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26th Feb: Sai Darshan news & Photos: Happy Shivaratri: Swami Gifted 4 cars to 4 long time devotees/Sevak today! - Happy Shivaratri everyone. Today Morning Swami came at 8:30.  A group of Brindavan Campus boys dressed in traditional dhoti played music  with instruments to the delight of everyone.  read more
26th Feb- Shivaratri:  Shivaratri darshan news & todays photos 26th Feb. click here

 Sai Darshan news - 24th Feb.
excerpt of Swami's 2nd discourse

Also read:  Sai Darshan news - 23rd Feb.
excerpt of Swami's discourse from today - 23rd Feb. Prasanthi Nilayam

Sai Darshan news - 22nd Feb.

 Sai Darshan news - 24th Feb.:


Morning- At appx. 9 a.m. Swami came in Kulwant Hall while the first bhajan praising lord Ganesha
was going on. Swami gave darshan and left back to His residence at 9.35 a.m. after the Arathi. Two book sale stands (tents) near south Indian
canteen have come up to cater the growing number of devotees coming to celebrate Shivaratri .


In the evening  Swami at 3:30 took complete round and got down on verandah  and walked down and sat on the chair.


Today also there was a program presented by Post Graduate- IInd year boys. like yesterday they were thanking Swami for the love  and his blessings  in different languages with situational songs in Telugu-English-Hindi.


The program went on till 4:45.Today Swami started his Discourse at 4:50. Today’s discourse covered different points - today Swami said that everyone is working for money &name not making any self enquiry. People want to learn spiritual knowledge with secular or bookish knowledge. Everybody is struggling for money. He said that big scientists like Peter & Johnson who invented big things in life like bombs etc ended up their lives by regretting for their discoveries. Peter at the end became mad and ended his life in a mental hospital. He said that big scientists don’t know small things in life. Science is absent of senses. He said we should use our senses properly.  Scientist will not know Hemataraka Vidya i.e from knowledge from Ant to Brahma. Secular & worldly Knowledge is negative, spiritual knowledge is positive. Everybody have current inside only, without realizing this people are searching for outside current. Current is in the form of 5 senses which have to be controlled properly. The depth of senses is to know the cosmic form. These 5 senses are 5 breaths, all are positive.  Everybody should experience God. Nothing is simpler than experiencing God. Nature of God is Simple & Pure. Experiencing God is through Sacrifice only. Sacrifice means not sacrificing money or material things in fact we have to become less ambitious less desire/hopes (Asha). ….. No one can understand God completely. Swami said even Saint Tyagaraja could not understand Him. Swami said that we all should be at peace all the time, if we are in peace inside there will be peace  & happiness outside also . As is feeling so is the experience. God is the embodiment of Peace develops love & peace. Under all circumstances you should be at peace and equanimity. At one point (5:35 p.m.) in the middle of discourse Swami desired to sit down, He sat in His chair and continued his discourse. ….You should discharge your actions as offerings to God. Work is Worship. You should offer actions to please God then you will never fail or suffer in life.Then he talked about Mother Kunti- Pandava’s mother. …As long as her husband Panduraju was there she had good days after she lost her husband  she suffered so much always thinking of her sons. She was so much attached to Krishna’s form  that the moment she heard about Krishna Avatar’s end she just closed her eyes and passed away. Then Swami said as if soul when in search of god to get merge into him (At this point of time Swami Became very emotional for a sec). Then he said about Dharmaraju the elder son of kunti


Swami said that lot off people have Rama Krishna and many good names but they do not have qualities corresponding to those names. Swami said that we should have qualities corresponding to our name…… Everybody should follow Dharma and Dharma will save us in time of need. Discourse came to an end at 5:50 with Sai Bhajana Bina Sukh Santi Nahi Bhajan. Then Swami told the boys to sing Bhajans so the boys sang bhajans mean while he called all the birthday boys and blessed them and all the boys who were having letters also got up when to swami and gave letters and talked to him.


Afterwards Aarti was given to Swami by one  Boy from PG class and one regular Aarti. Swami walked little slowly sat on wheelchair near car and got into car and was driven back to his abode. On the way back he stopped his car and talked to Ms. Diana Glypse -Singer for  few mins.  Sent to SBOI by SBOI-GROUP MEMBER


24-02-2006 Parthi Update  No.2

Farewell Programme by Final Year Postgraduate Students


Divine Message

This evening, Swami came out for Darshan at 3.30 p.m. Taking a full round, He got down near the interview room, walked onto the dais and took His sofa placed at the centre. Bhagawan asked the mike to be placed in position and the Vice Chancellor introduced the programme for the evening. He stressed on the need for the passing out students to keep two aspects ever in their mind. One is the spiritual vision and second social service. He said that they were now entering the phase of active participation in Bhagawan Babas Master Plan and Mission.

At 3.45 p.m., the final year postgraduate students and the final year diploma students of the Music College began their offering. It was the typical farewell programme with 8 soul lifting songs and 11 heart touching talks and poems. One difference was the violin playing in the background that lifted the entire presentation to an emotional plane.

It started with few boys going to Swami with cards, roses and all that. Then some conversations in Hindi and Bengali. Songs were mostly new ones, in the sense not run of the mill type. We had Jhil Mil Jhil Mil Khilte Taare??..Maa Jeevana Aadhaarama Maa Hrudaya Sangeetama?..We Love You Swami??..Sathya Dharmamu Shanti Premalato Nee Nitya Jeevana Yatra Saaginchu?..O Maa Sai Maa?..Enta Premayo Swamiki Enta Premayo Satya Sai Bhagawanuki Enta Premayo??.Ye Bandhan To Pyaar Ka Bandhana Hai Janmo Kaa Sangama Hai?..O Nestamaa Priyamaina Bandhamaa??

Interspersing these songs were short talks and poems in Tamil, Telugu, Tulu, Konkani, Kutchi, Nepali, Marathi, Punjabi, Hindi?and so on. As usual, associated with group songs were boys going to Swami with roses and scripts of songs. Bhagawan Blessed them all profusely. The presentation came to a close at 4.40 p.m. and after that almost 12 to 15 boys stood in a line to receive individual Blessings. Swami patiently interacted with each one of them and then all boys pleaded for a Divine Message. Once having tasted the sweetness of His words yesterday, they wanted it again today. Bhagawan graciously consented!

It was 4.50 p.m. Swami stood up and began the Divine outpour?..

To live in this world you need secular education (Hemataaraka Vidya). For the life thereafter you need spiritual education (Brahma Vidya). Even with all great degrees like MA and MBA, with all wealth, affluence and property, and with all name and fame; man is not able to win over the worldly life.

All this secular education is merely to fill ones stomach and for taking care of the family. Today, taking care of the family has also become a big problem. Even as the child is in the womb, parents are already paying capitation fees and donations for booking a seat in the school. Wherever you go, money has become the prime factor. All struggle so hard to earn a living but they are unable to understand the purpose of life.

Take scientists for example. One scientist invented the bomb that could destroy the world. But later towards the end of his life, he turned mad. Scientists know great things but they lack knowledge of simple things. In a way science has become absence of sense senseless. Once a scientist was asked how many sons Dasharatha had. He said only one Rama. He did not even know the names of the other sons. He remarked what is there in name? But he himself is struggling to earn a great name, year after year. What about that?

Worldly knowledge will only help in living a comfortable life. What great thing do we gain by merely studying? Chaavu Leni Chadavu Chaduvavalayu?.one must study that which leads beyond death. All worldly education is like bulbs and fans (negative) whereas spiritual education is the current (positive). Man forgets and is ignorant of the inner current (there is static current even in your hair) and runs after the outer current. Along with secular education, spiritual education should also be acquired. Mere secular education cannot even make an ant move.

Once you control your five senses nobody can be greater than you. Everything is contained within man. All is contained in the Viswa Rupa Cosmic Form. Without realizing this truth undertaking any amount of spiritual pursuit is in vain. All our descriptions of Divinity are waverings of our mind. It has nothing to do with Godhood. That is why Tyagaraja said Who can ever describe You O Lord?

What is sacrifice? Is it merely parting with money? Sacrifice your desires. Does desire mean having wife and children? Today life may be there, tomorrow it may not. All are like passing clouds. One who knows God fully can never speak. Only when you are just neck deep in Divinity you can describe God. When Shishupala criticised Lord Krishna in all possible ways, Krishna explained to Yudhistira that one should never mind praise or blame. They are like passing clouds. All are the same. They are all temporary.

We say?I sit, I hear, I see?.one should enquire into this I. We all keep asking who are you? But we never question Who am I? I am I. Everybody should know his true nature. When clouds pass through the sky, the moon or sun cannot be seen. Have patience, it will pass away and then we can see the light. Patience is very important. We are always in haste. Haste makes waste. Waste leads to worry. What is worry? Not knowing ones true nature is worry.

When bad thoughts enter your mind, replace them with good thoughts. If you practice this, you will become virtuous. All great people have achieved their greatness in this manner. Can anything happen without Gods Will?

Human being is the one with a single desire not the one with multiple desires. Jantu Naam Nara Janma Durlabham. Human birth is very rare and precious. Do not entertain bad feelings like hatred, jealousy, anger towards anybody. To be truly human, one must control the bestial qualities. However fragrant the flower may be, when it is mixed with dirt it will smell fowl.

You can get married and have children. There is nothing wrong with that. But do not entertain the feeling my wife, my children. This my feeling is wrong as it leads to attachment.

What is Manasu? Ma means I, Na means No i.e. remove. Therefore, remove the i feeling and then Su remains. Su stands for Sugandham fragrance. Born as a human being, belonging to the human race, if we go by Ma and Ma alone it will lead to Maya. Therefore remove the Ma i feeling and then Sugandham will come into your life. Su symbolises Sugandhaswarupa, Supriya, Sunandamaya, Sukhaswarupa?..

Students, you all have studied a lot. But ultimately, if you are not happy, everything is a waste. You all are young. Without realizing the consequences of actions, you desire for so many things. What can mere degrees give you? In degrees you are heroes but in action you are zeroes. Whatever you wish to accomplish, do so in your own home towns and villages. Students, you do have to study, you have to take up jobs; but do not forget spiritual knowledge.

Pleasure and pain are like clouds Megha. Do not let them distort your intellect Medha. Be intellectual, noble, ideal, experienced. This will lead to fulfilment of your education. Use sweet words with all. If you are peaceful, then all around you will be peaceful. If you are restless, all around you will also be restless. For the world to be peaceful, you need to be peaceful. Therefore, happiness and peace of the world is in you. If you pollute your mind, the world will also appear polluted. Yad Bhaavam Tad Bhavati.

Good and bad belong to you. God has no role to play in this. He is the very embodiment of Love and Peace. Under any circumstances, be peaceful. You will surely find peace in your vicinity.

It is 5.40 p.m. Swami sits down and continues??

Duty is God and Work is Worship. Sarva Karma Bhagavat Prityaartham.

Saying so, Bhagawan narrated in brief the life of Kunti and the Pandavas, focusing on the part when Lord Krishna leaves His Human body and then Mother Kunti is so grief stricken that she too leaves her body. At that point, Swami explained how Dharmaja performed five different activities at the same time, which is impossible for any normal human being. The last rites of Mother Kunti had to be performed, the young Parikshit had to be coronated and then the Pandavas had to leave for the final journey Northwards.

Bhagawan also narrated how one by one the Pandavas dropped down and finally Dharmaja and a dog following him, reach the gates of hell. Dharmaja pleads for the entry of the dog and both stay there for just a few minutes. This gives so much joy to all the inhabitants over there. Dharmaja blesses them saying Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitaha May Dharma protect you.

Swami concluded singing Hari Bhajan Bina Sukha Shanti Nahin. It was 5.50 p.m. We had a few Bhajans and then Swami took Aarti and retired for the day.

Day after tomorrow is Sivaratri and in the evening, Akhanda Bhajans will commence. We eagerly await Swamis Sivaratri Message and the experience of the 12 hours non-stop vigil on the Sivaratri night. We will come back to you with all details.


February 24th: 6:30 pm - Today's events from Puttaparthi

This morning, it was not much crowded like yesterday. The atmosphere was cheerful and serene. The tokens were given at 5:15. Like Swami gave a surprise discourse yesterday, many were thinking of some kind of surprise this morning and to all of our surprise we saw Swami's car parked in front of His abode around 7:45 am which was a surprise as Swami had been coming out around 9 or during bhajans. All the devotees were seated with much eagerness and waited for half hour, 45 minutes. No Swamy by now it was 9 am. All of us seated in the bhajan mandir inside were sure that Swamy would come out for darshan and also to the bhajan mandir. As expected though bit late Swamy came out for darshan around 5 past 9 made a round to the gents side also and came in the bhajan mandir when the 3rd bhajan (Sambho Mahadeva) was being sung. Since His return from whitefield, Swami's preferring to walk in the verandah and He came walking with the help of a boy who was holding His right hand. Instead of sitting in the mobile chair, He sat in the Golden Thorne in the bhajan hall. Sometimes closing His eyes, sometimes tapping His finger with the music. His face real fresh. It was a Real Feast to the eyes to see Swamy, the lord of the Lords and sing the glory of the same Lord in His immediate presence. This very fact got tears flowing. I have no words to describe this feeling. I was thinking should I sing and see Him or just be mum and look at Him to my heart’s content. I was thanking Swamy. “Swamy don’t know why am here, but Swamy Sata Koti Pranams for this blessing. Millions thrive to come here for your darshan, How lucky I am to be chosen to be in His Immediate Physical presence”. My prayers continued” Swamy let your picture be imprinted in my heart and keep reminding me of my mistakes and give me strength and courage to fight the evil with in me” Tears were just flowing as all these prayers were going through my mind.Swamy stayed there for three bhajans and left the bhajan hall around 9:20 and came back again at 9:30 and stayed there for 3 more bhajans before signing for arathi at 9:40. It was a another memorable day and a memorable darshan. Thank You Swamy. Puttaparthi is crowded, devotees from all walks of life and all coutries (atleast 300 from South Africa) have gathered here for Shivarathri. provided by Satish Naik


Sai Darshan news - 23rd Feb.
excerpt of Swami's discourse from today - 23rd Feb. Prasanthi Nilayam -

Today morning Swami came at 9:15 .a.m bhajans were going on Swami got down and walked into bhajan mandir and sat on his golden throne. He was there till 9:40 a.m. on His way back this morning Swami didn’t get down at His usual place i.e. outside His residence gate but drove straight to the other end; quick sevadal devotee from MP ran and opened the gate for Swami’s car. Swami’s car turned right (near the thought for the day board) and drove inside the PCA shutter door.


Today evening Swami came at 3:30 p.m. he took  round of the hall in car got down on verandah and walked down till his chair; sat down there, boys from higher secondary school 12th class students presented a program also  they sang some songs  in 3 different languages.  Some boys shared their real life experiences i.e. how swami saved their family members etc. all the boys thanked Swami for giving so much love and taking so good care of them also on physical level. Swami was really enjoying everything and one could really feel the blissful energy and vibrations. After every song 2 boy students would start dialogue meanwhile 3 boys from the student lines went up to swami with flowers, cards etc. Swami talked to them so lovingly and blessed them all. Like this after sharing their real life Sai-experience each boy sang a song that complimented and matched the experience. At the end students expressed their feelings in different languages & thanked Swami for keeping them with Him. The program went on till 4:25 then Swami signaled to give discourse, so the table was arranged for Swami with microphone. Swami started His discourse at 4:30 it went on till 5:25. nearly an hours discourse was excellent teaching for all the students present and the devotees listening. Swam talked about control of  5 senses,( and not to concentrate on 6th sense) concentrate on good thoughts specially young boys college going boys. Good thoughts good results.  He declared that otherwise they will fail in life. He said his love is his property & boys are his property. Bhagavan also said that they have to behave properly in the outside world and which in return would bring good (of Swami) name.  Swami said he remembers everyone and know everyone & everything. He picked up one boy from first line and said that this boy lost his mother and from then on Swami is talking care of him & his sisters. He communicated that He gave word to this boy's father and he is taking care of them as promised. Then again he called a boy student Shyam Sunder from M.B.A - and said that this boy came to Swamy in 1st class when he lost his mother from then onwards Swami is taking care of this boy's family. He indicated that boy to sit near his table, the boy came immediately & sat down near Swami’s table. Swami was in a “nostalgic” mood remembering all old students & parents. Swami was in very cheerful mood. He decaled that everybody should follow His teachings and behave well in society. Everyone should have this divine love not worldly love. Mainly the discourse was directed towards students.  At the end of His discourse Swami materialized a Green Stone ring to this boy and put it on his finger. Green is for divinity, discipline & faith - He said everybody should cultivate these qualities. Surrender to Divine Love. Discourse ended with Hari bhajana bina sukh santi nahi. Then swami sat on His throne and asked students to sing bhajans. They sang 3 bhajans then Swami called for Aarti. 2 students from 12th class came to give Aarti with usual Aarti. At 5:45 p.m. Swami walked till his car on way to the car He  talked to the devotees who were seated on verandah.  Before getting into car Bhagawan also talked to Mr.Dorah an old devotee from Hyderabad. He blessed him and left to for his residence in car. That's it the End for today's Darshan. Hope you too enjoyed the bliss. - Source SBOI


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Sai Darshan news - 22nd Feb.


Sai Darshan news - 22nd Feb. Today morning Swami didn't come for Darshan.   In the afternoon (evening darshan) Swami came at 3.55.p.m. Swami took a full round in His car got down on verandah and walked. Bhagavan walked inside the mandir for bhajans sat on His golden throne for sometime then He came out and walked on top verandah and came back to (inside) the mandir from the back door and sat on His throne. At 5.00 p.m. Bhajans started after the second bhajan Swami went back to interview room; after 5mins he came to bhajan mandir and at 5:30 Arathi was given to Swami.
After the Arathi Swami walked to His car sat on His car chair which mechanically glided inside the vehicle. On His way to the residence Swami stopped once and spoke with kitchen in charge of primary school for 2-3 minutes. Today was a lucky day for devotees sitting inside the mandir since Swami gave them close up darshan and He also talked to boys inside the mandir.
Source SBOI

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