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Sai Darshan news 18th April -2006 Kodaikanal

18th April 2006: Evening Sai bhajans at Kodaikanal started at 4.30 p.m. All eyes were fixed at the doorway, waiting for Swami. Guess all the love from devotees awaiting His entry into the bhajan hall must have melted Swami’s heart. So devotees didn’t have to wait long, after few minutes a radiant Swami entered the bhajan hall (at 4.40). Baba walked up to His throne and sat there for 5 minutes. Then Swami walked on the red carpet which is in the heart of the bhajan hall, separating men and women devotees. Swami walked with the help of one boy student and two other boy students followed behind to keep a check on over enthusiastic devotees etc. After a short walk on the red carpet Swami returned back to His chair. After that two old time devotees gave speeches, the first speaker Mr Krishna Murthi talked for appx. 15 min. then Dr. Krishnan talked for appx. 10 min. after the speeches Swami asked for table to be arranged, fortunate devotees were going to get prasadam of Swami’s discourse again (Swami delivered a divine discourse yesterday). The main theme of Swami’s discourse was Lord Rama, His (Rama’s) engagement with Sita and the divine wedding of Lord Ram & His consort Sita. Swami said that those present at Rama’s time were blessed people. Baba explained in details the scenery and atmosphere at the wedding, Baba added that the windows at the palace were decorated with rich pearls, tables and the whole platform with diamonds. Guests at the marriage ceremony were blissful and they were singing with joy. Then Baba created a RING. The ring which Swami brought back from the times of Rama… Baba talked about the ring which He explained is Sita’s ring; gifted to Sita by her father, king Janaka. Baba further added that the ring has 14 “precious gems “encrusted in it. Swami also explained that this is the same ring Sita gave to Hanuman while she was in demon king Ravana’s (Ashoka vatika garden) confinement, separated from her husband Lord Rama. Sita handed over the ring to Hanuman so he could give it to the King Rama as a sign the she was all right. Bhagavan said that the RING is little washed-out / worn because Sita has been wearing it for such a long and considerable time. At this point Swami handed the ring to a boy student and told him to show it to other students & devotees in close proximity. The boy student gave back the ring to Swami after showing it to others around. Amazing: after a short time ring was no longer visible in Swami’s hand, it was empty! One could clearly see the ring a second before but it just disappeared in the thin air… Baba explained that the RING has gone back its original place.

Baba also explained about the physical condition of Lord Rama & His consort Sita Swamis said that both of them had become quite thin, due to sorrow caused by the separation from each other.
Bhagavan served the reason for why Sita had to wear the ring on her middle finger instead of Her ring finger; it was due to her weight loss. Baba was very expressive during the discourse. Baba also said that people today don’t believe in the story of King Rama, even though it is true story. He said uttering Rams name is a very powerful thing and added that even Russians have started chanting Rama’s name. At 6.45 Baba finished his discourse with two Ram bhajans, one of them was Rama Rama Ram Sita….

During Sai Rama Katha Baba today Swami was humming, with noticeable face expressions in accord with the turn of phrase in the Rama Katha songs. After the Aarti Swami left the bhajan hall and went back to Sai Sruthi.

Today, Swami also materialized a ring for Krishna Murthi an old time Sai devotee.

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Mostly Bhagawan comes out of His Sai Sruthi residence for giving darshan to devotees between 9 am-9.45 and for bhajan between 3.45 pm.-4.45 His darshan route is walk/ wheel chair down the porch also sometimes he get into the golf cart, ride down to the ladies' side, then to the gents' side, take a turn, and return in the opposite direction back to Sai Sruthi. Bhajans are in the bhajan hall next to Sai Sruthi, and Bhagawan comes there in the evenings.