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Who is a guru?  - Guru Poornima -  

"Brahmanandam parama sukhadam
kevalam gnana murthim
dwanda teetham trigunarahitam
tatva masyadi lakshyam
ekam nityam vimala machalam
sarvadhee sakshi bhutam
bhavateetam triguna rahitam
sadguram tam namami"

This poem explains the characteristics of a guru. In essence it tells that Guru is a perfect embodiment of Gnana (Wisdom). One who has attained
this state is beyond the Maya and EGO!!
He transcends all gunas. He is beyond all forms. He is the only one who can
dispel the darkness of ignorance and light the lamp of Supreme Wisdom.

who is a true guru and how to experience him?

"Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu
Guru devo maheswaraha
Guru sakshat parabrahma
Tasmaisri gurave namah"

Your true guru is God alone. He is the One, the God of gods, who is hailed as
father, mother, teacher, knowledge and wealth and all else. He is the
Supreme whom you must seek by your sadhana. God alone can transform
your spiritual efforts into a transcendental experience. You have the vision of the Divine. The vision is within you, because the Divine is omnipresent. Wherever you may be and whatever you do, regard yourselves as instruments of the Divine and act on that basis. This is the way to experience the Divine all the time at all places.

But how to experience this guru? how can i find him?

You need not find him, time will come when he showers his grace on you. as
swamy says: "After several lives of search, Purification, Service and Self
sacrifice a soul will be fortunate enough to get connected to a god realised Master. Having served the master with Devotion and Love the Master will shower the God realisation on the aspirant soul at an appropriate time. "

Once you are in the circle of such a guru, every act of yours is taken care of by himself. but for that what all you need to do.

But when will that time come?

Once a person is reasonably satisfied with minimum needs of food, shelter and reasonable happiness through various desires he will become a Jignasi (Aspirant to know) of the universe and it's nature. It is a long process however. when such a desire comes to the disciple the guru automatically takes the responsibility of clearing his obstacles just as said in the previous question. But for this the disciple has to surrender his mind and soul completely to guru. only when he does, he is blessed by the guru with his full grace which makes him a sampurna gnana swaroopa, the ultimate soul itself and hence the realization: "I am the Atma." i.e. "I am Brahman(m)."

Today is Guru Purnima, one of the most sacred and important days in a calendar year. So what can be done from our side to realize the importance of this day, What can be the guru dakshina we can give to swamy on this guru Purnima day?

Swamy sang this bhajan when he declared himself as incarnation of the DIVINE.

"Manasa bhajare guru charanam
Dustara bhava saagara charanam
Guru maharaj guru Jai Jai
Sai natha sadguru Jai Jai"

"Real gurus are to be worshipped not by `dakshina' (offering fruits, wealth,
etc.) but by "pradakshina" (circumambulation), that is, by revering them with heart and soul."
So as we sing "Manasa Bhajare Gurucharanam" this Guru Poornima, let's
adore Him and demonstrate our love to Him by living up to His message. Let
our love for Him translate into love for all beings, let love flow whenever we
see a fellow human being, let us feel one with His creation, then one day
indubitably we will be one with Him. Then, the guru, the disciple, the path and the goal all would have become one!!!!

How lucky are we to have him living along with all of us. Take this opportunity and fulfil it to the greatest level. This is what swamy says:

"Your mission has begun. Those are My words to you, My devotees. Each of
you has a unique and valuable part to play in this lifetime. Only those whom I
have called can serve Me.

My Mission has now reached that point in time when each one of you has work to do. This planet has a purpose in the great galaxy in which it is held.

That purpose is now unfolding before our eyes. I call upon you to radiate the devotional Love within you so that its unseen power will envelop all who come into your orbit.

To successfully perform your part, always remain centred upon Me. Allow
yourself to impart that purity of heart within you to all human beings and all
living creatures, and do not reach for the fruits of your work."

" Adi aina anta maina andani
vedantamaina anta neelo vundannavu
Panditulaku pamarulaku bhogulaku yogalaku
bhakti mulam okate nannavu
sahana taruvu andinchina shanti phalam neevu
guruvulake sadguruvainaavu "

" The beginning, the end, the essence of Vedas and the beyond everything is in you. One may be a scholar, ignorant or a yogi. whoever it is, the path to reaching him is the only one. you are an embodiment of peace which is the fruit of a patience tree. Indeed you are the GURU of gurus. Oh my lord., i take this opportunity to offer my heartiest offerings of my mind, soul and thoughts at your lotus feet."

om sri sai ram
source: SBOI group post


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