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SBOI - Sai Darshan news 16th April -2006 Kodaikanal
***Easter Greetings from Kodai***

Kodaikanal mornings are scenic and breathtaking especially if one has just arrived from a hot place like Puttaparthi or any other hot part of the world. As we all know for the most part clouds are unreachable but here in Kodaikanal  the clouds "descend" on the hill tops  one can almost touch the clouds , it is really amazing panorama, environment over here is quite inspiring for spiritual seekers.  However even the best scenery and landscape fades in front of the divine darshan, absolutely the high point of the day. In comparisons to Puttparthi devotees get to sleep a bit longer here and still get a good darshan seat given that Swami comes out for darshan bit later than Puttparthi darshan timings.

Today Swami came out to grant His darshan at around 9.45, Swami didnít come out in His golf cart but instead on His mobile car chair. Swami was looking very fresh and He was in a very joyful mood apparently enjoying the pleasant weather of Kodaikanal. Swami took a complete round up and down and up to the main gate. Everyone got the opportunity to have close-up darshan both gents and ladies sides. Swami took lots of letters today, in comparison to Puttaparthi it is quite unusual since here the regular devotes gets a better chance to come close and to deliver their letter to Swami personally. Around 6-7 attendants always follow Swami but they are quite tolerant with devotees eagerness and desire to give letters or talk to Bhaagavan. The darshan ended at around 10:45. Swami also walked today but only at His balcony.  4 couples were called in for Interview today. The visiting devotees are allowed to come inside at appx. 6:30 a.m. in the morning and afternoon darshan at 2.30. Swamis garden is in full bloom the fragrance of huge size roses are captivating, with lord beside this surely is heaven on earth.
Sai Darshan News: Kodaikanal darshan news 16th April
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Kodaikanal darshan experience:
"...There are indications that there might be a program Vishu/Tamil New Year- April 14 celebration at Kodaikanal so far there has been no official announcement. Swami is giving regular darshans. The gathering of devotees over here..." Read more     
[Swami is coming regularly for darshan so far He has skipped only 2 darshans, because of rain - SBOI]

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