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Swami called five of the members of SDSC for interview at about 2.45 PM. It lasted until 3.20 PM.

After materializing a green stone ring and putting it on the right hand ring finger of one of the members, Swami asked us to go into the inner interview room. After we sat down, “What is in it?” Swami asked me pointing to the package I took with me. I opened the package and said, “Svaami, last time we were here, You blessed this project and said, “By Svaami’s Grace this will materialize.” Swami said, “Santhosham, santhosham”. I said, “Swami, we are here to give you a progress report and for asking your guidance. Please help us.” Swami went over each paper as I tried to explain “Aerial view, front elevation, floor plan, these are structural drawings done by Naresh Lalla. 70 % of the structural drawings are done. Swami said “There is more work to be done …Swami will take care.” I told Swami that we don’t have much money and He said “Andaroo vasthaaru Evaroo dabbivvaru” (all come and no one gives money)..Swami will take care.” I showed Swami the three letters and tried to say that employers match donations by employees. Swami was looking at the advisors’ page and I told Swami that Prof. Anil Kumar is one our advisors and requested Swami to instruct us through him. I told Swami that I had been made President for 2 years and every two years, we meet …and Swami interrupted me and said, “Don’t’ change, you remain for sometime” (“Kontha kaalam meere undandi”). Swami looked at the members list for some time, returned the package to me and said, “You keep it” I asked Svaami, “At the time of foundation, can you please give us something to put in?” Swami said, “Put some vibhoothi and start construction.” I asked if it is okay to put some soil from Puttaparthi in the foundation. Swami said, “Yes, take some.” I said, “we have some”
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