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Evening - Sai Darshan news 16th April -2006 Kodaikanal
Easter Greetings from Kodai***

Rain is normal part of Kodaikanal weather the locals are use to it, except, devotees visiting for the first time (at this time of the year) get a wet surprise, today was no exception those without umbrellas or any raincoat experienced the rain god’s “waterpower” moreover, it is quite a task to dry those sopping wet clothes in Kodai’s relatively cold weather. (It is the only hill-station that gets both the country's monsoons, the south-west and the north-east. They cross over Kodaikanal between July and October. Rain clouds creep into this tiny township on the hill, which is 2,133 metres above sea-level, and they carry a chilly dampness that must not be fun at all.) Lesson: do not forget your umbrellas, raincoat or light woollen.

At around 4:45 PM the bhajan boys and few other devotees who had also travelled with Swami to Kodaikanal came inside the Bhajan mandir/hall, bhajan hall in Sai Sruthi is much bigger and can accommodate large gathering. After 10 minutes Swami entered the bhajan hall sitting on His mobile chair, Swami got up from His mobile chair and walked few steps and sat down on His throne placed in the Bhajan hall. The bhajan boys started with normal bhajans though later on only Meera bhajans were sung e.g. meray to Girdahr Gopal dussro Na koi etc. there were also Telugu bhajans. Guess, it was raining while the bhajans were going on. After the bhajans (appx 5.45 pm) Swami was given Aarthi. Swami got up and went out from the door behind His throne, which leads to Swami’s residence hall; it is from this hall that Swami comes to the main terrace.

The holy mass of devotees here in Kodaikanal is on the rise, everyday taxis and busses are coming with new devotees. And they all must cover the narrow, twisting road up the hills to reach Kodaikanal. Since, there is no official ashram canteen the local restaurants and local shops including the well stocked Nilgiri’s food shop is doing quite a lot of extra business.

One cannot find the well-known auto rickshaws of India or Puttparthi here, if they do exist then they are well hidden, it is the local cars/taxis that charge around 50 Rs for a short distance i.e. from the nearby guest houses to the Sai Sruthi, which is rather expensive. Most of the devotees walk to the Sai Sruthi enjoying the pleasant weather and greenery. There are also other means e.g. one can rent a cycle etc.

There were no formal celebrations of Easter at Sai Sruthi however we know that many Indian Christian and overseas Christian devotees wandered in between old pine trees to commemorate the holy Easter at La Salette Church (pic above), "Mother Salette"  Kodaikanal's first, built in 1866. It is an old limestone structure that has withstood the elements for more than 135 years to serve its congregation even today. The faithful are drawn to the statue of Mother Mary here that is said to possess miraculous powers. Happy Easter, everyone!
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Kodaikanal darshan news 16th April  Morning

Sai Darshan News 17th April:  "Today morning Swami came out at around 9.55 a.m., for His darshan..." Read more     Source: SBOI

PS. The meaning of Kodaikanal is "the Shade in Summer".

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"...There are indications that there might be a program Vishu/Tamil New Year- April 14 celebration at Kodaikanal so far there has been no official announcement. Swami is giving regular darshans. The gathering of devotees over here..." Read more     
[Swami is coming regularly for darshan so far He has skipped only 2 darshans, because of rain - SBOI]

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