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Prashanthi Nilayam 25.06.2002

Sai Sketch

Prashanthi Nilayam 25.06.2002

Sai Baba: What is a meaning of Pooja?

Lady: Pooja is a worship of God.

Sai Baba: It is not correct. You have to worship God inside, not outside. Don't see God as a picture, see the picture as God. See God in everything.

Sai Baba: Do you have any questions?

Lady: How to find an answer to the question: "Who am I?"

Sai Baba: Think like this. We say: "This is my handkerchief." It means that I am separate from the handkerchief. We say: "This is my body” It means that I am different from my body. "This is my hand". "This is my leg". It means that I am not the hand and not the leg. But who am I? I am the consciousness inside this body. Consciousness is everything. Consciousness is God. But nowadays too many people have body consciousness.

God is one but He has many names. Christians call Him Jesus, Muslims call Him Allah, Hindus call Him Rama, Krishna, Govinda. But God is only one. When a doctor wants to make a blood test, he takes some blood from your finger. But the blood is the same in the shoulder, in the chest, in the leg. You can wear different types of jewelry - bangles, rings, chains, earrings, but the gold is one and the same. All of you here have different names and forms, but all are ladies. Similarly, God is one, path is one, goal is one. If you want to reach the goal you have to stick to one path. Some people go to one lady, then go to another lady. This is not good. There should be one path, one goal.

Now in Russia husband and wife often live separately. They fight with each other. Husband doesn't want to take care of the family.

Ladies have two stomachs. One is for food, another is for baby. In that other stomach often there are some diseases. One man comes and gives his blood. Another man comes and gives his blood, and so on. This blood mixes inside and causes problems. Ladies also take pills to prevent being pregnant. This is another reason for a disease. This is not good. Control your senses and you will not fall sick.

Sai Baba: What do you eat?

Lady: We eat vegetables.

Sai Baba: Very good. Vegetables contain all necessary proteins and vitamins. Vegetables and green stuff are very good. Meat is not good. It is very harmful. Animals eat impure food. Sometimes they eat dead bodies. If you eat non-vegetarian food all this poison goes to your body. Ladies are usually more careful than gents. They eat only good food. But gents go to the restaurants and eat anything. They buy different snacks in the bazaars and in the streets. This food is not good.

Many people nowadays are sick with cancer and TB. But look at the animals. They don't suffer from cancer and TB. Why? Because they eat natural, raw food. Their food is not cooked. Human beings, on the contrary, eat unnatural artificial food.

Lady: Can we eat fish?

Sai Baba: Fish is not good. Nowadays the water in the ocean is polluted. Such countries as Japan and China throw bombs and nuclear waste into the ocean. Fish is therefore gets poisoned and is not good. Do not eat fish.

Sai Baba: It is very important to control your five senses. This is the best Sadhana. Meditation and repetition of Gods Name is not necessary. If you control your sense organs just for eleven days you will get Moksha, Mukti, Nirvana, and Liberation.

Buddha also did tapas and meditation, visited different teachers and sages but finally he gave up all these practices. He understood that five senses are given to us by God and that we have to control them. He learned to control his senses and in eleven days he reached Nirvana. Once a very bright, effulgent Light came down on him from heaven. Ananda, who was sitting next to Buddha, also saw this light. He understood that Buddha is going and started crying. Buddha asked him: Ananda, why are you crying? Don't cry, I am going to God. My life is fulfilled. Thus Buddha went to God. After some time Ananda also was engulfed in Light and reached the state of Nirvana.

First of all you should control your tongue, eyes and ears. Tongue is the most important among the five sense organs. Many ancient sages observed Mauna (period of silence). As a result they were in the state of bliss. Silence is gold. You should talk less.

Sai Baba (addressing one of the ladies): What Sadhana are you doing?

Lady: Every morning I meditate on Your Name and Form.

Sai Baba: Very good. During meditation you should look at the tip of your nose, like this (demonstrates). If you keep your eyes fully open, your attention will be easily distracted, this is Raja guna. If you close your eyes completely, you may fall asleep, this is Tamo guna. Therefore you have to keep your eyes half-closed, looking at the tip of your nose. Then you will reach Sattva guna. And you always have to keep your mind here (points at the area between the eyebrows, third eye), and not there (points at the chest). Here is the minds real place. Here is God.

Lady: Why do bad omens come true?

Sai Baba: This is because of your mind. Mind is everything. If you think that something bad should happen, it happens. If you think of something good, then good thing happens.

Don't talk evil, talk what is good.
Don't hear evil, hear what is good.
Don't see evil, see what is good.
Don't do evil, do what is good.
Don't think evil, think what is good.

You are what you think. Yad Bhavam Tat Bhavati (As is the feeling so is the result). If you think you are a man, you are a man. If you think you are God, you are God.

What is mind? Mind is just a bundle of desires. Desires are like luggage in this journey of life. Less luggage more comfort. Therefore reduce the number of your desires, one by one. Take, for example, this handkerchief. It is just a piece of cloth made of threads. If you remove threads one by one, the cloth will disappear. Similarly, if you remove your desires, the mind will disappear.

Sometimes you feel envy, jealousy. This is a quality of a monkey. When you feel jealous, say to yourself: I am not a monkey, I am a man. The jealousy will go. Anger is a quality of a dog. If you feel angry, say to yourself: I am not a dog, I am a man. Then you will be free from anger. Envy, jealousy, hatred, anger - these are all animal qualities. You have to get rid of animal qualities and to develop human qualities Lust is like thorns and love is like a flower, a rose. You have to pluck a flower of love without touching the thorns and offer it to God.

You have to keep your heart pure. Pure heart means pure death. This is very important. Body is a water bubble, mind is a mad monkey. Don't follow the body, don't follow the mind. Follow the consciousness.

Never think that the work you have to do is your work. Consider all your work, all your actions to be an offering to God.

Think of God always. Mira used to spent all her time in the Krishna temple.. Once there came her angry husband and started shouting at her: What are you doing here?! Go home and do your household duties! He forbade her to go to the temple. At first, Mira got very upset. But then she understood that all temples are built by human beings and that body is the only temple built by God Himself. She started worshipping Krishna within her heart. (Swami sings Miras song): O, mind, go to the confluence of Ganga and Yamuna. The point of confluence of Ganga and Yamuna is here, in the center of the forehead. Here is the seat of God. It is not an ordinary seat. It is His coronation seat.

(To a lady who is crying): Why are you crying?

Another lady: She is crying out of love.

Sai Baba: Love is very easy.

Start the day with love
Fill the day with love
Spend the day with love
End the day with love
This is the way to God.

During the interview Swami materialized nine diamond rings, small golden statue of Goddess Lakshmi and a watch.

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