square pegs in rounded holes.

Dear Dr. Sai is my favourite Guy
He leaves us all starry-eyed
With dreams of a better world to come;
And shows us all what can be done
If each puts shoulder to the wheel
In whatever way we feel
Can help this Doctor's mighty task
To cure Earth's ills is what He asks.
Contagious love from soul to soul
The medicine to make us whole!
A sugar pill .....His nectar's sweet
Warm devotion at His Feet.
What more can one need
Prescribed from above
Than the gift of His Grace and
The touch of His Love?

(Poem by Mr. John Elliot, taken from the book ‘Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Wonders of His Love’)