On the night before my 63rd birthday I was given a dream. A dream that filled me with such beauty and happiness that it forever changed my life. Three weeks before this dream, I heard Baba singing the Gayatri for the first time. In hearing that, Sri Sathya Sai opened my heart, and for the next three weeks I cried and cried and cried. I cried until there were no tears left, I cried with joy and the most intense love I have ever felt in my life. I am sharing this dream, very different that so many of the beautiful dreams of Swami, but no less powerful. Om Sai Ram.

In the dream I am far away from the Pacific Northwest Shining Mountains where I currently reside. I am at the ocean and it is very warm, tropical. It is my birthday, and I am 63. I see hands offering a gift to me. It is a baby elephant. I am instantly overwhelmed with love, again tears running down my cheeks. (I, both in the dream and waking state, have no knowledge of Gita.)
The elephant has the ability to change her size. She can make herself very very small, so that I can carry her around, or very very large so that she can carry me around. In her eyes there is incredible depth and love for me. I carry her around on the beach and hold her very very close to me. My heart is very big with the precious love that I feel for this incredible gift. Then she becomes full sized, and we are playing in the water. She fills her trunk with the ocean and washes me with it. She lays down and I climb on her back and up we go. I am so filled with bliss in this dream. In the next scene we are rolling and playing in the sand, laughing and completely at peace with each other. This is when I awaken and I know that something very wonderful has happened. Later, while on the computer, looking for new photos of Baba, I hear in my heart, my very filled with love heart, open these photos. I do, and there is Baba with Gita, and Gita is the elephant in my dream. One could never mistake those exquisite eyes, not in Gita, not in Baba. It has been a year now, since the opening of my heart on that day when Swami sang the Gayatri, another birthday is coming, and my love for Saima continues to grow. I share this precious gift with all of you in gratitude for what you all share with me. Every morning I open these wonderful stories and they begin my day is the most positive ways. Thanking you all, your sister in Bhagawan. 

P.S. I wish to especially thank Usha Sridharan for her wonderful story ARE WE THE CHOSEN ONES. I never would have thought for a moment about accepting Gita as a gift, never did in the dream.

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