The miracles are my visiting cards

Baba proclaims that His Miracles are His Visiting Cards, to attract His devotees at the initial stage to come to Him. Initially He wants to give them whatever they want from Him, but ultimately He wants to give them, what He has come to give them - that is the Bliss (Ananda). This He is doing out of His love for His devotees.

We mortal beings also play the same trick with our children. When they attain the age of joining the school, most of the children are reluctant to go to school. Parents lure them by telling them that if they go to school, they will get a chocolate from the teacher. The chocolates have been already handed over by the parents, to the teacher, to be given to their children. Hence the child is lured and agrees to go school. But finally the child learns to study in the school, which is the sole purpose of the parents - to give education to their children.

Hence I would liken Baba’s Miracles to an act of Compassion towards His devotees, rather than an act of winning the adoration of many people and bringing them into His fold, as the critics believe. Baba is least bothered about His glory or the criticism, as He declares that His Miracles are His natural and normal phenomena and are produced out of His divine Sankalpa (Will).

Here it is what Swami Himself says about His materialisations : “Many of you  are under the mistaken notion that all My materialisations have worldly significance; it is a gross mistake; don’t think like this. These (Materializations) are ladders that shall enable you to ascend to a bright and ideal future. So long as you are in possession of such sacred objects, only pious thoughts will be generated in you.

Miracles are an innate part of Me. I was with them. They are not acquired after birth through Yogic practices. That is why Swami not only uses these powers freely but extensively over a very wide range for the propagation of the objective for which He has incarnated Himself on Earth. The Avatar is Omnipresent and Omnipotent. Baba’s Miracles show clearly that He in not bound by Time, qualities, and Nature. He is beyond everything. He is everything and everywhere, as the indweller of the Heart. He is the Eternal Witness.

(Taken from “Sanathana Sarathi”, February,1998 issue, page:48, Article by Mata Betty, New Zealand).

Here, only a few of the many Miracles performed by Bhagavan Baba are selected - only the most unique and astounding ones, which only an Avatar can perform, are reproduced.

Author’s own experience with Bhagavan Baba:

  • On one occasion, I lost my temper and became so wild with my wife that I was full of remorse and regret for the rest of the day. After two days there were Bhajans at my residence. While I was performing the Aarti, (the gentle waving of the burning camphor in front of the Lord) to the accompaniment of collective singing of a melodious verse (invoking Him) the fifth wick (flame) stopped burning. (When I perform the Aarathi, I light five wicks). I did not like this and was in a fix as to what to do and started praying to Baba. Right at that moment the fourth wick, which was burning straight until then suddenly stretched itself sideways to light up the fifth wick. I felt immensely happy that Baba had responded to my prayer instantaneously.

This experience gave me a sudden urge to go to Puttaparthi, and be at the Lotus Feet of Bhagavan Baba. There was perhaps no logical reason for this intense feeling. It was only an intuition and I did act. I succeeded in getting a first-class ticket released from the V.I.P quota and reached Prasanthi Nilayam, Puttaparthi on 1st March, 1982. While I was in the train, I was repenting about getting angry at my wife and hurting her feelings. I was even praying to Baba for His forgiveness.

On 2nd March,1982 , in the Darshan line, Baba came near me. I spoke to Him and said, “Baba, these are the letters which some devotees have given me. They need your help. Not only they need your help but I also need your help, as I have also disobeyed you”. He took the letters and signalled me to go for the interview. This was my second interview with Baba, but this time without my wife. Baba in the inner interview room told me, “Bahut Gussa Karte ho, control bhi nahi kar pate ho, ghar me bhi shanthi nahi hai, do din se bol rahe ho ke maf karo, maf karo”. (You have a very bad temper, you are not able to control it even, there is no peace even in the house, for the last two days you have been saying : forgive me, forgive me). I was not able to take quietly this reprimand from Baba. I cried like a small baby, who is hit hard by somebody and is bleeding profusely. I replied, “But Baba, you know the reason behind this episode”. I put my head on Baba’s Lotus Feet and tears from my eyes were pouring on His soft Lotus Feet. It appeared that He did not mind this at all. He took all my inside agony on His Lotus Feet and I said, “Baba, I do not want anything in my life; please make me an instrument to serve you”. At this stage, His Divine Heart melted. He lifted me up with both of His hands and said, “Come, you are mine, I am yours, I will give you service”. Could I have ever desired to hear anything better than this from Baba? 

  • On another occasion, my brother who was in Doha (Qatar), was bringing his wife to Bombay , as she happened to be in an acute state of depression. She had all her passports, visas and their return tickets in her hand bag. While getting down from the taxi at Bombay, she forgot her hand bag in the taxi. On tracing the taxi, it was found that the taxi driver after dropping my brother  at Mahim, took another person in the taxi, and dropped him at V.T.Station. Thinking that the hand bag belonged to that passenger, the taxi driver handed it over to the new passenger, who left for Madras on that very day. This happened in the year 1983.

I started praying to Baba to help my brother in getting their passports and visas back. To get duplicate of these documents for Gulf countries is rather difficult. There was the danger of my brother even losing his job. About a fortnight after this incident, a miracle happened. Baba listened to my prayers and one day, when I went to see my mother who stayed at Mahim, I received a registered packet addressed to my brother, who had at that time gone to Colaba to visit our sister. On opening it, I found the passports, visas, and the air journey return tickets, all intact. My joy knew no bounds and I immediately rang up my brother at Colaba, and Oh: with what inexplainable joy he received the news. “Oh, Baba,” I thought, “how can I thank you for all this favour received from you. I can only say that you are Sarvaantaryami. (the indwellor in all; one, who is in everything)”.

  • The third most astounding thing happened, on the 1st of March,1993. The time was 7.30 a.m at Puttaparthi. Baba came out of His room, moved amongst the devotees, and took myself and a friend of mine for the interview. This was my 8th interview with Baba. In the inner interview room where only two of us were with Baba, my friend started conversing with Baba on various aspects of his own life, such as health, office and family matters. Taking advantage of this opportunity, I took the liberty of gently massaging Baba’s legs, which Baba did not mind, rather, He allowed me to continue. Indeed, how fortunate I was to have been granted the favour of doing this kind of Seva to the Divine incarnation!

After finishing with my friend, He told me, “Remove the watch which you are wearing and keep it in your shirt pocket. As you are getting old, I am going to give you another watch so that you value time”. He also further added, “Live in present which is Omnipresent”. And the last and the most important thing He asserted to me was, “Your business is slack, do not think about money, but think of your mind”.

Suddenly Baba started getting up; neither he gave me the promised watch, nor another ring to my friend. We two arose quickly, took Pada Namaskar and made our exit from the inner interview room along with Him. There in the presence of all others, He took the ring from my friend’s finger, showed it to everybody and then blew on it; ‘Lo and Behold’, it turned out to be a beautiful gold ring with a picture of Lord Krishna, but this time in His childhood posture of Bala Gopala.

Baba was talking with some other people also in the interview room when suddenly, He looked at me and asked me, “What do you want?” I replied, “Swami I want you”, to which He shook his head in the negative and asked me to move closer to Him. He waved His hand in a circular manner and there appeared in His Divine Hand a beautiful quartz watch ‘Pierre Nicol’ automatic with day and date operation. He put the watch on my wrist and I kept my head on His Lotus Feet and He blessed me. At that moment I felt I was the happiest person at any time in my whole life and my joy knew no bounds. Even if I had been honored with a  gold medal from the President of India, I would not have felt so happy. I cannot express my happiness in proper words and I can only say that this too has to be experienced and realised. Here it would be pertinent to refer to my very first interview when I asked Baba, “Can you please materialise something and give it to me? And Baba had replied, “Dega, Dega” (will give, will give). This He told me in November, 1981 and He materialised the watch for me in March, 1993, after nearly 12 years. This precious gift of Baba is really cherished by me and it protects me and enables me to communicate with Him.

Experiences of many other people, to prove that Baba is Divine:

  • In the yesr 1960, the United State of America and the Soviet Russia piled up nuclear weapons capable of annihilating the entire mankind and were waiting for an opportunity to strike. When Cuba issue came up, both USA and USSR took up arms to wage a war. This incident is known as the “Bay of Pigs”. The devotees of our Baba in that area rushed to Swami, calling upon Him to avoid the war: Our Bhagavan assured them that as long as He is there, His devotees would be protected and no destruction would take place. He added further that the world is now passing through the age of 7th Manu and even some more Manus have to come before the destruction of the world.

There was no nuclear war in 1960. The super powers are now engaged in nuclear disarmament. From this incident we can observe the qualities of Varaha Avatar in our Swami, i.e., protection of the earth and mankind.

We have also seen our Swami manifesting the jewels like CHOODAMANI worn by Sita in Treta Yuga and also the jewel KOUSTHUBA adorned by Lord Krishna. After showing to all of us, He used to demanifest them. It is the Will of the Supreme. (The above matter is taken from the book, “Sai Supreme Personality of Godhead”, by T.G.Krishna Moorthy)

  • In the year 1996, during Christmas celebrations at Puttaparthi, after the morning Darshan, in the presence of fifty thousand people, Swami announced and said, “ Today, I am going to reproduce the miniature of the original Bible, which the Russians had drowned in the Black Sea, centuries ago. And lo: and behold, with a wave of His hand a beautiful mini Bible appeared in His hand. Baba’s photograph was taken, at the time of materialising this Bible from the air. The photograph is available at Puttaparthi.

  • Mrs. Jones was a very staunch devotee of Baba, but her husband never believed in Baba and used to refer Baba as, “Oh, that character”. However, the wife was able to convince her husband to come to India once and meet Baba. In the plane, while proceeding to India, the husband told to his wife that, “I will only believe that Baba is God, if he could show me a rainbow, during bright sunshine”.

On reaching Prasanthi Nilayam, Swami did not call them for the interview during the morning Darshan. Both husband and wife were relaxing on a bench in a garden and there was a bright sunshine. Suddenly Mr. Jones shouts and tells his wife, “Look Irene, I can see the Rainbow”. During the evening Darshan, Swami called them for the interview and in the inner room, tapped the shoulder of the husband and told him, “Hellow that character, how did you like my rainbow”. Mr. Jones had no words to speak. He silently fell at His Lotus Feet.

  • In one of the interviews granted by Swami, to a few chosen devotees, one devotee challenged Swami and told Him, “I can believe that you are God, if you can produce a live monkey, right here, in this room?”. Swami replied to him, “I can produce the monkey, but then it would be your responsibility  to look after it?”. The devotee thought that it was impossible for Swami to produce a live monkey, so he agreed to the proposal. Swami waved His hand, and there came the monkey, from the wall, moving and jumping : Swami held the monkey in His lap and then passed it on to the devotee, to be taken care of. The devotee was in a dilemma as he was a foreigner, and would not know what to do, in such   circumstances. He profusely repented and begged for Swami’s pardon, for doubting His Divinity, and Swami out of His compassion, waved His hand again and the monkey disappeared, as if it was never there. (This was narrated to the author by a very close devotee of Swami, whose information could be taken as authentic).

  • One of the Swami’s student who had joined the  school recently, and was not very certain about Swami’s Divinity, used to smoke cigarettes secretly, in the remote corner of the hostel. Once Swami called him and asked him, “Do you smoke?” . He replied in the negative. Swami showed  him in the Palm of His Hand, and he could see like in a movie the entire scene, how he is moving out of the hostel room, going to secluded place, taking out a cigarette packet from his pocket, lighting a cigarette with a match stick, and enjoying a smoke to his heart’s content. Swami did not have to mention anything to him. The whole scene became the reality. You can imagine the plight of the boy. But Swami, forgave him, with a reprimand, not to do it again.

  • In the year 1973, Dr. John S. Hislop, along with some other devotees, was moving with Swami, in Bandipur Game Sanctuary in Mysore State, along the bank of the sandy river. As they passed through  the bush Swami broke off two twigs, placed them together and asked Hislop, “What is this,Hislop?”.

“Well, Swami it is cross”, Hislop answered. Baba then closed His fingers over the twigs and directed three some what slow breaths into His fist, between the thumb and forefinger. Then, He opened His hand to reveal a Christ figure crucified on a Cross, and He gave it to Hislop. He said, “This shows Christ as he really was at the time when He left His body, not as artists have imagined Him or as historians have told about Him. His stomach is pulled in and His ribs are all showing. He had no food for 8 days”.

Hislop looked at the Crucifix, but found no words. Then Baba continued, “The wood in the cross is from the actual Cross on which Christ was crucified. To find some of the wood after 2000 years took a little time; the image is of Christ after He died. It is a dead face”. Hislop noticed some thing odd and asked, “Swami what is that hole at top of the Cross?” Baba replied that the Cross had been originally hung from a standard.

(Taken from the book “My Baba And I” by John S. Hislop). In America, a video cassette entitled, ‘An Aura of Divinity’,  has been produced by Richard Bock showing Hislop holding the Cross, materialised by Baba, in his hand, and giving the above commentary.

  • Professor Krishna Nandan Sinha has given a vivid experience of his wife Malti at Prasanthi Nilayam, in his book, ‘Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Absolute Sole Lord of Life and Death’.

Malti Sinha, wife of Krishna Nandan Sinha was at Prasanthi Nilayam during the birthday celebrations of Bhagavan Baba. After the Darshan, she along with her friend Prema, daughter of Sri Atri were walking in a leisurely fashion on the streets of  the Nilayam and were talking intimately about their experiences about Swami and comparing notes, suddenly there was commotion on the street and among the passerbys, the red sleek imported car of Swami was seen coming out of the Ashram gate - the reason for people lining up on both sides of the street. The car moved slowly amidst the assembled devotees and moved in the direction of Gokulam. The activity in the narrow and congested street continued as before and both the ladies proceeded towards a photo shop, still animated by having a close view of Swami.

After purchasing Swami’s photographs, they were returning to the Ashram, walking slowly, still in their conversation when Prema said, “Look, Swami’s car is returning. Let us line up and stand on the pavement”. 

Driven by a strange inner impulse Malti whispered, “I wish Swami’s car ran me down and trampled me so that every particle of my flesh and bone and each drop of my blood flies to Him and scatters over the Lotus Feet, a real consummation of my desire:” . Suddenly a strange thing happened.  The car came very fast and there was grating noise of the clutch and the brake. The car stopped just a yard from the place where Malti was standing. The passerbys were all surprised and clustered around the car. Swami opened the door of the car and beckoned to her. Malti drew near Him in a nervous and apprehensive frame of  mind.

Swami smiled affably and asked her, “Shall I ask the driver to run you over and trample you down so that every portion of your flesh and bone and each drop of your blood flies to me and pour over my feet like a sacred fountain?”. At that moment there was not a single drachma of blood within Malti that did not tremble, as she recognised the token of Divine love. But she hardly had courage enough to look at Him full in the face or bend down to touch His Lotus Feet. It was Swami Himself who directed her with a gesture of His hand to touch His Feet. He was looking at her tenderly as the car moved slowly in the direction of the Ashram gate.

(Taken from the book ‘Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Absolute Sole Lord of Life and Death’ by Krishna Nandan Sinha)

  • In 1993 between Dassera and Diwali, a unique Leela came  to light. A group of Sai devotees from Australia were taken into the interview room on Baba’s instructions. Out of the eleven devotees one was crying uncontrollably. On being questioned by Baba, he said that his wife was extremely ill and due to anxiety for her he was weeping. The loving and Divine - playing Lord authoritatively asked, “So, would you like to be transported to your wife?” The answer was, “Yes” : The method Lord Sai employed to transport the Australian was unique. He hit the adjacent wall three times with His fist and immediately the weeping devotee started seeing the country of Australia on the wall. When He hit His fist for the fourth time, the Australian saw his town on the wall. On hitting His  fist for the fifth time the Australian started seeing his house. Then Baba asked the weeping devotee, “Is this your house?”  “ Yes” , was the reply. Baba replied, “Go, meet your wife in your house” . That person entered his house and went near his sick wife. At the end of the interview only ten people came out of the interview room and not the eleventh. The people outside came to know about the happenings and, though extremely surprised, also had doubts whether the eleventh person actually reached his house. On investigating the above, it was confirmed that at the time of the person entering his house through the wall at Baba’s command (In Prasanthi Nilayam), at that very moment he had entered  his house in Australia. (Taken from the book ‘The Wonderful Leelas of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba’ by Anil Kumar Malhotra, available at Prasanthi Nilayam Book Stall, inside the Ashram).

(A)  Lord Krishna says in the Gita, “I give you the Divine eye, Behold  you  Arjuna, My Real Nature”. Similarly Sai Krishna, too, selected a few of us for this most blessed and Divine Darshan. As soon as we reached the bank of the Chitravathi, Swami told us to look  steadily at the spot where the tamarind tree stood. Within a split second, He disappeared from our midst, and we saw a streak of yellow light moving fast like lighting in a wave: Then we heard His voice from yonder, as though from a mike, “Kanapadu thunnana?”, meaning “Am I  visible?” Soon, we saw a powerful light - so powerful and large that I can not compare it with any of the lights visible on earth. We named that sight ‘Jyothi Darshanam’. This Jyothi was seen   even by some devotees travelling on bullock cart, from Bukkapatnam to Puttaparthi. Some time Swami used to refer to that single Jyothi Darshan as that of His third eye (Nethra Darshan or Hrudaya Darshan)

(B)  Ms. M.L. Leela writes in her book ‘ Lokanatha Sai’ about her own experience. “In June,1971, I was expecting my promotion as professor. I learnt from the newspaper that my junior had been promoted. I was shocked. How can such a irregularity creep in, even in Government service? When I traced the source of this manoeuver, I found to my great shock and surprise that the recommending authority had omitted my name from the list. The reason was my inability to leave Madras, as I had been managing a temple. I discovered that the post of professor of Botany had already been created at Government Arts College for Women, North Madras, and the post was vacant. I went to the authorities concerned and told them about the vacancy and requested to post me there. They were annoyed at my request. “ Never dream of the post in Madras: this post has been created for a particular person” . I undauntedly asked the authorities how a special post could be created in a Government Department for the benefit of one person.

I had none else other than my Swami, Sri Sathaya Sai. I rushed to His abode. As soon as He saw me in tears while prostrating  at His Holy Feet even without listening to my petition, He said, “ Go back to Madras immediately. Sit in the usual place in the temple. I will do the needful”. Immediately I left Puttaparthi. I was in Guindy  Mandir next morning by seven. I sat in my usual place. Dr. T.K. Govindarajan, a devotee, who used to visit the temple frequently, suddenly appeared. He had arrived from Delhi, after a break of three years. My brother in Delhi was worried about my long silence. Hence he had requested him to visit me immediately and write to him about my welfare. Then I explained to him in details about my plight. He said that he could easily tackle the situation, as his own elder brother was the person to be approached. This reply soothened me so much that I suddenly remembered Baba’s words: “Sit in your usual place in the temple. I will do the needful”. I heaved a sigh of relief and left for my college. In the next few hours, my Principal told me that I had been wanted at the Secretariat. I rushed there. At the entrance, I met the person who had met me in the temple. He led me in and said that my posting order had already been signed by the Secretary: I was literary shocked and could not even hear his words properly. He instructed me to go back to the college, take the posting order and join immediately at the Government Arts College for Women, North Madras, as professor and Head of the Department of Botany: A  special messenger was sent with my posting order to my Principal. She was also given a phone message to relieve me immediately. When I reached my College, the Principal was waiting with the relieving order: time 5.30 P.M. I remembered the words of Swami. “Sai Sankalpa is Vajra Sankalpa”.  (Both the above (A) & (B) narrations  have been taken from the book ‘Lokanatha Sai’, by Professor Ms. M.L. Leela, who is a staunch devotee of Baba).

  • One evening, Swami Sadananda was seated with Bhagavan Baba at the bungalow in Kodaikanal. Leaning on his bed, Baba was in conversation with Sadananda. All of a sudden He stood up and shouted, “Don’t shoot” and then He fell down unconscious. Baba’s body became chill and stiff. He left His mortal body and wandered somewhere. After He woke up, Baba instructed a telegram to be sent to Bhopal. It read, “Don’t worry: the instrument is with Me”. In response to this on the fourth day there was a reply telegram from Bhopal; it was from a high officer in the armed services.

Subsequent to the partition of the states of the country, the sub-ordinates of this officer were promoted to a higher rank leaving him behind. Frustrated at this and humiliated, the officer had decided to commit suicide. His wife and children were sent away to his in-law’s place. He decided to shoot himself. It was exactly at this juncture, Baba at Kodaikanal had shouted, “Don’t shoot”.

At Bhopal, when the officer was about to shoot himself he heard someone knocking at the door. Hurriedly he hid the revolver under his bed and went to the door. On opening he found to his surprise that his friend with his family, bed and baggage had come to stay with him. He took them into the house. They were talking together for a long time. After knowing that the wife of the officer was away and not wanting to trouble him, the friend said that they would stay in another friend’s house and departed.

The officer then bolted the door from within and tried to reach out for the revolver. To his dismay, it was not found at the place were he had kept it. His search of the entire house proved to be in vain. He could not locate the revolver. He ran up to the house of the common friend to whose house his guest had gone. To his total surprise, he came to learn that his guests had not come there. Utterly disgusted and dismayed, he returned to the house.

He heard the knock again on the door. There was the postman waiting to deliver the telegram from Baba, containing the message, “Don’t worry, the instrument is with Me”. Only then could he realise that it was Baba who had taken the form of his friend, wife and servant to dissuade him from the suicidal attempt. Who else could have enacted such a drama to save a devotee?

(Taken from the book ‘Satyam, Sivam and Sundaram’ by  N.Kasturi).


  • Sai Baba, who incarnated as Lord Krishna, explained to an assembly of students some of the mystical significance of the latter’s acts and insignia and recalls Sri Krishna’s three pledges to humanity: to incarnate from age to age for Dharma’s sake; to bear the burden of peace and prosperity to Bhaktas who surrender to Him; and to save and liberate them. Swami calls the present generation fortunate to have Krishna again in their midst and materialised the famed Kousthuba jewel that Krishna wore, showing it to His audience. He exhorts His young listeners to have steady faith in Sai Krishna, who will guard and guide them and shower grace upon them.

Swami manifested the Lingobhava Time-Space Embodiment in the shape of an egg, before the assembled audience at the Purnachandra Auditorium on Sivarathri in 1974. The audience had passed the night in Namasmarana or repetition of the name. Baba tells them that, out of the world’s millions, only they have come, remained through the night and witnessed the holy manifestation. He tells them no greater fortune can befall on man. Thereby they have earned the merit enormous enough to win liberation - total freedom from the cycle of birth and death. He exhorts them to live thereafter as befits the recipients of this rare Grace.

(Extracts taken from the book ‘The Essential Sai’ by Sainet Editorial Committee Vancouver, Canada, Nov.23, 1995).

  • Mata Betty of New Zealand, writes about one of her most astounding experience. She writes, “One afternoon in 1983, we were at home together when an astounding incident took place. Sai manifested  Himself in our living room, appearing to us in His full physical form - even sitting in the high-backed carved wooden chair that you see Him sitting in at His Ashram in India. And Jim and I completely lost track of time, as Sai spoke to us at length about many, many personal matters known only to us. I can’t even say how long He was there. When at last this wondrous visitation faded it was evening. But it was an unforgettable event. This occurred just before onset of my husband’s heart attack.

(Matter taken from the book ‘Sathya Sai Baba And The Universal Reality of Mankind’ by Mata Betty).

  • Once when Sai Baba was on His way to Bangalore (about 170 kilometers away from  Puttaparthi), His car came to a stop because the petrol  having leaked out completely due to the damage caused by a stone to the petrol tank. Sai Baba asked His driver to fetch a bucket of water, stirred the water with His hand and asked the driver to pour it in to the petrol tank of the car. The driver did so and the car reached the destination with the water which had been turned into petrol by Sai Baba.

During one of His trips, Sai Baba was walking on the Seashore at the southern most tip of India, at Kanyakumari. The members of  Sai Baba’s group were thrilled to see a necklace of peerless pearls, strung on gold thread, being brought by wave of the ocean and offering it at the Lotus Feet of Swami.

Sai Baba’s loving response to the distress call (in the form of a heart-felt prayer) of a couple who were His devotees, from Paris, made the wallet containing lost traveller’s cheques reappear by themselves in the lady’s purse next morning.

(Abstracts taken from the book ‘Sai Baba, The Souce Of Light, Love And Bliss’ by Kailash Kumar and Jorgen Hovgaard).

  • A Catholic Priest, Don Mario Mazzoleni, narrated an incident witnessed by him at Puttaparthi. He writes, “In August of 1988, Sai Baba had an “accident” . I happened to be at Prasanthi Nilayam at that time. The Avatar slipped on a piece of soap in the bathroom and fell, breaking His thigh bone. For several days He did not come out, and He was not giving Darshan, but one day, August 26, He came to the Purnachandra Hall, and gave a discourse for the Holy Day of Onam. The faith of many people was shaken by the “accident”  of Swami’s. They did not understand it was a test and also a lesson through which Baba demonstrated how we should behave when we are in pain. Here is an excerpt from the discourse, which He gave standing, for an hour and a quarter, with no signs of being tired, without a single grimace of pain:

“Swami’s capacity of control and endurance can’t  easily be understood; only doctors and those who have suffered a similar fracture know something of it. I was directed to rest for 4 weeks. But I do not know what rest is, I do not feel the need for it. I have My duty to fulfil. Many people have written to Me to say that I should have cured Myself immediately of this tiresome fracture. But no, there is no need. They are little things which can happen occasionally. I am not sick. It is almost impossible for Me to stand, the pain is so unbearable… but I smile about it, and this is the sign of My Divinity. Some devotees pray and think that Swami could heal Himself in a moment. Even though this is possible, Swami is not a person affected by egoism. When someone is wounded or sick, I do not heal him immediately. Everything has its  time…it is necessary to suffer, until the proper moment arrives. Nonetheless it is possible to develop the power to divert the mind in order to control the pain and not to allow oneself to be overcome by problems and difficulties….Why should I worry about this body? This body is not Mine, it belongs to you and I do not want to interfere. Your bodies, on the other hand, are Mine and if they cause you troubles, I take care of it.. Nothing can make Me suffer, nothing can harm Me”. (Taken from the book ‘A Catholic Priest Meets Sai Baba’ by Don Mario Muzzoleni ).

  • Dr. S.Bhagwantham, a renowned Nuclear Physicist, and Advisor to the Ministry of Defence, Government of India, also narrates his unique experiences with Sathya Sai Baba. He says :

“I have a background of science. How I reconcile this with what Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba does is a question which has troubled me much. I will relate a few things, which I hope will furnish some kind of answer to it. It is only my personal experience…

I have seen miracles performed by Baba, perhaps in thousands, and my long association with Him has brought me to a position where I do not attach much importance to miracles. Let me return to the fact that I am a scientist, and have a rational way of thinking. This incident which I will narrate to you relate to several years ago, when I was very proud to be a scientist. It was just by chance that I came in contact with Baba. Somebody told me that He is a Divine person. I must caution here, scientists think that science means learning a discipline such as Physics or Chemistry and that anything else is not worth heeding. This showed a closed mind which is very contrary to what science teaches. Science teaches that you should not have prejudice, that you should not come to the judgment before you apply your own mind  to decide something. Unfortunately, many people who are half-learned, come to a judgment either by using some logic or by using somebody else’s experience. This is very unscientific. There were only a hundred people with Baba one evening and He said, “Shall we go for a walk?” And we walked down to Chitravati river adjoining His Ashram…

We sat down on the sand. He started provoking me saying that all scientists are atheists, and all scientists want everything to be demonstrated before they can believe it. They ask, “Is there God?” They want to see God. They cannot see God, they say there is no God. Unless they see something they do not believe it. And you are also like that. Don’t you believe in God? Don’t you believe in Divinity? Don’t you believe in our tradition and scriptures? I told Him, “Baba, one does not have to learn anything to become an atheist. There are many people who are ignorant, who are not learned and who do not believe in God. There are many who are learned and the more learned you get, the more unbelieving you become. Many people believe in God. So learning science, or learning anything has nothing to do with believing in God. I come from a family of good tradition. My father and grandfather were all Sanskritists; they believed in God. ; yet on account of modern trend I have learnt science to earn a living. Although I cannot say that I am very religious, you should not conclude that I do not believe in God.

I narrated the story of a distinguished American Scientist, Oppenheimer, known as the father of the Atomic Bomb. I told Him that when the first nuclear explosion occurred, Oppenheimer was asked what he thought of the nuclear explosion and it is on record that Oppenheimer quoted a verse from the Bhagavad Gita. He said that the brilliance of such an act can only be described in the language used by Arjuna when he had the manifestation of the Lord. Arjuna described it by saying that the brightness is as if there were one thousand Suns shining in the sky.

I said, “If an American can quote an Indian text at the height of his scientific experiment, why do you think I, an Indian of a traditional family, do not respect Indian tradition and texts?”

I narrate this to show that the conversation had been led by me, that the Gita was brought into conversation by me. Then He said, “Oh, I see, so you believe in the Bhagavad Gita? And you a scientist, respect the Bhagavad Gita, read the Bhagavad Gita ?”

Again, the rational in me asserted itself, and I said, “Of course I respect, of course I read it, but I will read only if I want to”.

There were a hundred people sitting there and He lifted a handful of sand with both hands and asked me to stretch out my hand and put out the sand into my hands and under my very eyes it turned into a small text of Bhagavad Gita. You can see the sequence of event that I chose the place, I say that because it could have happened that some one planted the Bhagavad Gita in the sands. I brought in the conversation of Bhagavad Gita.

The rational in me said if it is a printed text, it must be printed in some press. Immediately I asked Baba, “You said that it is a printed text of Bhagavad Gita, where has it been printed?” I said in the hope that I would be creating a small problem for Him. The man who was greatly disturbed was myself and the one who was completely undisturbed and was enjoying the conversation was Baba. He smiled and said, “ Yes, it has been printed in the Sai Press” . Well Bhagavatam, I would like to know what science has got to say about it. In fact, it can’t say anything about what has happened… this went on year after year. One day we were sitting  on the shore of  Cape Camorin. On the sea shore, there were about 20 people around Him. He was playing with the water in the sea. He was asking some people how we address the ocean. One young man said that an ocean is called Ratnakara. Then He commented, “If it is called Ratnakara, it must contain Ratnas or diamonds and the ocean should give us diamonds”. I said, “Yes Baba, if You wish, You can get diamonds”.

The people present wanted to see how He was going to get the diamonds from the ocean. “Oh, Yes” He said, in His Leela, in a childish way and took a handful water from the ocean, and the water became a beautiful little diamond necklace in His hand. He showed it to me and said, “What shall we do with it?”

Even then I could see that the production of the necklace itself was pretty difficult. When he asked what should be done with it, I noticed that the necklace was a small one and as He had a big head. I thought I should ask Him to wear it. Then He said, “Oh: I see, I should wear it”. Then He held the necklace tight in His hand; it became a bigger necklace and He put it around His head and looked at me and said, “Well I have worn it”.

I can relate several such incidents at the end of which He was generous enough to recognise that I have this conflict in me of trying to reconcile two opposing point of views. This went on for three years, and at the end of three years, at a public meeting at Madras, where there were more than ten thousand people present, I was forced to admit that as a man of science I tried to find a rational and logical explanation for all that I had seen, but I had failed. There are many things that science cannot explain, things which are beyond science. Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is not subject to the ordinary laws of science. He is beyond science and what He does cannot be explained by normal laws of science. Thereafter He stopped performing miracles for me. Another interesting facet of Baba is His ability to be present at different places at the same time. Physical presence is something which I really cannot describe. I can explain history, but divinity cannot be explained.

(All the above incidents are narrated by Shri. S. Bhagavatham and taken from the book ‘Lord of Miracles! Sai Baba and His Message’ by Satya Pal Rusida and Duane Robinson).

Bringing Dead Persons to Life

  • The resurrection of Radhakrishna,  a factory owner of Kappam, Andhra Pradesh, resembles very closely to the resurrection of Lazarus by Jesus Christ. Howard Murphet describes the incident vividly, exactly as it happened. He had researched on it and found it fully authentic. In the words of Howard Murphet: One evening Radhakrishna went into a coma and his breathing was that of a dying man. Alarmed, the wife dashed off to see Swami. The latter came to the room, looked at the patient, and said, “Don’t worry, everything will be all right”, and left. On the next day, the patient was still unconscious, Hemchand, his son-in-law, brought a male nurse of the district to examine the patient. The nurse gave his opinion that Radhakrishna was so near death that there was no possibility of saving him. An hour later the patient became very cold. The three anxious relatives heard what they thought was the death rattle in his throat and watched him turning blue and stiff. Vijaya and her mother went to see Baba who was at that time upstairs in his dining room. When they told Him that Radhakrishna seemed to be dead, He He laughed and walked away to His bedroom. Vijaya  and her mother returned to the room of the ‘dead’ man and waited. After a while, Swami came in and looked at the body, but went away without saying or doing anything.

That was the evening of the second day since Mr. Radhakrishna had become unconscious. The whole of the next night passed, while the three stayed awake and anxiously watched for any signs of returning life, there were no signs. Yet they still  had faith that Baba would somehow or the other, in His own way, save Radhakrishna, for had He not said that everything would be all right? On the morning of the third day the body was more than ever like a corpse - dark, cold, quite stiff and beginning to smell. Other people who came to see and sympathise told Mrs. Radhakrishna that she should have the corpse removed from the Ashram. But she replied, “Not unless Swami orders it”. Some even went to Baba and suggested that, as the man was dead and the body smelling of decomposition, it should be either sent back to Cuppam or cremated at Puttaparthi. Swami simply replied, “We’ll  see”.

When Mrs. Radhakrishna went upstairs again to tell Baba what people were saying and asked Him what she should do, He answered, “Do not listen to them, and have no fear. I am here”. Then He said that He would come down to see her husband soon.

She went down again and waited, with her daughter and son-in-law by the body. The minutes dragged by - an hour passed - but Swami did not come. Then, when they were beginning to despair entirely, the door opened, and there stood Baba in His red robe, copious hair and shining smile. It was then about half-past-two in the afternoon of the third day. Mrs. Radhakrishna went towards Baba and burst into tears. Vijaya too began to cry. They were like Martha and Marry, the sisters of Lazarus, weeping before the Lord who, they thought, had come too late.

Baba gently asked the tearful women and sorrowful Hemchand to leave the room. As they left, He closed the door behind them. They do not know - no man knows - what happened in that room where there were only Swami and the ‘dead’ man.

But after a few minutes Baba opened the door and beckoned the waiting ones in. There, on the bed Radhakrishna was looking up at them and smiling. Amazingly the stiffness of death had vanished and his natural colour was returning. Baba went over, stroked the patient’s head and said to him, “Talk to them, they’re worried”.

“Why worried?” asked Radhakrishna puzzled, “I’m all right. You are here”.

Swami turned to the wife, “I have given your husband to you”, He said. “Now get him a hot drink”.

When she brought it Swami Himself fed it to Radhakrishna slowly with a spoon. For another half-an-hour He remained there, strengthening the man He had raised. Then He blessed the whole family, placing His hand on Mrs. Radhakrishna’s head, and left the room.

When I spoke to Radhakrishna himself  about the experience, I asked him if he had any memories at all of the time he was unconscious and to all appearing dead. He replied, “No, when I became conscious again I thought at first that it was the same day. Later they told me it had been three days I was unconscious, that I was dead and actually starting to stink. But Swami can do anything He wishes. He is God”.

(Taken from the book ‘Sai Baba: The Man Of Miracles’, by Howard Murphet).

  • Resurrection of Walter Cowan, an American, on the Christmas day of 1971 is perhaps the most dramatic, unique and authentic event that reveals the Godlike power of Sai Baba. Elsie Cowan, the wife of Walter Cowan, records :

We have come back from India, my husband and I, brimful of the most astounding that could happen to anyone. It is so fantastic that many doubt it, because hardly any of us realise the great importance and the tremendous power of this great high God, who not only walks the Earth, but cares for all the planets from Earth into eternity. He gives us strength and power. He is compassionate, but most of all, he gives us the protection which is His grace. In time of need, He wraps His grace around us, like a very warm blanket, soft and lovely, to soothe us into a state of bliss. Without Him there would be no one to turn to; no father to ask; and even greater than that, at the very deepest feeling, He makes us strong. There are no tears, for the body goes back to the Earth. This is the story how our great Lord Sai Baba resurrected Walter, who died in Madras. Little did we know what was going to happen at that time, and when it did happen, what could I say but, “Where would he rather die than at the feet of this great, great Lord?”. It is the blessing to know that the Great Lord takes care of us, places us where we should be placed, or else, as in this case, after several hours, He brings one back to life, as He did to Walter, my husband. There were many people present, but Jack Hislop was there throughout, almost the entire experience. Since he is  the wonderful devotee, and is very close to our Lord, Sai Baba, I have asked him to tell the story as a third party.

Jack Hislop’s Account of this event:

Dear Elsie Cowan; this is a letter in response to your request that I say what I know about your husband’s experience in India, while you were there in December of 1971 and January of 1972. My name is Jack Hislop. I live in Mexico. My wife and I had visited Sathya Sai Baba a number of times in the past and we were there again in 1972. We returned  from India on February 27th of this year after some four months with Sathya Sai Baba.

As I recall, Walter and you arrived in Madras on 23rd December 1971, and came to the building where Baba was holding a conference with some three thousand Presidents of His Seva Samitis. Baba at once came to you and gave Walter and yourself a warm and affectionate greeting. Walter was obviously not feeling well, and ushers had provided chair as soon as you arrived. Thus, you were quite visible amidst the great crowd of people, all of whom were sitting on the floor as is the custom in India.

On the morning of the 25th December, news quietly spread that an elderly American had a fatal attack of what was thought to be a heart trouble and had passed away. Upon hearing the rumour my wife and I at once went to your hotel. You confirmed the news, and told us how the attack had felled Walter in the hotel room. You had prayed to Sathya Sai Baba for help at this trying moment of your life, but with great self-control and recollection of human mortality, you had ended your prayer with ‘Let God’s will be done’, you at once remembered that Mr & Mrs. Ratanlal were staying in a room almost next door to yours and you called her. Mrs. Ratanlal came immediately. With her help, you summoned a room boy and Walter was lifted from the floor to the bed. Mr. Ratanlal joined you in your prayer, for it was soon evident to you that Walter had indeed passed away from the body. Someone called for the ambulance to take Walter to the hospital, but it was your experience that Walter had died in your arms, soon after having been lifted from the floor to the bed, and you were so exhausted that you could not accompany the then lifeless body into the ambulance. These events had taken place in the early morning hours of 25 December. But at 7 A.M. you had recovered sufficient strength to go with Mrs. Ratanlal to Baba’s place of residence to tell Him the news and ask for His advice and help. Baba said that He would visit the hospital around 10 a.m.

At 10 A.M. Mrs. Ratanlal accompanied you to the hospital, but you were told that Baba had already been there, and had left just before you arrived. Upon entering the hospital, you found Walter alive. That Walter was alive at 10 A.M. on 25th December is certain but how about his death? Was there any medical certification that he had died? After all, two ladies very much upset at a tragic event - could not perhaps, make the same tests for life, as would a medical doctor not personally involved in the emotional impact of the situation.

To clarify this point, at my request, Judge Damodar Rao of Madras interviewed the doctor who had attended Walter when he arrived at the hospital. This attending physician is well known to Judge Damodar Rao personally and the doctor told Judge Rao that Walter was indeed dead when he had examined Walter shortly after the ambulance had delivered him to the hospital.

The doctor said that there was no sign of life; that he pronounced “Walter as dead; that Walter’s ear and nose were stuffed with cotton, that Walter was covered with a sheet and sent into an empty room.

The doctor then left the hospital on some professional duty, and had missed seeing Baba when He was at the hospital. The doctor arrived back at the hospital after Baba had left. When the doctor returned to the hospital, Walter was alive. The doctor found himself unable to explain the situation. It seemed worthwhile to me to make an investigation for medical verification on Walter’s death, because such verification might be a factor of interest to people who had never seen Sathya Sai Baba, and who might have a very limited knowledge of Him. But, medical testimony is not a factor of any importance to devotees of Baba. To His devotees, what he said about Mr. Cowan was the truth of the matter.

I saw Baba at His place of residence after He had returned from hospital. He told me and others within hearing that Walter Cowan had died and the hospital had stuffed his ears and nose with cotton, and covered him with a sheet, and put the body in the closed room. Baba said that He had brought Walter back to life. I did not enquire of Baba as to how He had brought Walter back to life or reasons for doing so nor, to the best of my knowledge, did anyone else. This is a mystery that Baba has not as yet chosen to explain.

There was a later occurrence of great interest to me. A day later, on 26th December, Appa and I accompanied Baba to the home of a devotee. From there, He went to a meeting of the lady members of Nagara Sai Samithi where Baba was to give award and speak. Appa and I were sitting on the platform just a few feet away from Baba and were able to observe Him closely. He made the award and gave a spiritual discourse, all without any break or any moment of hesitation. From the meeting, we were to go to the home of another devotee for lunch.

As soon as we got in the car, Baba turned to us and said, “While I was talking in the meeting, Mrs. Cowan called Me. I went to the hospital at once and did what was necessary. Mr. Cowan’s health had taken a turn for the worse”. So even while busy on the speaker’s platform, Baba had gone to the hospital and had done what was necessary. But, to the eyes of Shri Appa and myself, Baba had continued in action and speech on the platform for the whole time there, without any break or hesitation whatsoever. How does one explain this mystery? When we arrived at the devotees house for lunch, Baba turned to us and said, “You will not be able to join me for lunch. Take this Vibhuti to the hospital and give Mr. Cowan some in the mouth and rub the rest on the forehead and the chest. If you walk to the corner over there you will find Mrs. Hislop there in a taxi. She will take you to the hospital”.

Now the fact was that my wife had been following Baba in a taxi. However, she had taken great pains to stay out of sight, but her efforts were to no avail. As usual Baba knew everything. When we reached the hospital with the Vibhuti, Mrs. Cowan said, “Walter took a very bad turn just a little while ago. I thought he was dead, and I was terrified. I at once called Baba in a loud tone of voice. Now, Walter seems a little improved. When I called Baba I felt His presence at once, by saying this Elsie, you independently corroborated Baba’s statement in the car, to Shri Appa and myself.

A week or so later, I was speaking with Baba at Prasanthi Nilayam. Walter and you were still in Madras and Walter was in the hospital.  Baba said, “Today I received a telegram from Mrs. Cowan. Mr. Cowan was in a very serious condition again. I answered the telegram. “Mr.Cowan will be out of the hospital soon, and will come to Bangalore. It is my Sankalpa, My Will…” Of course, Elsie there was no physical telegram. The telegram was your prayer. In the same conversation, Baba said Mr. Cowan died three times. I had to bring him back three times. Walter and you did indeed come to Bangalore, and you were waiting at the West End Hotel when my wife and I returned from Prasanthi Nilayam. To our eyes, Walter appeared to be extraordinarily well. The next morning when we went out to visit Baba at Whitefield I reported  Walter’s condition to Him. He said, “Tell nobody that you will ride into Bangalore with Me in the afternoon, in the late afternoon and I will visit Mr. Cowan. Send your wife ahead in a taxi.

Baba did visit Mr. Cowan and visited him a second time few days later. Then Baba told you that Mr. Cowan was strong enough to make the fifteen-mile drive to Whitefield each morning, and that he was to return to the hotel at noon each day and rest during the afternoon. Dr. Gyaneshwaran, with whom I and my wife had been acquainted for several years, was your attending physician in Bangalore. He counted himself extremely fortunate because he was in the room when Baba arrived. Walter and you graciously allowed him to bring his family also inside the room in order to have Baba’s Darshan. Then, some time later, by virtue of being Walter’s physician, Gyaneshwaran was also to be inside Baba’s house at Whitefield when Baba performed a very beautiful and very significant Vedic wedding ceremony for Walter and yourself.

Dr. Gyaneshwaran had Walter’s medical history, with its specific laboratory tests, showing severe diabetes of long standing and various other diseased conditions. After assuming his responsibility as your Bangalore physician, and a standard medical man, rechecked the finding of Walter’s American doctors with his own laboratory tests. Not only were the diabetic symptoms completely absent but the taste of the other diseases were similarly negative. He could scarcely believe the results of the laboratory tests. He explained, “Only the Divine Baba  - only God Himself could do this”.

The extraordinary fact seems to be that the total organism that was Mr. Walter Cowan, died, the only entity that returned to life was Walter himself. Walter’s various diseases died with him, but the diseases were not reborn - only Walter was reborn. A most marvelous inscrutable event was it not? All of the foregoing does not, of course, imply that Walter’s physical body has become immortal. Of course, he has had some bad days. At times, he has become over tired, and at another times, has suffered perhaps because of an injudicious meal. After all, it is not a teenaged body; it is an aged body, but nevertheless, a great miracle really happened.

Walter is alive again, free of disease and filled with enthusiasm to tell people of the Divine presence of Sri Sathya Sai Baba…

Thus, Walter had a most extraordinary experience in December, 1971 and January, 1972. Both of you know directly the Divine Grace of Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Sd : John Hislop

Walter Cowan’s Account of his Resurrection :

While in Connemara Hotel in Madras, I was taken very sick with pneumonia two days after I arrived and was in bed. As I gasped for breath, suddenly the body’s struggle was over and I died. I found myself very calm, in a state of wonderful bliss and the Lord, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, was by my side. Even though my body lay on the bed, dead. My mind kept working throughout until Baba brought me back. There was no anxiety or fear, but a tremendous sense of well being, for I had lost all fear of death.

Baba took me to very large hall where there were hundreds of people miling around. It was the hall where all the records of my lives were kept. Baba and I stood before the court of justice. The one incharge knew Baba very well and he asked for the records of all my lives. He was very nice and kind, and I had the feeling that whatever was decided would be the best for my soul.

The records were brought into the hall - armloads of scrolls - and all of them seemed to be in different languages. As they were read, Baba interpreted them. In the beginning they told me of countries that have not existed for thousands of years and I could not recall them. When they reached King David, the reading of my life became more exciting. I could hardly believe how great I apparently was in each life that followed. As they continued reading my lives, it seemed that what really counted was my motives and character, as I stood for outstanding peace and spirituality. I did not remember all the names, but I am included in almost all the history books of the world from the beginning of time. As I incarnated in different countries, I carried out my mission - which was peace and spirituality.

After about two hours, they finished reading the scrolls, and the Lord, Sai Baba said that I had not completed the work that I was born to do, and he asked the judge that I be turned over to Him to complete my mission of spreading the truth and He requested that my soul be returned to my body  under Baba’s grace. The judge said, “So be it”. The case was dismissed and I left with Baba to return to my body. I hesitated to leave this wonderful bliss but I knew it was best to complete my mission so that I could merge with the Lord, Sai Baba.

I related the story to Elsie at once, and she recorded it. I also talked it over with Baba and he said it was not my imagination - it was a true experience. My life goes on now under the grace of Sai Baba whom I adore and to whom I owe my life.

Sd : Walter R. Cowan

 (Taken from the book ‘Sai Baba, the Rose Fire Of Heaven’ by Krishna Nandan Sinha)

  • In the early days Swami used to go to Madras quite often, there was a family in Madras at whose house Swami usually stayed. He also drove His own car, although now He does not. Now He always has a driver, who takes Him everywhere, in a car, which somebody has put there for His use.

But before He had His present car, Swami had an old Chevrolet Station Wagon.

He used to drive one of the cars Himself. When He would go to Madras to visit His devotees there, other devotees would gather along the road at various places to see Swami drive by. The car would be coming along at a very fast clip and sitting behind the wheel was Swami with His arms folded, with the car going along - about two inches of the road - not even touching the road.

One time He went to Madras and arrived unexpectedly at the house of His hostess. You know when an Avathar comes to visit your house, I am sure you would have something with which to greet Him. Some flowers or a tray of food or some way of welcoming the great man to your house. That was the case with this hostess too.

Swami came to the door and knocked. The hostess answered, saw Swami standing there, and exclaimed, “Oh, Swami, Swami, I’m so happy to see you. But Swami you did not tell me you were coming, and I don’t have anything to welcome you with. I don’t have flowers or fruit. I don’t have anything”. The poor lady was quite distraught. So Swami said, “Don’t worry, don’t worry”. Then he turned around and beckoned at the car.

Out of the car came two angels with wings, carrying a big silver tray, loaded with fruit and flowers and everything the hostess would need to welcome Swami. The angels brought this tray up to the house and gave it to the hostess. Then Swami turned to the angels and waved them back to the car. They floated back to the car folded their wings, got in the car, and disappeared.

(Matter taken from the book ‘Seeking Divinity’, by Dr. John S. Hislop, published by Sri Sathya Sai Publication Trust)

Well, that much for Baba’s Miracles. I would say that this is only a tip of an iceberg. If the entire sky would turn into the paper and all the water of all the oceans of the world became ink, and the whole Earth appeared as a fountain pen, still I would not be able to write and complete all the miracles, performed by Bhagavan Baba so far.