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October 31, 2006 This morning, Bhagawan did not come to the Sai Kulwant Hall, but in the evening when He came for darshan at 3.15 pm, He turned left as soon as the car reached the centre of the Hall to visit the Indoor Stadium construction site yet again, like He did last morning at 8.45 am. After He returned, He went into the interview room and later to the Bhajan Hall at 4.15. Today, it was the turn of some of the Primary School boys to get individual attention from Bhagawan. Some of these boys who had not gone home for the vacation were seated in the Bhajan Hall among the older students. Bhagawan spotted some of them sitting right behind the Bhajan group and called them up. For the next 45 minutes, He had a wonderful time with them - asking them questions like where they came from, how they got here, whether they knew Vedam, who teaches them Vedam, and so on. He read the letters they had written to Him, and quizzed them on the contents: "What do you mean by Dearest Swami? And you say Beloved Divine Mother - what about Father?" He asked them to recite Vedam one by one, and later, to sing some bhajans. The joyous session went on past five o'clock till the Bhajans finally started, with the children still seated right at the front. Bhagawan retired to His residence after Arati at 5.40 pm.  Download "Love Avatar" wallpaper size 800x600 - 1024x768

October 29, 2006

This morning, Bhagawan came for darshan at 7.45 am, and after His darshan round in the car, went into the interview room. From there, He sent clothes for some of the elders seated on the verandah, and also called some of them inside one by one. After some time, with the Maharashtra Sai Organisation State President, Bhagawan came down on His chair to near the garage on the Eastern side of the Mandir, where some youth from Maharashtra were seated. Swami gave them vibhuti prasadam and Blessed them profusely. The morning Bhajans began when Swami was still outside, and He came to the Bhajan Hall and sat for a few Bhajans before accepting Arati and returning to His abode.

In the evening, after His darshan round at 4 o'clock, Bhagawan sat onstage for half an hour, listening to Vedam and granting a long darshan to all in Sai Kulwant Hall. Then He walked to the interview room. At around 4.45, He came out in His chair and made a beeline for the ladies' side - much excitement! As He went around in His chair, He called up many ladies from among the devotees, to go and sit near the interview room. Not content with several rounds of the ladies, Swami asked for His chair to be taken right next to where the elderly ladies sit near the centre of Sai Kulwant Hall - not once, but twice! And He went right up to the end till He could not proceed further because the way was blocked by devotees! Then He went to the verandah and distributed sarees to all whom He had called up. Bhajans had begun at five o'clock, and Bhagawan finished His distribution and came into the Bhajan Hall for the second half of the Bhajans before accepting Arati at 5.30 and returning to Yajur Mandiram.

 October 28, 2006
swami drove out today to visit the Indoor Stadium construction site and returned. He has been visiting the Stadium site almost daily. The  lucky devotees on the both sides of the main road and the construction workers at the site are blissfully enjoying the car darshan almost everyday

October 27, 2006
This morning, Bhagawan Blessed two Lecturers in Physics who were to embark on their PhDs, and also spent some time on the upper veranda talking to some of the elders there before the Bhajans commenced. The evening session was a windfall for the ladies. After His darshan round, Swami went around the ladies side three times in the car for more than half an hour, stopping every other step, talking to many ladies, calling up around a hundred of them to the Mandir Bhajan Hall. There, He called them up one by one and gave them sarees - the Birthday saree distribution had been advanced this year! After 15 minutes of this, He spoke to some of the Primary School teachers who were also present, and asked them to chant Vedam. They chanted Rudram followed by Purushasooktham and then the Sai Gayatri. The Bhajan Hall session continued for nearly 40 minutes, with Swami repeatedly asking if everyone had received the sarees, and finally walking out Blessing all with both hands. The Bhajan singers sang several Devi Bhajans during the five o'clock Bhajans, and Bhagawan returned to His abode after Arati at 5.40 pm.

Sathya Sai Baba's Magic for Harlem Ambassador.

"Forbes the Advance ambassador for Harlem Globetrotters who are scheduled to visit South India in November says he is stunned by Baba's Intuitive powers and the Significant little gifts that he gave while he called on him.

"He asked me how many children i had and i replied four," recalled Forbes of his first encounter with Baba. "Not five," queried baba and forbes asserted he had only four. Ruminating on the incident later, Forbes realised his wife had a miscarriage during her first delivery. There were more surprises in store for the Harlem icon. "He asked me if i was interested in rings. I thought it was the basketball ring. He just lifted his hand, folded the palm opened it , took a diamond ring out of thin air and said, 'give this to your wife.' She had in fact lost her ring two weeks back and i was really surprised," said Forbes who performed his basketball tricks for Baba in return. " -

Source: Online News paper The New Indian Express

October 25, 2006

This morning, Bhagawan came out of His residence a few minutes after 8.30. But instead of going to the Sai Kulwant Hall, the car took a right turn and went to the Indoor Stadium construction site through the Ganesh Gate. Bhajans had commenced by the time Bhagawan returned. After sitting in the Bhajan Hall till Arati at 9.30, Swami went into the interview room, and remained there for quite a while before returning to His residence. In the evening, after darshan at five past four, Swami went into the interview room. After half an hour, He walked down the upper portico talking to some of the elders seated there and then returned to the interview room. Bhajans began at five as usual, and Swami retired for the day after Arati at 5.30.

October 24, 2006
This evening, Bhagawan arrived for darshan at 3.45. After passing the ladies' side, He cut across to alight near the interview room door and walked into the Bhajan Hall. There, some of His students were ready in costumes to put up a programme on the occasion of Id. Bhagawan smiled on seeing them and seated Himself on the throne. Then He spoke with them for 75 minutes! It was really like a group interview conducted there in the Bhajan Hall. What is the meaning of Islam, what is the meaning of devotion, what is the meaning of surrender, how one should Love God, what should a Sai student do after his studies - Swami spoke on all these, with a charming smile on His face, answering questions, lightening the mood with a joke, calling up one and asking his name, asking another one where he came from.....

Finally, at 5.10, Bhagawan said, "All the time has been spent just with you!" Then the students mentioned that they had quite a few songs in their skit - and Swami said, "Sing!" The singers were outside, so by the time they came inside, the group started off with the song "Hum ko Tum se Pyar kitna...". Then Swami said, "Go, go to your places", so the students got ready at their positions for the drama. But then Bhagawan sent word from inside the interview room for Bhajans to commence. All rushed into the Bhajan Hall, Swami sat till 5.30, asked for the Arati with a smile, and left for His residence.

October 23, 2006
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The devotees from Gujarat got their chance to present their programme today. In the morning, as Bhagawan arrived for darshan at 8.15, a welcome song was sung by the ladies till Bhagawan was seated onstage. Commencing with their traditional Garbha dance, the programme continued with a skit in English till 9.30 am. The skit highlighted Bhagawan's teachings being put into practice through the Rajkot Sathya Sai Heart Hospital. After the skit, Prasadam was distributed while Bhajans were sung by the Gujarat devotees. Bhagawan then accepted Arati and returned to His residence.

In the evening, Bhagawan had a surprise in store. After darshan He went into the interview room, and at 4.15, He came out, asking one of the students to speak in Telugu. After his speech delivered with many quotations in classical Telugu, Sri B. N. Narasimhamurthy, warden of the Brindavan Hostel, was asked to speak. Sri Narasimhamurthy spoke till 5.15, narrating many instances of Bhagawan's Motherly Love. Then Bhagawan went into the interview room, and returned in five minutes' time for the drama presented by the Sai Youth and Balvikas children of Gujarat. The drama, with the theme 'Love in Action is Seva' revolved around the transformation of some skeptical youth who came to Prasanthi Nilayam through the path of loving service. After the drama, Swami came down from the stage and Blessed the participants with group photographs. Bhajans commenced along with prasadam distribution, and Bhagawan returned to His abode after Arati at 6.20 pm.

October 22, 2006
This is a long weekend in India, with a series of festivals falling on either side of Saturday and Sunday. Bhagawan's Avatar Declaration day, Deepavali, Gujarati New Year and Id-ul-Fitr follow each other. Bhagawan has been coming for darshan and Bhajans, and groups from Andhra and Gujarat have had His darshan, but no special programmes were staged. The Maharashtra Chief Minister along with a former Union Finance Minister and representatives of a US basketball team were among those who had an audience with Swami over the last few days. The basketball team is likely to play during the inauguration of the Indoor Stadium complex during Bhagawan's 81st Birthday celebrations.

Last evening, Swami came out of the interview room at 4.25 pm and sat outside for half an hour, Blessing the 'Birthday boys' and interacting with the students. He took letters from a large number of students, and even created a chain for one of them. This morning, Bhajans began at 9 o'clock just as Bhagawan arrived in the Sai Kulwant Hall. After going into the interview room for a short while, He came outside and sat for a while, granting a long darshan for all in the Hall for around 20 minutes. Then He went into the Bhajan Hall, sat there for a while, and left for His abode after Arati at around 9.45 am.

In the evening, after Darshan a few minutes before 4 pm, Bhagawan went into the interview room and word was sent for the mics to be kept ready onstage: Sri S. V. Giri, the former Vice-Chancellor was likely to speak. Bhagawan came out at 4.15 and sat onstage, listening to the Vedam. He Blessed some 'Birthday boys' and called up some students with letters and spoke to them. Sri Giri had a few words with Bhagawan and returned to his seat. When it was nearing 5 pm, Bhagawan got up and walked to the interview room. But He returned after a minute or two, and at 5 o'clock, asked Sri Giri to commence. Sri Giri began in English, and later switched to Telugu, explaining that Bhagawan had asked him to speak in Telugu since many people from Andhra had gathered. He spoke on the significance of the festivals we had witnessed: the Ati Rudra Maha Yagnam, Dasara, Deepavali and Bhagawan's Avatarhood declaration day. After his speech, Bhagawan asked for the Vedam to commence and called up students from the USA, Lithuania and Iran, telling them to face the audience and chant. Then He asked Sri Giri to tell the gathering about these boys from distant lands who learnt the Vedas. At 5.45, Bhagawan asked for Bhajans to commence. 15 minutes later, He accepted Arati and retired for the day.

October 19, 2006
The up coming indoor stadium inauguration is "introducing" many celebrities to Puttaparthi at the moment The basketball player from Harlem Globetrotters is here in Puttaparthi. Apparently, they will be playing on the inauguration day. Also today, Swami gave car darshan to the devotees on the main road on his way to the  Indoor Stadium construction site and returned back before the morning Bhajans. He has been visiting the Stadium site almost daily.

"It is an honour to announce that the famous basketball team from US, the Harlem Globetrotters have been invited to play the inaugural game at the Indoor Stadium at Puttaparthi. The game will be played on 23rd November, the Birthday of Swami.

During the Visit of the Advance Tour Ambassador, Mr. Sterling "Smooth" Forbes, he along with the representatives of SportzIndia, the promoters of the India Tour was granted interview and Swamiji interacted with them for over 45 minutes. Swamiji also gave vibhoothi to Sterling, Mr. R Anil Kumar, the Country Head of SportzIndia, CA. Ranjit Karthikeyan, the Financial Advisor of the India Tour, and Mr. Ajit Kuriakose Varghese, the Communications Director of SportzIndia."

 Sterling Forbes above with Swami.




Today 20th Oct. is Avatar Declaration Day so there is a large inflow of
devotees and ongoing preparation inside the ashram.




October 16, 2006

Apparently they are a batch of students who have been selected to chant Vedam for the
Institute Convocation this year. Bhagawan emerged from the interview room in a short while, and asked these students to chant: they stood near the interview room window and chanted. Swami interacted with them for a while and then went to the Bhajan Hall. There, He Blessed the new batch of M. Phil students joining next Semester, and went back to the interview room after speaking to them for a while. Bhagawan sent word for the Headmistress of the Primary School, and after she arrived, He interacted with her for a while before returning to the interview room. Before Bhajans, Swami again spoke to some of the students in the Bhajan Hall about the Convocation preparations, the gowns they wear for the Convocation and so on.
October 14, 2006

This morning, Bhagawan did not come to the Sai Kulwant Hall till the end of the morning Bhajan. But a few minutes after ten o'clock, He came out of His residence, visited the Indoor Stadium construction site and returned. He has been visiting the Stadium site almost daily: on Thursday also He had come there in the morning after His darshan round at 8.10 am.

In the evening, Bhagawan came for darshan at 3.20. After His darshan round, as the car neared the stage, He alighted in the centre of the Hall and walked up the central ramp onto the stage. Standing there holding the railing, Swami blessed the 'Birthday boys'. One by one they came up to Him, got yellow rice sprinkled on their heads, had a few words with Swami, took padanamaskar, and then returned. Bhagawan even took a clove offered by one of them and lovingly put it in His mouth - the devotees, who were thrilled to have a long darshan of the Lord, clapped enthusiastically. Swami sat onstage listening to the Vedam till 3.50 and then walked to the interview room.

Swami returned to the stage again at 4.20, and spent another hour there, radiating Love to one and all. He called up many students who had letters in their hands. They came up to Him, and He had a few loving words to each one. A few minutes before five o'clock, Bhagawan asked for Bhajans to commence, and the Bhajan group students began the bhajans from inside the Bhajan Hall. Swami continued to sit outside for some time, then He walked to the Bhajan Hall via the Eastern side of the stage, Blessing some elders seated there on the way. After a few minutes in the Bhajan Hall, Swami accepted Arati and retired for the day.
- Prasanthi Bulletin (radiosai)

click to see video clip of Car darshan  - 14.10.2006

October 10, 2006 Prasanthi Nilayam has been quiet, in-between festivals, with the students having examinations till the 19th and 2 weeks of vacations after that. Bhagawan has been coming regularly in the evenings for darshan and returning after Bhajans, though on some days He has not come in the mornings. Among the people who came for Bhagawan's darshan over the last few days were a large number of devotees from Karnataka, an Andhra minister and a High Court judge, and also the marriage party for the marriage of the daughter of one of the elders in the Ashram held in Swami's Pedda Venkappa Raju Kalyana Mantapam....

This evening, Bhagawan came to the Sai Kulwant Hall at 3 pm and directly went out through the Gopuram Gate in His car to the Indoor Stadium construction site. After His return after half an hour, He went into the interview room, and a few minutes later came to the Bhajan Hall. He returned to the interview room and returned to the Bhajan Hall after a few minutes, by which time it had been filled. He came down the centre aisle, talked to a few ladies, and returned to His throne, talking to some students and teachers in the front. Bhajans began at around 4.40 pm at Bhagawan's command, and after a little more than half an hour of Bhajans, He accepted Arati
and returned to His residence.
- Prasanthi Bulletin (radiosai)


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October 6, 2006

This morning Bhagawan did not come out, but in the evening, He came for darshan a few minutes after 3.30 pm. After passing the ladies' side, the car took a turn to the right. Instead of taking a round of the gents' side in a clockwise manner as He had been doing, Bhagawan took an anti-clockwise round and then went out through the *Gopuram gate. Half an hour later He came back and went into the interview room. Later, He attended Bhajans and returned to His abode.
- Prasanthi Bulletin (radiosai)



*Swami drove outside the ashram compound in His car, lucky devotees on the main road got good car darshan.









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